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Topics - The Enigmatic Dr X

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Help! / 2000ad Parenting Classes
« on: 24 December, 2014, 07:06:17 PM »
What do I say when my 7 year old asks:

"How can it be called Judge Death Lives when he isn't alive?"

Off Topic / I Spy: Christmas 2014
« on: 21 December, 2014, 11:48:31 AM »
So here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody's... playing I-Spy on an internet forum.

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with...


Games / Rebellion store - who do I contact?
« on: 29 November, 2014, 12:14:36 PM »
Can anyone here tell me how I chase on Rebellion?

Having splashed out 89p on Dredd v Death last night... I've still not got the Steam key to play it.

I realise this isn't really a Rebellion forum, but hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

Website and Forum / Dark Secrets of the Forum
« on: 08 November, 2014, 07:13:46 PM »
So, it seems the board has a Holding Pen?

What's that, then? Sounds kinda facistic, Area 51-y. Is it where the dark posts go?

Are the Moderators secretly holding Thread Zero there, experimenting on it - until it leaks back into our world?

Is it where we go when we stop posting? (And I thought Trout just emigrated... but now, now I can see the evidence points otherwise - so much for "the better life" and "new start").

I know I shouldn't ask. But if not me, then who?

Rise up! Rise up! They cannot keep us down! Alone, we are weak. Toget

[post ends]

Games / Beware Planet Earth!
« on: 01 November, 2014, 06:44:13 PM »
This is a gem. And it's currently only £2.79 on the Steam sale.

It's what happens when Plants v Zombies has a baby with Mars Attacks

Help! / Stainless Steel Rat 1st Edition (1961) Value
« on: 19 October, 2014, 11:35:02 AM »
So, I have a copy of what I believe is the first printing of The Stainless Steel Rat.

It's a US book, per the piccies below.

Any idea how I can value this for flogging-on-ebay purposes?


Off Topic / The cure for all ills
« on: 21 September, 2014, 07:26:14 PM »
Any you all thought it was a bad attempt at forum humour:


I somehow won last month's art competition, and as a prize my postie has just delivered a freshly minted copy of Return to Armageddon.

There can't be many companies willing to donate new, unreleased, material as a prize to folks messing about on their forum. And this is the second time I've had such a prize - I got an unrelease (at the time) Savage book for winning the writing compo.

So, if you ever wonder if it's worth it, then just think: free comic books.

(Jon must have a pile of them the amount of times he's won stuff)

Games / Soul Sacrifice
« on: 07 August, 2014, 08:50:43 PM »
Anyone played this? Was thinking of getting it for the commute to play on my vita. (Soul Sacrifice Delta)

Off Topic / Chuckles the Musical Monkey - McCarthy art?
« on: 27 July, 2014, 04:37:01 PM »
One of my boys has this Hot Wheels car


SOrry for the link, but I cannot get as good a picture of it as that ebay listing.

So, who did the art? It's annoyed me for 10 years - I am sure it is McCarthy but am not sure. Thoughts?

Games / Recommend me a mouse
« on: 05 July, 2014, 08:23:08 PM »
Hivemind: Please recommend me a decent gaming mouse.

My trusty Sidewinder x8 has died after about 6 years and I am looking for a replacement.

I did a bit of reading and bought a Razer Deathadder today, but despite great internet reviews I find it has two insurmountable problems: (1) you can only configure it if you keep a permanent internet connection to Razer's intrusive software; (2) it does not have buttons dedicated to changing the DPI (you can program one for that I know, but it then only leaves four buttons). I'm miffed about that as the box says it has on-the-fly DPI changing, not on-the-fly if you configure it and keep a net connection running.

So, can anyone recommned a decent gaming mouse up to £60 that has a dedicted (ie not software controlled, not user set) DPI changing button? The DPI changing is key as the mouse needs to be used by my kids on Wikipedia and things, and they cannot control a high DPI setting.

What do you all use?

General / Dark Justice: Day of Chaos... In reverse
« on: 02 June, 2014, 08:50:59 PM »
So, Dark Justice is coming. And I'm jolly well looking forward to it. Christmas is going to have a body out.

So, how about some fannish speculation? (Or Finnish speculation as my ipad autocorrect would have it).

The thing about big Dredd tales to date is that they have done their thing, Wagner inspired, and then other writers seem to have been given a brief to pick up the pieces while Wagner does what he does.  That's what happened with the Apocalypse War, Necropolis and so on right up to Day of Chaos.


What if there was a hidden preamble to Dark Justice? What if, particularly given its delay, we are being teased about it and don't know? Wouldn't it be kinda cool, in a Trifecta kind of way, if seemingly filler stories were more substantial? Given the way that Dredd is written and plotted months - or years ? - in advance, could this be done?

I'm just thinking it odd that there are stories focussing particularly on the mental frailties of Dredd and Anderson. Sure, I could be adding 2+2 and getting 5, but I wonder if there is something being trailed just now, or over the next month or so, from a non Wagner writer that links into Dark Justice. What if their age and weakness now are pivotal to that story, or even linked to its events.

Could the insidious influence if the Dark Judges be felt now?

Could it, should it be done? Would it spoil the story if plot elements were put in place now, under your nose?

Although Rad to the Bone might not have anything to do with it.

Classifieds / Wanted: Dredd board games
« on: 25 May, 2014, 07:25:41 PM »
Anyone got a copy of the Dredd game, or Block Mania, they're thinking of selling? Want to play them with my boys, who are just getting into Dredd.

I'm going to punt this on eBay, once I get round to listing it.

Anyone interested? Happy to sell the scenarios as stand alones.

All the bits are there, and the fold-out card figures are assembled. I put the scenarios into the RPG box, though, so their original boxes are missing.

EDIT: I'm talking about the 80s Games Workshop RPG

Film & TV / Orphan Black
« on: 12 May, 2014, 07:49:16 AM »
No one watching this?

Mrs X and I are working through a box set of the first series. The second is currently on BBC3.

It's typical evil corporation clones lots of sexy chick for nefarious purposes fare, mixed with token minor characters defined by one trait (The Gay, The Bully, The Psychobilly Guy) and the odd niggle that how come the poor can afford to stay in such improbably cool places?

It's quite good, so it is. By which Mrs X was happy to watch two episodes back to back, and the last time she did that it was the first 24.

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