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Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by Proudhuff on Today at 03:10:03 pm »
Miss read that as DUP  :-[
Prog / Re: PROG 2111 - Welcome to the Thrill-Party!
« Last post by Proudhuff on Today at 03:03:14 pm »
So what's with the numbering...it used to be the year didn't it matron?

Anyway that cover is a bit saucy all pert buttocks and come hither looks, that shadow on Dredd's ammo clip looks like he's got a stiffy!  :-[
Droid life all fun and games til somebody loses an eye

Damage Report: That explains the colouring in D'Eathworld.

Dredd: we that was a great bittersweet Dredd for Dreddmas, Loads of little Easter eggs: from a who's who to Kubrick's Room 237 and carpet

Cab Inc: nice finish and looking forward to the collected works, the interview makes the Grennie droid seem, well almost human  :-X

Deedweed: Trailer trash meet killer robots... on a world where every dies. guess how that ends?


Aptly Named: not really hooking me in there

:Trailer trash meet killer robots monster... in a world where everybody else dies except our heroes. guess how that ends?

Blink continues to interest and intrigue.... four pages of talking heads and its still wonderful

Fiends Great stuff, nice set up, take down and landing,  art spot in too.

Durham Red sorry gave up halfway through and flicked on to the nice Carlos tribute.

A mixed bag for xmas but enough to satisfy even the most jaded of xmas palates. 

Creative Common / Re: What Are The The Prices For Lettering?
« Last post by Jim_Campbell on Today at 02:55:53 pm »
you very much get what you pay for.

Point neatly illustrated.

Sorry, Ade — there's a reason there are zero professional letterers using Clip Studio for lettering. It doesn't offer anything like the fine-grained type controls needed for this sort of work, it doesn't support OpenType features like autoligatures (where typing, say, 'EE' swaps the letters out for two non-identical 'E's), it applies faux italics to text even when you have an italic version of the font installed.

In short, it's shoddy and it gives shoddy results.

Also: if you're looking at your lettering and telling yourself that it's of professional standard, you need to go back and have another look.

Why are there no crossbar 'I's on the pronoun 'I's in this sample? Why didn't you turn 'mind' on 'made up your mind' onto a new line to make a nicer shaped text block and fill the balloon space? Why isn't that balloon cropped to the top panel border?

I don't have time for a detailed critique this afternoon, and I appreciate you weren't asking for one, but if you're going to come onto a thread where someone is offering to pay a professional letterer and offer instead to do it for free, but to a much lower standard, you're going to have to anticipate a bit of pushback.
Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« Last post by Dandontdare on Today at 02:52:02 pm »
What I can't get over is how shit the phones sound now. I remember Christmas calls to thank relatives for the shoes, socks, and other items to keep us warm for the winter and the reception was very clear. It sounded as if they were next to you.

Now I take a call and as often as no I et bad rec ion or they so d very far away.

Try working in a call centre - we get unintelligible calls all the time, with crackles, bad reception, wind or traffic noise etc - and then they get really narky when you keep asking them to repeat things! Or they refuse to discuss personal information because they're in public - well I didn't ask you to call about your genital warts from the 8:15 to Paddington, did I?.
Off Topic / Re: I'm Sorry, I Haven't a Prog
« Last post by Proudhuff on Today at 02:35:53 pm »
Star Wars.... no wait...
Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« Last post by Proudhuff on Today at 02:33:21 pm »
Announcements / Re: The Letters Beast - Online!
« Last post by Proudhuff on Today at 02:32:16 pm »
I had hoped this week's double page spread of letter was going to get the sharp incisive wit and charm we've never had before from the Butt'Beast, but to no avail, come on man keep up!! There's eleven readers out there dying to know how they're placed in the years ranking  :lol:
Announcements / Re: The Letters Beast - Online!
« Last post by Buttonman on Today at 01:59:59 pm »
Calm Down Tom, we're back.

I nearly stuck this in under the Advent Calendar thread but why waste everyone's' Christmas? Here we go, it's back and it's bad...very bad.

Hey Kids! Do you remember when, at this special time of year, old friends popped up and the TV was awash with special programmes featuring familiar favourites?

Well this isn’t that; this is some geezer trotting out his jaded old list of letters for the amusement of himself and the annoyance of many. Non scribes we call them!

Since the online Beast totally soaked up our thunder it has been quiet here at Beast Towers. The Brexit vote leaves our EU funding in doubt and frankly there are only so many ways we can say ’It’s a standard run through the stories’ type letter or ‘The (Doug) Butler did it’.

Still, the Beast needs to be fed and after it was noted that Tom Proudfoot was falling down the charts, we thought it was time to restoke the boilers and have a look at 2018 in letters and to sort out those family arguments over who has had the most letters printed in2000ad and The Judge Dredd Megazine.

The new scoreboard is a thing of beauty. Tom has slipped to 13th= place (the bad luck is for anyone unfortunate enough to have read any of his letters!) and we have two new fledglings joining the hallowed ranks of ‘10 letters or more’. Step forward Paddy Campbell and Philip Emery.

Paddy first attained grace in Prog 1982 in 2016 and has gained an impressive 12 letters in total, including 3 in 2018. He has been awarded the Beast code ### - the hash tag is ’One to watch’.

Philip ‘Oh you are awful’ Emery also had a first letter in 1982 - not the Prog but the year! Philips debut was in Prog 279 and his appearance in the latest Prog, 211, means  has a 36 year Beast footprint. He now has 11 letters including 2 in 2018 - before that he was last seen in Prog 1706 in 2010. He’s done it RIGHT again Dad! Philip’s Beast Tag is @@@ and no doubt he’ll be @t the sherry to celebrate!

2018 was a good year for letters. Good, not great. We saw 120 missives see print - 90 in the Prog across 17 issues and 30 in the Megazine across 6 issues. This beats 2017’s 106 letters which boasted (apologised!) a mere 99 Prog letters across 21 issues and a paltry 7 Meg letters across 2 issues.

The chart below details all 33 scribes with 10 or more letters with star letters deciding any ties. This is only for pecking order privileges as the number of letters is what counts, not how good they are. The letters for the year show a healthy balance between old and new writers with around half of our chart participants being active in the last two years.

With the 100 Letters target now in sight the excitement is bound to reach waking point at some time in the New Year. No doubt we’ll check back in if there’s anything worth reporting!

Happy Christmas or Seasonal Festival to one and all.

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« Last post by von Boom on Today at 01:52:20 pm »
What I can't get over is how shit the phones sound now. I remember Christmas calls to thank relatives for the shoes, socks, and other items to keep us warm for the winter and the reception was very clear. It sounded as if they were next to you.

Now I take a call and as often as no I et bad rec ion or they so d very far away.
Announcements / Re: Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection discussion thread
« Last post by Tomwe on Today at 01:49:31 pm »
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