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Colin Zeal:
Does anyone really care about this? I don't give a damn what the spines look like and find it hard to believe that people do. Yet this topic is often mentioned with people grumbling about it.


--- Quote from: COMMANDO FORCES on 12 October, 2011, 06:34:47 AM ---It's beyond the comprehension of mere mortals to understand the difficulty in making the spines match up  :crazy:

--- End quote ---

It is indeed, nuts.

Having said that, I recently completed my run of Case Files, and on sticking them on my shelf I thought it might bug me that they are all so misaligned. But, do you know, it doesn't. In fact it annoys me more that the last two I had to get (12 and 13) are more-or-less matching. Somehow it doesn't look right to have that oasis of calm in the middle of a turbulent sea of crazy up and downiness.

What bugs me more is that they changed the spine design (badge in the 'u' of Dredd, reverse colours) with volume eleven- knowing, surely, that volume eleven would be the last of the fat ones before it all went thinny with twelve. Now, I know that doing the colours and design in batches of ten, and sticking with it over volumes 11-20, is a great idea... but ARGH! that sticky-outy volume eleven annoys. Could they not have done it in batches of eleven, making volume eleven purple or something, with the "old" spine design, then giving us 12-21 (the thin ones) as the "new" design?  The bouncy writing is NOTHING compared to that. NOTHING I tell you.


James Stacey:
I love you guys. Don't listen to that Colin Zeal guy, he just doesn't understand :)

Colin Zeal:
You're all very strange people.

Only got one case file so my shelf looks fine.

But I  can't resist looking at the spines when I am in FP as I am aware this has been mentioned before.

Seems to me that the designer has gone for a very nifty design (IMO) where the 'JUDGE DREDD' title spans the width of the spine and all the small text and number are jammed up under the helmet graphic. I do reckon that looks better than if all that info was spaced out and lower down the spine away from the title. Looks tighter and neater.

I reckon it's more important that each book looks good and how they look as a set is secondary – though others will argue that both could be achieved.

In fact I still think they look great as individual items and on shelves.


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