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Prog / Re: Thrill-Coma 2010
« Last post by Funt Solo on Today at 01:49:14 am »
In 2013, the lead up to prog 1850 brought some impressive long-form thrills:

Defoe: The Damned
(Progs 1836-1847; last seen in 2010)
Script: Pat Mills
Art: Leigh Gallagher
Letters: Ellie De Ville

I've not been much of a fan of Defoe: all that driving around in a car when cars didn't exist reminds me too much of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie. And the previous outing (A Murder of Angels) consisted of a collection of complete and utter bastards (the Dirty Dozenne) peering over battlements and blethering about the author's research findings.

But I really liked this series.  First of all, the art is amazing.  This opening shot of the zombie horde lurching forward for another assault on the Tower is stupendous (even in this cropped and shrunk version):

Additionally, the story has more movement in it.  We go back in time to get some historical perspective on Defoe's state of mind, and then we also have some of the characters leaving the Tower for the first time in a series and a half.  In this flashback shot, we have the terrible foreshadowing and disturbing off-kilter perspective that suggests an awful answer to Defoe's question:

The story is rounded off with some amazing inventions (a zombie-powered paddle boat), some egotistical upper crust superheroes, and a quiet scene in Mrs Miggins Pie Shop.  And if all that's not enough to entertain you, there's always Gallowgrass's astounding couture:

The Ten-Seconders: Godsend
(Progs 1836-1849; last seen in 2008)
Script: Rob Williams
Art: Edmund Bagwell, Ben Willsher (9 & 10)
Letters: Simon Bowland

With the five year gap, the review in the first episode was very welcome.  Everything gets quickly turned up to 11 with a Jupiter-sized spaceship enveloping Earth and casually destroying the Moon (so casually, in fact, that it never gets mentioned - only shown):

Gentleness, such as that displayed by the brutish Damage, is not rewarded and the story focusses more on stripping each character down to expose their weakness.  It's not really clear, as we reach the climax, if humanity has any hope in this universe.

I enjoyed this third series a lot as it provokes thought, has a crazy pace, bizarre characters, a quiet sense of humour and it looks amazing:

Age of the Wolf III: Wolfworld
(Progs 1840-1849; last seen in 2012)
Script: Alec Worley
Art: Jon Davis-Hunt
Colours: Gary Caldwell
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Series #1 was "28 Werewolves Later", Series #2 was Wolfenders and this is Planet of the Werewolves.  That's quite a jump, which visually is quite shocking as the more standard giant wolf beasts of the first two series are replaced with a more anthropomorphic species. 

As it leaps forward in time, a sort of magically accelerated evolution has taken place and we witness a world filled with new beasts and a harnessing of new moon-powered tech (used by the wolf species in a bid to finally exterminate the human race):

Rowan has aged and become a notorious dervish: a grey witch that powers her way across the land and through any obstacle (herself as much a beast as any of the wolves) in her bid to defeat the curse that has taken over the planet:

Ultimately, it all sews itself up in a tricky third act: my assumption is that this ends the story.  If you're doing a re-read you could safely skip the second series as the weakest of the three and you'd be doing just fine. 

All in all, a great time to be reading the prog, and I haven't even reviewed the best bit...
Film & TV / Re: Doctor Who Series 11 Discussion
« Last post by von Boom on Today at 01:37:26 am »
Overall I liked The Ghost Monument. However, I thought the race was kind of pointless. They could have easily been dumped on the planet without the need of a pickup. I'm getting a very Tom Bakery kind of feel from Whittaker, but in a way that is uniquely her own.

I'm not a fan of the new TARDIS interior. It looks like the interior of a cave. Although the biscuit dispenser is a great idea. This needs to be standard on all future TARDIS'.
Prog / Re: Prog 2103 - Demons of the mind
« Last post by DrRocka on Today at 12:01:37 am »
Excellent proggage these last few weeks, I’m enjoying everything in it. Cheers, Mighty One!
Film & TV / Re: Current TV Boxset Addiction
« Last post by Steve Green on 16 October, 2018, 11:31:08 pm »
Working my way through 60 odd episodes of the BBC episodes of the Goodies.

The early stuff is a bit hit and miss, but fascinating from a historical perspective, even when it gets a bit uncomfortable.

What stood out is how regularly things pop up that remind me of other stuff.

