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General / Re: Goodbye Carlos
« Last post by IndigoPrime on Today at 01:08:05 pm »
Look at Book of Scars
I would happily pay for a Strontium Dog equivalent of that volume. Still, The Son and the uncollected Dredd strip totals something like 78 pages. Whack in a ton of cover art, some articles, and you've a slim but viable book.
General / Re: Goodbye Carlos
« Last post by JOE SOAP on Today at 12:54:54 pm »
There's enough significance in the ending of The Son to serve as a creative sign-off, and a resolution for those characters, by both creators. Taking into account the life and death journeys of the main characters, I can't really see any persuasive reason just to go on with more stories after that. Collections can be filled with other material like the concept work for the proposed TV series etc.
Books & Comics / Re: "The Whole Twoth" 2000AD Strip Cartoon
« Last post by Bad City Blue on Today at 12:40:58 pm »
Bill's back!

Announcements / Re: Block War card game
« Last post by PIKLZ on Today at 12:29:51 pm »
I went on a bit of a hunt. It was recently for sale at the 2000AD stand at the NYCC, start of the month.


I’ve tweeted them to ask what the UK release date is - will see if I get a reply.

Once we have the stock in our UK warehouse we will be selling them through the webshop, just waiting on that slow boat....
General / Re: Goodbye Carlos
« Last post by Steve Green on Today at 12:03:23 pm »
I've been asking for a reprint of the Starlord stories in a hardback, with colour spreads reinstated, and Journey into Hell with colour spreads.

The repro in the current Agency Files isn't a good representation of Carlos' work.

Add in his colour Stront stories (The Collector, Beast of Milton Keynes - not sure if any others) and the last two stories and that would make a fitting tribute.
General / Re: Goodbye Carlos
« Last post by credo on Today at 11:34:52 am »
Can't recall from my Agency Files, but have any of the collected editions included material on the actual design process?

I remember concept sketch material in old annuals for Rogue and Nemesis, but never for SD. It's be great to see that work, and would be a fitting insight into his genius.
News / Re: Arthur Ranson exhibition
« Last post by AlexF on Today at 10:54:50 am »
I managed to get to this the other day, it's properly stunning, especially the large-size pages from Mazeworld, but also a kick to see his Beatles and Elvis work.

Orbital continues to be a delightful shop just to be in - combines that 1980s dusty back-issues feel with spacious and well-stocked 2010s 'comics are the next big thing' feel.
News / Re: New 2000 AD creators blog
« Last post by AlexF on Today at 10:52:52 am »
If ever there was an artist/writer whose work is tough to pin down, it's the next hero on the ever-ongoing list, Mike Collins:

General / Re: Goodbye Carlos
« Last post by TordelBack on Today at 10:46:22 am »
It was obviously intended as a new beginning, as were most of the L&DoJA and subsequent stories, but it works just as well as a poignant, optimistic ending. See also: Calvin & Hobbes' "Let's go exploring!",  which never fails to leave me misty-eyed.

I'm also not sure filling-out a collected volume counts as justification for pushing on with a series without its defining creator(s?).  I'm sure we could live with a thin book including covers and interviews.  Look at Book of Scars, or Brink!
General / Re: Goodbye Carlos
« Last post by Richard on Today at 10:25:57 am »
I read "The Son" as a new beginning, rather than as an ending.

Anyway, if "The Son" is to be reprinted in another regular-style graphic novel likecthe rest of the Strontium Dog stories, we need more new material to fill out that volume. At the moment, the only uncollected Stront stories are The Son and the Dredd crossover "By Private Contract" from prog 2000. Unless there are already enough covers to fill half a graphic novel, we'll never see a complete run of Stront reprints. Even if The Son is reprinted in an Ultimate volume, it's not the same. I have a complete run of Stront and that's where I want to see the last Stront stories.
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