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Other Reviews / Re: 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 2018
« on: Today at 03:33:20 pm »
Emma Vieceli's art on Anderson is outstanding. Her style reminds me of David Roach. Would be very happy to see more from her.

Yeah, and she takes on a hell of a lot of established visual elements in this strip for a first timer, and succeeds with 90% of it: only Orlok felt a wee bit off to me.  I'm really enjoying this development of Anderson as a multi-writer strip, after years of thinking it as 'Grant only', and to be honest, believing the character was entirely played out. 

Interesting!  I haven't read it in years, but IIRC I didn't find Kola Kommandos to be too bad. I was on a downer with Williams at the time, and I think I felt it was a bit too silly-strip-at-the-back-of-Crisis for the Prog, but it still entertained: this at a time when I was drifting in and out of love with the prog.  A Parkhouse strip usually has something going for it, even at the worst of times.

Film & TV / Re: Han Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
« on: Today at 12:25:06 am »
Darth Maul has 2 lines of dialogue in The Phantom Menace or 31 words.

Don't forget the tone poem. As TPM was the first truly multimedia film experience, you have to take on board all the trimmings.

But good point.

Film & TV / Re: Han Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
« on: Today at 12:20:48 am »
I probably want to see that more than I wanted to see Last Jedi.  How can you not want to see how this turns out?

Oh Grud yeah. I'd pay double to see it. Quadruple if there was a "making of" feature running with it. 

Remember Supershadow? It's Supershadow all the way down now.

Prog / Re: Prog 2086 - Bet on Red!
« on: 21 June, 2018, 07:18:59 pm »
Same reason Anderson was topless in a Sci-Fi special in the dreaded nineties!
I'd hope we've all grown up a bit since the Loaded days and that frankly sexist bilge of a poster. Also, that was on the inside, and I can't imagine 2000 AD even during its nadir going for a fully topless image on the cover. That'd be a good way to find yourself on the top shelf at WHSmith.

Nothing that extreme, but they gave it a few good tries!

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 21 June, 2018, 06:51:23 pm »
Totally agree IP: the problem we have to tackle is education, information and engagement, I think a more functional political establishment would inevitably follow, if only it could be done. 

A  democracy requires a level of enlightened self-interest, with emphasis on the enlightened.   That's the nut that needs to be cracked - on all sorts of levels, because the choices we're facing regarding the environment, biodiversity and mass migration are going to be very hard ones.  Disappearing down internet rabbit-holes of confirmation-bias bandwagonning and rampant Dunning-Kruger everyman 'expertise' is not going to cut it.

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 21 June, 2018, 09:22:00 am »
ah... so Sharky's theories are possible, we just need to fundamentally alter human nature. Sorted.

In so far as it exists as a thing at all, "human nature" changes all the time. Usually for the better. It's no harm factoring further change into utopian aspirations.

Film & TV / Re: Han Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
« on: 21 June, 2018, 09:14:14 am »
I want an Obi-Wan movie for the simple reason that it would be nice to see Ewan Mcgregor get a crack at the character under a decent director, with a decent script. I fear the problem is that Obi-Wan must surely be wallowing in survivor guilt/PTSD before he finds redemption as Luke's mentor. It won't make for a happy story, will it?

It will when he's reunited with live-action Ahsoka!  Whatever anyone's feelings on the Sequels/Story films, even the ropiest performances are streets ahead of what passed for acting in most of the Prequels - so I'd agree entirely, seeing what a good actor like McGregor could do with a more 'modern' working environment would be a treat. But then they went with TCW's Sam Witwer for Maul in Solo, rather than the great Peter Serafinowitz, so who knows, they could go for James Arnold Taylor in a comedy beard for Obi-Wan...

My other main interest in a putative Obi-Wan movie is seeing how they avoid saying that name for its entire duration..


Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 21 June, 2018, 08:39:45 am »
The people we vote for generally don't know how to run an economy (even assuming that an economy needs to be run), they only know how to get elected.


Look, in a representative democracy we aim to elect people who we feel demonstrate our biases and concerns, and can listen to the advice of public servants and others who are genuine experts in a range of fields and parse that into policy and action that (we hope) is what we would do ourselves.  We do this because no one person has the time to have a competent understanding of every aspect of decision making that affects a society, so we do what humans always so: we choose specialists to do it full-time on our behalf, no different from bronze-workers or sysadmins. I pay a kid in China to make my phone, I pay a ham-faced twat in Dublin to navigate health funding.

That we don't do that, that we treat democracy as, as Shark says, a popularity contest for demagogues who can spin the most attractive fantasy, that's on us.   

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos" is often used to indicate the Hobson's choice faced by voter - but in fact it's one that's self-imposed.  It's seldom noted that Ross Perot was also on that ballot.  Not an ideal example, I grant you.

Film & TV / Re: Han Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
« on: 21 June, 2018, 08:24:41 am »
Just for clarity, I was talking about cinema attendance drop off rates, NOT comparing total box office of each movie to its previous movie. The drop off rates for last jedi were reportedly more than double (70-80%) that of Empire strikes back (20-30%) in its second week. The drop off rates were much higher than any star wars movie.