There's the music master's organ/artillery combo, similar to the Pandemonium in Nemesis, the Mirth Police in Goodies Rule OK, destroying anything that might give pleasure *waves at Judge Cal*, even the impersonating puppets is very Shaun of the Dead.

I jumped ahead a few years to Goodies Rule OK - (The one with the giant Dougal) I've no idea what the budget was but with the props and miniatures, or it being kept in-house at the BBC, it's pretty astonishing to see that spent on a comedy programme.

With it being a 70s programme there's also pretty much a Rolf Harris mention/appearance every other episode... even back to back Cyril Smith and Stuart Hall... plus doses of Savile.
Off Topic / Re: I'm Sorry, I Haven't a Prog
« Last post by Frank on 16 October, 2018, 10:15:29 pm »

All the way from France, please be upstanding for her honour, Judge Delors, and her Israeli husband, Chaim

Representing the Danish Kingdom, Ambassador Whett, accompanied by her son, Gert

And in a change to our schedule, welcome newsagents Anne Orbit & Everett Monday

Other Reviews / Re: The completely self absorbed 2000ad re-read thread
« Last post by Greg M. on 16 October, 2018, 09:54:15 pm »
Paul Marshal seems to be temporally very influenced by Colin MacNeil in 'Escape from Kurt Russell'... I don't think it lasts

That story's a last gasp for the ultra-detailed Firekind / Tyranny Rex era of Marshall - after that, his art becomes massively stripped-down in terms of detail and is frequently the victim of horrible colouring. I'm much less of a fan of that period. It takes him quite a while to get back to his more line-intensive style.
Other Reviews / Re: The completely self absorbed 2000ad re-read thread
« Last post by Colin YNWA on 16 October, 2018, 09:46:27 pm »
Some quick thoughts on early(ish) 1995 which I've not got to yet:

1. Roxilla is spreading his / her wings into movie reviews. It's all still very specific and self important.

2. Loving the little Shakey Kane - Beyond Belief panels... in some progs they're the best thing in there.

3. Computer generated Thargs are my least favourite Thargs

4. The cover the Prog 930 is one of my least favourite

5. But its possibly not as bad as the one to Prog 931 which tried to cash in on the whole US gold enhance cover shenanigans

6. Early computer designed Nerve Centre pages really haven't aged well have they...

7. Arh you gotta love the Tharg's first e-mail address tharg@richb.demon.co.uk  ... I wonder who set that up...

8. How long does a hook take to fall in Crusade? The time it take to chat for 66(ish) words... all of them badly written... still packs a punch mind.

9. I loved the Alphabet Man set up and the art is stunning... I worry that its leads to nowhere fast.

10. Oh yeah the cover to Prog 938 is another I really don't like... we're not in a good spell of covers here are we.

11. Paul Marshal seems to be temporally very influenced by Colin MacNeil in 'Escape from Kurt Russell'... I don't think it lasts

12. I'd also forgotten how many superficial similarities there are between that story and the 2012 film... even though others have mentioned it before.

13. Mark Grudgefather as another strip I'd forgotten comes back.

14. I'm sorry but I much prefer Nigel Dobbyn to Mark Harrison on Strontium Dog

15. Oh Jonny Kiss and The Marshall's are back... alas I do remember that one...

16. We're 5 months into the new year and still we're to have a Prog with a positive balance ... I worry about my end of year review and all this talk of recovery...
Off Topic / Re: I'm Sorry, I Haven't a Prog
« Last post by The Legendary Shark on 16 October, 2018, 09:11:03 pm »

32 points for trying but minus 58 for content, which puts you in a virtually unassailable lead.

General / Re: Goodbye Carlos
« Last post by Geoff on 16 October, 2018, 08:29:35 pm »
Yes, a very thoughtful and well expressed article. Thanks broodblik.
General / Re: What's the latest news regarding 2000AD-related figures from 3A?
« Last post by Frank on 16 October, 2018, 08:21:34 pm »

I stumbled upon the 3A booth. Smaller than previous years and much less merch on display, although they had plenty behind the counter, including the 1/6 scale Dredd. Kinda hard to resist when it’s Ashley Wood himself flogging it to you.

The news isn’t great if you’re holding out for more 3A 2000AD stuff though. Doesn’t sound like the sales are there to justify more and these are expensive products to make.

That’s a shame, particularly as (Ashley Wood is) talking about an array of prototypes he has at home, including a 1/6 scale Hammerstein based on McMahon’s art and Johnny Alpha.

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