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Author Topic: Last game played...  (Read 117075 times)


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Re: Last game played...
« Reply #1890 on: 16 July, 2017, 07:57:19 pm »
Just started playing Warhammer Vermintide , it was only £8.00 in the Xbox sale... blatant rip off,of Left4dead but I'm enjoying it up to now...

It made me want to play L4D again rather than carrying on playing Vermintide.


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Re: Last game played...
« Reply #1891 on: 17 July, 2017, 06:12:03 pm »
I've installed the 50GB(!) download on to my PS4 but I'm still not expecting to drop any actual money on MEA until the price drops to the sub-£20 mark, mind you. (Unless the trial absolutely blows me away, which I guess is what BioWare is hoping but word of mouth suggests it probably won't. We'll see.)
I've played about 6 hours of the 10-hour MEA trial, with a restart/new character after the first 2-3 hours when I decided to change her name, and it's... all right. I played the ME Trilogy on PC so this is my first time playing the franchise on a console; the controls are somewhat fiddly and the interface isn't as intuitive as Horizon's or even Inquisition's. Always puzzles me why BioWare make two franchises with utterly different controls meaning you (I!) have to unlearn one before getting to grips with another. Good job I'm playing on Narrative mode because my shooting sucks; the combat mechanism is very 'slippery' and I end up shooting dirt/air as much as Kett and Wraiths. I got quite adept at melee combat in ME 3 (on PC) but here, on PS4, I'm kind of struggling. Which is a pain since I'm playing a Scrapper/Vanguard rather than a Soldier/sniper type as usual and the build requires more a close combat play style. Still, I'll probably get the hand of it in time.

Speaking of which, aware of the trial's ticking clock, I'm probably rushing things somewhat rather than taking my time to explore the game or understand how it works, which arguably doesn't help. For instance, I've got no idea how to go about modifying/customising my weapons despite picking up a bunch of mods in the Prologue. (Guess I have to wait to get the Tempest.) Overall, I've found the Prologue's Tutorials pretty poor compared to HZD's imo. Feels like BioWare have decided that everyone's going to know how everything works out of the gate - and if it had copied ME3's combat/mechanics they'd probably be right - but it's pretty opaque to me atm.

I like my 'Izzy Ryder' well enough to be up for continuing her adventure when the trial ends but I'm trying hard to resist the current price point. Maybe in six months or so I'll feel better inclined to lay out money for MEA but for the moment it hasn't got its hooks in me - yet.
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Re: Last game played...
« Reply #1892 on: 17 July, 2017, 08:21:45 pm »
You getting very familiar like other guy?  :lol: