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Prog / Re: Prog 2053 - Leap of Wraith!
« Last post by Trout on Today at 02:30:37 am »
I rarely post reviews here now but wanted to pop in and say how much I enjoyed this week's Dredd story. Good, solid writing and creative, idiosyncratic art. I mean the drawings, not Art Wyatt. He could be idiosyncratic, too, if you like.

I also enjoyed Absalom and Indigo Prime. I'm afraid Slaine and Grey Area don't tickle my tastebuds but, as the dinosaur suggests, it's a buffet, not a set meal.


- Trout
General / Re: Oct/Nov SHORT STORY COMP! "Bdum... Tish!"
« Last post by The Legendary Shark on Today at 01:42:53 am »
The name's Saturday. Joe Saturday. I used to be a chronocop. But that's all in the future now. My ex-partner, who's going to be my friend, is trying to kill me. His name is Thursday. Ed Thursday. He has a gun. A big gun. He's pointing it at my head.

"'Bye, Joe," he says. He talks in short sentences. We both do. It saves time.

"Don't do it, Ed," I say.

He holds up a calendar. It's marked with crayon. "Already did," he says.

His trigger finger tightens. I sweat.

There's a flash. It goes "FWARP." A man appears. He has weird eyes and an even bigger gun.

"Alpha," he says. "Here to help you. Get you away. Enlist your skills at the Doghouse."

I hide behind him. I'm relieved.

"FWARP." Another flash. Another mutant appears. He has a weird face and a big hat. "Rot you, Alpha," he says. "You got Saturday but I get Thursday. He's coming with me."

"FWARP." He disappears with Ed.

I look at Alpha. "What gives?"

"Time job," he says. "Need your expertise. Styx just made it a race."

I nod. We go.

I guess every day has his dog.

Welcome to the board / Re: Hello everyone!
« Last post by Professor Bear on 19 October, 2017, 11:28:23 pm »
Good evening, new person, and welcome.  I hope you are well.
« Last post by Professor Bear on 19 October, 2017, 11:27:20 pm »
THIS IS A STAR TREK THREAD NOW so Star Trek Continues has just dropped the first part of their two-part series finale, having been forced to curtail their efforts by CBS' fan movie rules, which they introduced to prevent stuff that was detrimental to the Trek brand like (checks CBS fan movie guidelines) spending too much money, using foul language, or portraying excessive violence or gore.

If it was what the trailer said it was going to be and like - 20-minute Macfarlane sharp spoof stuff rather than a carefully crafted 40-minute long lightly comic but largely weirdlyserious tribute to TNG then maybe folk would feel more than they do about it which is faintly bemused.

In the Charlize Theron episode, Mercer finally admits in a moment of pillow talk that his marriage failing was for the exact reasons that his ex-wife suggested, but which he has so far dismissed as an excuse on her part for her infidelity.  This establishes that Mercer has a blindspot in his judgement where his ex-wife is concerned, while the series has established by this point that his ex-wife is a good officer, and reviewers have already established they see similarities in the show to TNG among others and TNG did at least two episodes with a similar premise to this one so they must know there's a twist and heel turn coming in the second or third acts - and despite all this, when the ex-wife questions Mercer's judgement - which, again, we know is compromised both within the context of the story and by our exposure to the "charming rogue turns a main character's head" trope - reviews promptly called the episode misogynistic because the ex-wife is obviously jealous, Because MacFarlane.
Never mind that the story has established the male character is at fault and the female character is motivated by legitimate concerns that all of sci-fi ever has established as going to turn out to be completely correct, the only possible interpretation of the story is that MacFarlane hates women.

When this is the kind of already-written copy and prejudgement you're up against, maybe you should just make the show you want rather than the one people are expecting, though don't get me wrong: I'm as surprised as anyone that this is the format and tone that the show has gone with.  I'm just saying that maybe MacFarlane is better off making TNG fanfic and not giving a fuck.  If nothing else, a 20 minute spoof would almost certainly have stopped being talked about weeks ago.
Prog / Re: Prog 2053 - Leap of Wraith!
« Last post by Tiplodocus on 19 October, 2017, 11:14:43 pm »
Just caught up on about 10 progs worth and, while I'm not suffering from Thrill Power Overload, these have been a lot of fun and packed full of variety in art, script and plot.

There is the odd mis-step bit it never turns into a full fledged fall.

Surely this is what anthology titles are all about?
Prog / Re: Prog 2053 - Leap of Wraith!
« Last post by Frank on 19 October, 2017, 11:09:21 pm »

As is to be expected of a retiree living it up on the Costa at the honest British tax payer's expense*, Mills seems in it mainly for the LOLs, nowadays**

* © Big Dave, 1993.

** He always was. Mills cites David Icke's insane posts in a way that makes clear he genuinely believes that bullshit, yet the man and his conception of the world are played for laughs in Accident Man and Finn, respectively.
Welcome to the board / Re: Hello everyone!
« Last post by Frank on 19 October, 2017, 10:51:18 pm »

Welcome, Andrew. You join the Nerve Centre at an exciting time for new droids. No matter how nicely Tharg asks, don't revive Harlem Heroes.

Prog / Re: Prog 2053 - Leap of Wraith!
« Last post by Leigh S on 19 October, 2017, 10:36:31 pm »
(Zenith is) 'Stock, Aitken, and Marvelman'.

There it is, Homer; the smartest thing you'll ever say, and there's no one around to hear it.


I think Yaldaboath is hilarious and a brilliant Millsian villaian, masking his lack of omnipotence in ludicrous self aggrandizing bollocks - if people don't see the humour in it, then I can see why it might fall horribly flat, but I'm loving it - I thnk it will read much better as a collection, and I don't think Simon Davis is really seeling it to me (much of my confusion as to what Slaine is up to/fighting and where Slaine is I feel is due to the art rather than the script), but Yaldaboath is as you say, comedy gold
Welcome to the board / Re: Hello everyone!
« Last post by The Legendary Shark on 19 October, 2017, 10:08:27 pm »
« Last post by The Legendary Shark on 19 October, 2017, 09:45:35 pm »
I am enjoying The Orville, probably more than I should, and I hope it doesn't get cancelled just yet. It seems pretty solid to me, apart from the odd shaky bit, and I'd like to see it go from strength to strength.

Sorry I mentioned The Other Show - I was just trying to be funny. I know, I know, it'll probably never happen but I live in hope...

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