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Megazine / Re: Meg 400 - 400th Issue!
« on: 20 September, 2018, 01:50:45 pm »
Regarding that cover, and more specifically that strapline: "flowed", surely?


Maybe it's 'flown' in the sense of 'sprayed through the air from daystick beatings and gunshot wounds'...?

Nah, me neither.

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« on: 19 September, 2018, 08:10:04 am »
When I wert lad, we had breakfast at home, lunch at school (during the dinner break, served by dinner ladies, who weren’t posh), tea at home, and any other food we ate was a snack.

Brunch, high tea and supper were mythical meals provided to posh people.

This is a solid summary.

For me too,  in Dublin. The only supper I was aware of was fish'n'chips consumed by Alf Tupper on the way to a big race (probably involving hurdles),  and brunch was something invented by Enid Blyton. Dinner was something you ate on Christmas Day, or more generally something involving a roasted bird. I was pretty shocked to learn that down the country they ate dinner every day at lunchtime,  and my failure to do so made me irretrievably posh

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« on: 18 September, 2018, 11:27:49 pm »
I have no idea who that is...

Nobody important.

Classifieds / For Sale: Judge Dredd Miniatures Game, Mongoose Box Sets
« on: 18 September, 2018, 11:19:19 pm »
Just about to stick this little lot up on eBay, but then thought I should give you lot first refusal. Prices listed here are pitched about 2/3 of successful eBay auctions over the past 6 months. All negotiable, especially for larger orders requiring fewer trips to the PO.

All are OOP metal 28mm-32mm miniatures and come unpainted, some requiring assembly.  I'm using the original Mongoose promo images and google-finds here because I'm lazy, but if there's interest I'm happy to take photos of the actual boxes at hand, or in the case of the opened boxes, the unused minis.

The first three sets are still cellophane-sealed in their near-mint boxes:

Holocaust Squad Judges (3 big minis): €21

An unofficial photo to show the sheer size of these things:

Street Gang (7 different minis): €21

Some quality kneepad modelling in this set:

Skysurfers (3 different minis x2, for a total of 6): €14

The next three are still unused in their boxes, but the boxes have been opened:

The Angel Gang are probably the pick of the litter (5 lovely minis, with Ratty attached to Fink): €15

They paints up real purdy now:

Closely followed by the Ape Gang - note in particular the Gorilla in a a dress (7 unique minis plus a second copy of  Chimp with Spit Pistol): €15

An official beauty photo :

And the original Mongoose Justice Department box set (8 minis): €16

The Higgins-style Riot Judges in this set are cool:

Still unused (and unpainted), but without their box:

Cursed Earth Desperadoes (6 different minis, with 1 extra copy of Guy with Axe and 1 extra copy of Guy With Machete): €12

These last two didn't come in a box:

A really lovely Walter (yours will be unpainted and unassembled, alas): €5

And an Exorcist Judge who sadly looks nothing at all like Lamia: €4

I won't lie to you Marge, shipping may be brutal, but I promise I will only charge the actual postage cost (which I can only estimate in advance).  Let me know what you might want, and I'll give you a quote.

Don't be shy now!

Film & TV / Re: The Trailer Thread
« on: 18 September, 2018, 08:11:13 pm »
The skrull-ignorant in my house were thoroughly shocked by that SPOILERTAGGED bit.  Result!

General / Re: How old is Johnny Alpha?
« on: 17 September, 2018, 01:48:35 pm »
I'd argue that if there's ANY way of reversing a death in the SD Universe,  Johnny would have used it on Moses Quest, at a point in his career where he was throwing time-tech around like confetti.

As it turned out,  the only way was sorcery/necromancy (as it was with Johnny himself, and indeed Wulf), and that turned to shite too. 

Books & Comics / Re: SLAUGHTER HAWK.
« on: 17 September, 2018, 09:06:28 am »
Yeah, ditto! Particularly enjoyed Corporate Commander, he's a right wrong'un. Although i do feel Slaughter Hawk may have left himself open to this false-flag tactic by having 'slaughter' right there in the name. 

Creative Common / Re: Why Don't I Enjoy Art Any More?
« on: 17 September, 2018, 08:39:49 am »
Andy,  I lack a single molecule of creativity,  never mind artistic ability,  so I don't have any insight to offer: but I do want to say that I have always enjoyed your art,  and actively look forward to your entry in any comp or calendar that comes up.

Off Topic / Re: Help with the Woman's Weekly puzzle page.
« on: 16 September, 2018, 01:50:06 pm »

(Shark's on the mark).

Prog / Re: Prog 2099 - Unleash Hell!
« on: 16 September, 2018, 09:56:10 am »
I'm just feeling bad for Richard at this point.

News / Re: Warlord Stront game!
« on: 16 September, 2018, 08:37:00 am »
YouTube is the place to go.  There are billions of mini painting channels, the real trick is to find a spode whose voice doesn't provoke homicidal thoughts. 

I've found this guy to be extremely clear on the absolute basics, as he comes more from a craft background. Captain Atom on the Tabletop Minions channel is good too,  although he doesn't half drone on.

General / Re: How old is Johnny Alpha?
« on: 15 September, 2018, 10:31:17 pm »
Well yeah,  but the point is that L&DoJA showed that Johnny wasn't ever actually dead - his body was still warm, and didn't decay: it was some kind of Lyran sorcery that kept him like this, maybe a consequence of his energy bring used to open the portal to Earth, or maybe even an effect of the wee beastie that was hitchhiking in his noggin.  The only bit of Final Solution that was actually retconned was what happened when the Flying Thing attacked him the second time, the disintegration being shown to be an invention of Feral's and merely what he told Middenface.  Everything else played out the same,  except Feral kept the existence of a "body' secret. The only thing the Stone Wizards did was restore his eyes and wake him from his eldritch slumber.

General / Re: How old is Johnny Alpha?
« on: 15 September, 2018, 09:22:40 pm »
...in a story where time travel has featured prominently, that our main character may at least contemplate abusing the power to save the life of the most significant person in his life.

The only problem with that (reasonable) idea is that significantly changing the past has been shown to have universe-threatening effects in SD (although trivial changes like those in The Mork Whisperer dont seem to matter).  Wulf's well-decayed zombie attacked Johnny in Final Solution, so somehow rescuing him from before/around the time of his death would have consequences. Plus Johnny has played with the whole resurrection thing before in the Moses Incident,  and that didn't end well.

General / Re: How old is Johnny Alpha?
« on: 15 September, 2018, 04:33:13 pm »
Spot on there,  Richard.  Wulf was also back on board for The Sad Case, The Glum Affair,  Traitor to His Kind (what cheery titles!), Headly Foot Job and Shaggy Dog Story (and possibly more! ), so we haven't exactly been starved of the big guy. In fact,  many of those flashback-era tales were better than the post-Wulf pre-Final Solution stories, rather proving the point.

Help! / Re: GBH (Dead): colour? Help!
« on: 15 September, 2018, 01:00:33 pm »
Thirded. Works well with the Feek and Ace schemes too. Looking forward to your Ughbugs! 

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