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General / Re: Armageddon: The origins that wasn't Origins
« on: 26 June, 2018, 10:34:57 pm »
If that's directed at me, I don't get it?  No matter.


General / Re: Armageddon: The origins that wasn't Origins
« on: 26 June, 2018, 06:51:08 pm »
Interesting thread, coincidentally directly relating to my own recent look-see into the 'Dredd Universe' via an exploration and efforts regarding Fargo and the founding of the system.  Though I can't speak on the series mentioned in this thread, what I can share is my 'impression' on other things regarding Fargo and the origins of the Street Judge system.

First off, the underlying story 'potential' regarding that system origin, and the shaping of the man is a great one.  The flaws in the logic as to the 'why' for the system are glaring, yet that simply lends itself to making a great tale as though exposing some dirty little secret to make it plausible, yet keep the existing story intact.

Equally so, giving reason for the vast leap of Fargo from a fortunate though gifted young prosecutor to diverge off the path he had been travelling to then cast himself into the worst parts of this world, looking at having to do the worst of things, and in the end having betray the very beliefs he was raised upon.

For both of those aspects to happen, to make such vast leaps and still be reasonable, will take a lot more explanation and extreme conditions for that to happen.  As I discovered, that makes for a truly incredible story in and of itself.

That said, I also came to the conclusion that unless one of the historical or existing highly acclaimed writers of the Dredd saga takes up the challenge, the die hard fans are not interested in having it investigated, unofficially or not.  Content to have it lie as is otherwise... the word that comes to mind being sacrilege.

Perhaps one day maybe Mr. Carroll or another reputed author of the series will take it up.  It's a great story, one that does not have to betray the original.


Creative Common / Re: New Alphabet...
« on: 18 June, 2018, 04:06:24 pm »
One might note that a chunk of your numbers are identical in rotation (like our 6 and 9).  Examples: 1, 6 and 8; 2 and 9; 5 and 7.

Spatial orientation of the reader is their problem ;)  If they can't figure out which side is up, they have bigger issues  :lol:

Anyway, it's even simpler than that, and the point of it.  It is not meant to be confusing or complex.  Essentially, for letters there are only 3-symbols, rotated 3-ways, with the location of the 'talon' in one of 3-places.  Numbers (only needing 9+0) utilize one symbol, a point in 3-positions, and a talon in 3-places.  It is meant to be simple, easily understood, easily deciphered and easily remembered.

The origin of the system, again based off of "3's."

3-base symbols (line, talon, point)
A triangle (3-sides) divided into 9-parts, three designators added around it.

By avoiding one of the 9 sub-divisions, you get a shape.

In the end you get only 3-shapes, which are rotated one of 3-ways:

Add the talon as a designator (3-positions), and you have an easy to use alphabet... Numerals even simpler.

Anywho, you fellas are a pretty creative bunch, so thought you might enjoy seeing it.  I'll be using it in my follow-up novel in LybJ to further divide the masses from the plutocracy.


Creative Common / Re: New Alphabet...
« on: 18 June, 2018, 01:55:24 pm »
How it reads when put into practice.

Read from 'top-to-bottom, left to right,' it's not about trying to be different, tricky or in code.  The application simply chosen to cope with 'messy' writing implements considering most people are right handed.


Creative Common / New Alphabet...
« on: 18 June, 2018, 06:18:43 am »
Since my story "Lest ye be Judged" is being expanded to the sequels of "The Violence of Lambs" & beyond, I decided that along with the 'Pastoral Pidgin' language they needed to have an alphabet.  It's not a new one, this one I developed for a barbarian race I generated long ago to go with it's few-thousand word language.  However, since that project is long past I might as well recycle it and get some more use out of it.


General / Re: 2000 AD Art Stars Summer 2018 - Judge Dredd
« on: 17 June, 2018, 01:51:02 am »
A lot of talent in this thread.  Truly stunning work everyone, impressive!


General / Re: Looking for Pre-Street Judge Info...
« on: 14 June, 2018, 06:28:38 pm »
Well thanks fellas!;

As said, though it will be easy to change having been very careful to not alter or utilize any existing 2000AD material (just briefly referencing the most minor aspects, catch-words mostly), considering the amount of work, most of the feedback contained a common theme, "wasted."
(Though again, granted, all of the feedback came from those Dredd-ignorant).

