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Author Topic: Prog 2042 - Beware the Hollow Men.  (Read 4398 times)


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Re: Prog 2042 - Beware the Hollow Men.
« Reply #45 on: 07 August, 2017, 04:58:37 pm »
"You'll Never Walk Alone" is a Ro Jaws and Hammerstein tune. Sorry Rogers and Hammerstein tune

I suspect that the songwriters are more of a (very) happy coincidence.

Given that the story focuses on "The port of Northpool" -- a thinly-veiled Liverpool equivalent, complete with docks & token Irish priest -- it's clearly intended to reference the anthemic use associated with Liverpool FC, which was triggered by the Gerry & The Pacemakers version.

Well given the time travel associated with 2000ad and I don't don't Tharg's omniscience not restricted by time or space I've always assumed it was a tribute to my forum name...

Mind putting ego aside its clearly a reference to both the Liverpool FC connection AND Rogers and Hammerstein. I suspect Pat Mills is more than smart enough to have been aware and combined both* happily. Note there's no mucky Z Cars references.

*I mean all three as its clearly all about me me I I me.

I endorse Colin's theory!

However, seeing as I'm the one who entertained the thought of Pat Mills bothering to sift through prog review threads for story ideas, my endorsement probably doesn't count for much  ::)

norton canes

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Re: Prog 2042 - Beware the Hollow Men.
« Reply #46 on: 09 August, 2017, 08:17:01 am »
Only just got hold of 2042, having been on holiday, so briefly...

Cover: Splendid

Dredd: Exposition, yes, but written written with incredible panache and given great scope for visual flair.

Alienist: My first time round with this. Decent stuff, bit of a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vibe to it.

Greysuit: When life throws you melons...

Grey Area: Exquisite, once again

Hunted: There's too much going on! Calm it down!