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Film & TV / Re: Current TV Boxset Addiction
« Last post by Tiplodocus on 23 January, 2019, 11:41:12 pm »
Yay! THE GOOD PLACE is back.

"But you aren't allowed to pick anyone truly evil. So no serial killers, no dictators, nobody that managed a boy band..."

After watching this I can only hope and pray that the upcoming Picard series gets things back on track.

I hate that I don't like Discovery. It's a pretty decent sci-fi series but it just isn't Star Trek for me. The ship is ugly, the "science" looks more like something Gandalf would come up with, the characters feel superficial and uninteresting and the frenetic action sequences are boring - do we really need to see every single asteroid tearing about and watch great big things falling apart all over the place?

It has no heart.

Kingdom Volume 3 seems wise.

Mambo! Or Mazeworld...
General / Re: Sector 13 Issue 4 Launched Friday 25th January.
« Last post by ZenArcade on 23 January, 2019, 10:45:27 pm »
They're going!
Ampney Crucis Investigates,
Maybe then we'll finally get the whole thing in print.
General / Re: Sector 13 Issue 4 Launched Friday 25th January.
« Last post by ZenArcade on 23 January, 2019, 10:43:52 pm »
Reminder to all local Squax. Issue four will be launched this Friday 7pm, Parlour Bar Belfast. Bring your drinking hats. Z
Events / Re: LAWLESS: A Celebration Of British Comics 2019
« Last post by ZenArcade on 23 January, 2019, 10:33:16 pm »
Big group from Belfast coming over. The way things are going now we'll be coming from another country ;) We've booked a table and will be launching Issue Five of Sector 13 (Belfasts 2000AD Fanzine). The craic will be lethal. Z
All of John Smiths work in a volume or two. Fire kind (in sequence).
Zenith was the thing I was most disappointed to discover wasn't going to be in the intial run.  It was one of the series that I knew by reputation prior to picking up the collection and had hoped to tick off my to-read list.

Failing that I'd be very happy to see a 3rd volume of Kingdom bringing that right up to date.
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