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Author Topic: LETTERSENTERTAINYOU 2015 - The Beast Lives!  (Read 4737 times)


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Re: LETTERSENTERTAINYOU 2015 - The Beast Lives!
« Reply #30 on: 02 May, 2018, 06:05:42 pm »
If you're following the Spacespinner 2000 podcast, they just highlighted Proudhuff's letter about Anderson having to wear high heels - calling out the Patriarchy at an early age!!!

Also mentioned by Arthur Ranson on the recent Thrillcast as something he changed when designing his (definitive IMO) Anderson, since they were daft.

The decade Anderson spent teetering around in stiletto boots is one of those things we all swear we remember:

Judge Death Lives

City Of The Damned

Four Dark Judges

The Possessed*

Hour Of The Wolf


* Anderson gains a pair of 2" wedges for one introductory splash, but it looks (to me) as if that's because Ewins is using photo-reference and changing the feet would render the rest of the pose skewiff