Sure, it gives logical reason in correcting/answering those vast leaps, then again, perhaps no one wants them changed or cares, or to have that bit of the story told (at least by me).

I developed so much history that is set up to revise itself; the 'Mad Clown' causing the environment to be destroyed, yet now it's coming back, the 'new' government, a system of law enforcement that is worse than any other option, etc., that ultimately over the three novels it whittles down to 'being intentionally removed from history.'   Add to that the extensive appendices (equipment, gov.-terms, mapping, over-100 pidgin words, translations, etc.), and numerous chapters that not only outline events leading up to 2020, yet also psychological manipulation and so on.

So that leaves me with having to grind that down to a state of 2031 ignorance of it all (easy to do), and bring back the environment (easy), yet most of all simply fine tune Fargo of which there is little-nothing left to do... Or... I can use it to truly expand the initial work, not having it all end in 2031 to not infringe upon the 2000AD work.

In the end and perhaps most importantly, my impression is the die-hard Dredd fans don't want it messed with, fine with how it sits.  There is little interest in inspiring new Dredd fans who want to discover where it all goes.  And finally those who are not Dredd fans are more than happy to get into a new story, instead of being led to an existing one.

So it goes... *shrug*  Give the people what they want.


General / Re: 2000AD fanwork legality?
« on: 12 June, 2018, 04:42:30 pm »
Rebellion, probably wisely, largely neither condone nor condemn fan projects. I suspect that approval would look like an endorsement and may even make things look a lot more official than they actually are.

That was pretty much the impression of the tone of response I received.  They will not license or authorize your use of anything they own in that they're still making product.  To grant you a license means they're responsible for the content, and I imagine the project being fan-based that it would be pretty insulting to those on the payroll who earned their place for Rebellion to do so otherwise.

One of their requests to me speaks for itself.  That I place in a prominent location my disclaimer (which is essentially the first page) making strong note that my work was "unauthorized, not for profit" and then I added to insure everyone knew that I had zero relation to Reb/2000AD, added that I had not been paid to do the work.

Heck, it's just easier to post what I wrote:

The novel “Lest ye be Judged,” is an original ‘unauthorized, unpaid and not for profit’ novel of which the author has not received compensation in any form for its production.

“2000AD, Judge Dredd, Eustace Fargo, President Gurney, Street Judges and any other part of the Judge Dredd Universe” are all copyrighted characters and themes wholly owned by Rebellion Publishing, Oxford, UK, who have not authorized, licensed or been paid for their use within this body of work.

Naturally, any images (artwork), logos, making claims of Rebellion's approval or support, etc. are all big no-no's.


General / Re: Looking for Pre-Street Judge Info...
« on: 12 June, 2018, 03:56:43 pm »
I've not read the work, but good luck with removing enough plot/character elements so as to avoid a Rigellian Hotshot.

That's the easy part.  Beyond using the names Eustace Fargo, President Gurney (once), only in the final chapter and epilogue, noting 2000AD and Rebellion's graciousness in the credits of the preface, and very-brief mention of the attack on the capital and subsequent trials (which I already changed the goal and underlying reasons of), finally mentioning Fargo's speeches to congress, there is nothing else.

Fargo is called "Cub" throughout.  'Street Judge' is only mentioned as a final line in the last chapter being:

"And so, with a bright flash and a single sharp report… the era of the Street Judge had begun."

My story was NOT about Fargo or the Street Judge system.  It was about correcting the flaws in the existing story line, without changing them or anything in the series, making it so it was plausible for that system change to occur.  More so, adding some life experience that will make it possible for 'Cub' to evolve into the man Fargo came to be.

The potential underlying plot in the 2000AD Fargo saga, was a great one IMO, yet never touched upon.  "What would make the U.S. population be willing to give up their civil rights (realistically), and what would cause a pampered Harvard law graduate, attorney and politician to be able to evolve into a 'field duty' law enforcement officer who could if need be take a life."

Those are massive leaps.

So the story was not about anything street judge or Fargo... yet about destroying a government and system of civil liberties and the forming of a man.  The names are inconsequential.

Also... It gave me a great opportunity to bash the hell out of Trump, over and over.  That was the most fun  :lol:


General / Re: 2000AD fanwork legality?
« on: 12 June, 2018, 03:32:35 pm »
When I began my project (novel), right off I contacted Rebellion/2000AD, very-briefly outlining what I intended on doing, where it would be shown, what it would contain relating to their copyrighted material, and made it very clear as to whether or not it would be for profit in any form.

