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Author Topic: Bumblebee (Transformers spin-off) - let's be fair: how bad could it possibly be?  (Read 636 times)

Professor Bear

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Okay, the trailer looks like pretty much any summer movie release of the last ten years, and it's still a flippin Transformers film so yeah there's that, but...


Sanity prevents me saying that anything associated with the atrocious live-action Transformers franchise might be "good", but I am willing to concede this does not look as abominable as the others did, thanks in part to the 1980s setting, the director being the same Travis Knight what made Kubo and the Two Strings, and the lead being a lady type, which now dangles the insane possibility of seeing live-action Transformers movie fanatics attempt to convince the world that the Transformers movies have somehow got worse by casting a female lead - I mean, they'll have a job convincing people Transformers movies could actually be any worse than they already are, let alone giving themselves the philosophical handcuffs of tying that concept to misogyny, so hopefully that will be entertaining and not just horrible like the Kelly Marie Tran thing.


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I liked the first one. Remove a couple of cringeworthy moments, some of the shakycam and dial down the sexism and it’s even objectively a solid movie. But after that: yeah.