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Collection for sale on my web site


Hello everyone

Please visit my website (see link below)where I am selling around 2000 issues of 2000AD, Megazine, Specials, Annuals, Yearbooks, Graphic Novels, Crisis etc etc.

No order is too large or small and I will ship worldwide. I will accept payment by UK cheque, postal order or cash. International sales by Money Order or US Dollars and Euro cash.

I have already helped dozens of fans fill holes in their collections and I hope that you too will find something of interest there.


MattLink: Comics For Sale

Not that you should trust me, but I've bought quite a lot of megazines etc from Matt in the past. Highly recommended, everything in excellent condition.


do you have 2000AD issues 1177, 1180, and 1181. Also looking for megazines vol 3 no's 55 and 58?

there was no link on your message (although it says there is) so if you can help contact me at

There is definitely a link, but here it is anyway-

Link: Comics For Sale


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