The response I received (and that's a BIG point, they actually responded) was very gracious and helpful, yet also outlined what they would not contest, what they would, and what conditions would satisfy them as to disclaimers and so on.

Since yesterday is not today, and since my project is not your project, I'd suggest that you send them a VERY-brief email that is both concise and specific as to what you intend.  Abide by anything they ask, and be prepared for them to say "no" as well.

That said, the response to my brief correspondence pleasant and helpful.  So reciprocate by abiding by what they ask.


General / Re: Looking for Pre-Street Judge Info...
« on: 11 June, 2018, 08:51:37 pm »
Good news fellas (regarding fan's of Fargo/Dredd);

Though I made the whole thing work (the flaws in the story-line; the all too easy acceptance of ditching civil rights, bypassing other steps in the legal system, the unfounded evolution/shift of Fargo), justifying and giving reason to where the Street Judge system takes off, and why Fargo became who he did... There has been a significant enough pushback to not have it be applied to the Dredd history that I'm going to change some things.

Not from Dredd fans mind you, yet from others who felt the story stood on its own well enough that it shouldn't be used toward its intended end.

During the final re-read/write to have it read smoothly, I'll be changing out a few minor aspects (names, and a couple minor events) to eliminate anything Fargo, Street Judge, etc..  Though where it ends up establishes the Fargo/U.S. situation perfectly, now I'll simply apply it to a different, more Americanized evolution of justice.

So fear not!  The heretical blasphemy of writing something relating to Street-Judges/Fargo/Dredd will be cleansed.

For those who might have been poking around the story, it will remain as is until all of my final changes have been made to not disrupt anyone's reading.

In any case, thanks again fellas, your help as noted here and in the preface was truly appreciated.  That never discussed plot and reasons in the Fargo saga a great one.  Past that I'll not disrupt your forum further.  Thanks again, and I wish you all the best!

Great forum!  And as always, due to the quality of the people upon it.


General / Re: 2000 AD Art Stars Summer 2018 - Judge Dredd
« on: 01 June, 2018, 03:27:30 pm »
Impressive work from everyone!


Website and Forum / Re: Shopping Pages
« on: 26 May, 2018, 02:27:41 pm »

For the record, roughly a couple weeks ago the registration feature finally worked.  There are still a couple bugs (of which I can't recall what they were exactly atm), yet I was finally able to register.

Thanks for your efforts!


General / Re: Looking for Pre-Street Judge Info...
« on: 18 May, 2018, 12:34:34 pm »
The response to Lest ye be Judged ~ Reaping the Harvest ~ 2029 has been satisfying enough already (no witch hunting now, none of you fellas), and inspired some new ideas that I think I'm going to take this story a little further with a couple of others.

Lest ye be Judged ~ The Dance of Lambs ~ 2030
Dealing with the problems that would arise due to ditching the Agricultural System (ex.: the integration of the Pastoral and Fertile zones, trading off some types of crime for others), political preparation for the shift to Street Judges in Washington, etc..  I might even toss in a bit of seeding the SJ system other places (along with the repatriation of abandoned areas of the nation), perhaps even a bit of an Ephram aspect.


Lest ye be Judged ~ The Measure ye Mete ~ 2031 (pre-SJ rollout)
Wherein final preparation for the Street Judge system is made, eradication of the 'Restored Constitution,' turning on the corrupt Homestead class (wealthy/super-corp/politicians) and finally having a solid reason why there would be 'gangs' all over now (where there was previously none).  Perhaps best of all, it then sets up reason to eradicate/bury/rewrite the history of the Agricultural System, RCFG and Mad Clown form 2017-2031...

...Bringing it all back to the starting point of the series; now with solid reasons as to how/why things/people are as presented.  The best part being, with all of the groundwork (why the world is as it is) already laid out in Reaping the Harvest, I can just focus on the story.

Hehe, this is exactly how my last novel went from 20k words to 211k+.  Guess I never learn  :lol:


News / Re: Judges!
« on: 15 May, 2018, 11:22:19 pm »
It starts in 2133, two years after the new system was rolled out. There's a feature about it in Negazine 396.

Yes, I realize.  2033... I'm curious about the time between and would have no insight as to what future editions in the Judges series might contain.


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