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Megazine / Re: Meg 388 - This Means Waugh!
« on: 19 September, 2017, 04:55:07 pm »
This was the first Meg I've read cover to cover in a good few months; so double thumbs up from me, Tharg.

Rory set up a decent tale for Devlin, and it doesn't hurt getting Mike Dowling on art, either. He's come a long way since his work for FQP and seems to be developing into a solid scribe.

Dominion reads really well, and no slight to Nick Percival, but I can't help but wonder what this would look like if Dave Kendall was on for the art.

Events / Re: Thought Bubble 2017 - 23rd and 24th September 2017.
« on: 19 September, 2017, 02:59:16 pm »
Ah, grand! Must admit to being rather envious of all of you lucky (Skint) Squaxx with your new Action Man!

I've just had final confirmation that the one and only Nano-bolt will be a fully fledged red-shirt at this years event, and following the details of the time she's got to be at the show- we are now springing for a Friday night hotel as well.

We'll not be arriving till quite late so I very much doubt we'll be trawling the mean streets of Leeds, but if the opportunity arises I'll let you know.

Oh- and the printed copies of Something wicked 2017 have arrived! Yay!

Events / Re: Thought Bubble 2017 - 23rd and 24th September 2017.
« on: 19 September, 2017, 08:11:05 am »
Filippo- You walkin' down then?

Books & Comics / Re: Massacre For Boys: The Last Stand
« on: 18 September, 2017, 10:56:21 am »
I can confirm I've got a stash of MFB comics for selling at TB this weekend. Quantities are limited (actually- with the parking I've had to organise for this weekend ALL stock is limited) but the quality is not.

Megazine / Re: Meg 387 - Skyhigh!
« on: 14 September, 2017, 02:50:07 pm »
The Lawless Touch was a lot of fun, but it wears its 'Stainless Steel Rat' influences very openly. Some lovely art as well, really enjoyed that.

Creative Common / Re: My newish Webcomic
« on: 13 September, 2017, 09:02:05 am »
pledged- and glad to, as well. I've held off on reading this till it was completed and now I'm glad i did.

General / Re: VCs costume
« on: 11 September, 2017, 11:29:01 am »
That's sweet.

Events / Re: Thought Bubble 2017 - 23rd and 24th September 2017.
« on: 08 September, 2017, 03:03:23 pm »
Just in case there was any confusion- this is Zarjaz the big art show, not Zarjaz the Galaxies Greatest Fanzine...

We'll be at TB, but not at the Friday night gig.

Books & Comics / Re: The Zarjaz, Dogbreath & FQP comics thread
« on: 08 September, 2017, 01:56:09 pm »
In case anyone here was curious as to the quality of the book- here is the first review- Courtesy of Rich McAuliffe over at 2000 AD and Beyond!

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 04 September, 2017, 03:07:36 pm »
awesome. That'll give me a mismatched pair of trades- but a complete story!

« on: 04 September, 2017, 01:31:43 pm »
A John Burns Dante was the first convention 'sketch' I paid for- and it was worth every groat- just to stand and chat while he creates is a treat.

« on: 04 September, 2017, 01:30:14 pm »
Congrats, one and all.

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 04 September, 2017, 01:29:48 pm »
does anyone know if the 1st Shakara volume is a match for the Rebellion Trade?

Film Discussion / Re: Dredd (2012)
« on: 04 September, 2017, 01:20:04 pm »
Sweet Jovus, was that really five years ago?

Twas a grand night- It was also the last time I met WoD- formerly of FQP and sitting in the bar with John, then waiting for Carlos to arrive only to have John heckle him was a treat.

There were so many past boarders there. A good night.

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