Apologies SIP, misread you there. 

(That may in part be confirmation bias on my part because the family and I went back 3 times, including twice to IMAX, and I bought the BluRay! I even bought some of the shitty 5POA toys, 'cos who could live without matching Rose & Paige Tico action figures.  Now if only I could scare up a few quid for Tallie's A-Wing... ) 

Film & TV / Re: Han Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
« on: 21 June, 2018, 12:16:58 am »
Last jedi did make money, but it made significantly less than they expected it to .....its drop off rate was big. People generally didnt want to see it again.

Joe Soap set out figures upthread that showed the TLJ 'drop off' in revenue  was similar to that experienced by TESB (the greatest movie ever made) and AoTC.  Should Lucasfilm have packed it in 1980, or 2002?  Should Disney walk away from a $4 billion investment?

The Solo thing seems like a scheduling and marketing failure more than anything, added to inflated costs from a crazy volume of reshoots - most of us who saw it enjoyed it a lot, despite having no real interest going into it, and I suspect more in that vein would be well received.

Film & TV / Re: Han Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
« on: 20 June, 2018, 09:03:27 pm »
Report: The Star Wars Story movies are being put on hold:


S'a rumour thus far.  Don't really see Kenobi as a 'nothing' character, Clone Wars showed his potential versatility, and we've no idea the kind of man he becomes during his exile, after his terrible failure, and before the door to redemption is opened for him.

Other Reviews / Re: 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 2018
« on: 20 June, 2018, 08:55:16 pm »
Just a vast amount of content in this thing, some good, some not so good, but the general trend is upwards.  Shall we run through it?

I got the Lotay Dredd'n'Anderson cover, and it was even better in the flesh.  Excellent stuff, any chance of some stripwork from this artist?

Dredd: Perfectly serviceable tale from Beeby, and I actually really like Babs Tarr's art - its just the off-model Stallonish Dredd that throws it off for me.  Pity.

Tyranny Rex: I suppose this is a bit of a riff on the setup of the original Tyranny story, with 3D printing replacing cloning, but it doesn't do a lot for me plotwise - I do love the Ryan Hughes stylings of the colourful art though, even if it there's a bit of an anatomy flub on the third page. I could probably go for more of this.

Rogue Trooper: Story's okay in an old-school way (although it's hard to believe no-one had thought of utilising the trees in 3 years of stalemate), art has great expressive faces but the figures are static and there's something gone aksew with the arms... especially the Norts. And what's going on with Gunnar's sling and Bagman on that last page! Colours are neat.

Things pick up in a big way with Tillie Walden's Future Shock, which is start-to-finish great, probably the best thing in the Special. That's my kind of story, more of this please!

Maguerite Sauvage's Anderson poster is amazing.  Heading for my office wall.

Moore's Judge Death is another solid story, but Xulia Vicente and Pippa Mather's art is a highlight of the whole comic - love it! 

Laura Bailey and Dani's DeMarco is intriguing. This is kind of how I had hoped a DeMarco series would work, back before such a thing existed.  Galen could use some kind of a nose, but otherwise I thought this was a great concept, well-executed with a good ear for the peculiarities of the character and MC-1.  Definitely like to see more in this vein. 

The Terror Tale, I dunno. Bulmer does a skilful and colourful St Trinian's thing, but the story didn't really work for me. 

McHugh wraps things with a busy and enjoyable Anderson, well-observed and sharply rendered by Vieceli and Nosenzo.

All in all the Special had some bits that didn't agree with me, but there was so much in there that the odd misfire didn't matter.  I'd be happy to see more of a good chunk of this, both in terms of individual creators and some of their versions of strips.  A very worthwhile showcase!


Off Topic / Re: Chuggers
« on: 20 June, 2018, 04:06:01 pm »
Your points are all good ones Sheridan, but having someone moving to obstruct you while loudly berating you for ignoring them, selectively targeting single women and older people... these are not good things for a charity to be associated with. If they were beggars they'd be arrested for the kind of behaviour you see all the time. 

Of course people are employed by charities (my wife has been for 20 years and thank feck for it), of course people get paid to fundraise (often on commission), of course I and I imagine most people here have shaken a bucket/pestered potential sponsors/sought signatures for a charity on many occasions (I've done it myself for Sightsavers, the WWF, Amnesty International and a couple of homeless charities, at the very least).  I've no doubt there are good chuggers, who are committed to, or at the very least are an asset to, the causes they represent.

But. There are many chuggers that do little else but erode good will for their charities, and voluntary giving in general: that's indisputable. 

Personally I'd get rid of many charities tomorrow and fund vital services through higher general taxation.  The idea that children's hospices, homeless shelters and clean water projects depend on random acts of generosity solicited in the street... jeezus.   

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 20 June, 2018, 11:19:07 am »
...and James Corden...

Jesus, why?  Why do they keep putting him in things?  Does he pay them?   

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