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2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 2021

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This year’s special rather than to focus on smaller stories or specific characters in the AD-verse are presented by one big event story broken-up in 5 parts and wrapping up in a finale. Different artists are used for each section of the special.

The smaller stories are there to support the fact that this is a global event and rather than a localized event. Chopper, Cursed Earth Koburn, Armitage, Devlin Waugh, and Judge Inaba are the support cast, Dredd and Anderson are the leads. As the stories starts to unfold, we realised events occurring over the global has something in common. The common thread is only revealed in the Anderson storyline.  Whereas the first story featuring Dredd kick-off the event the Anderson story leads us into the grand finale.

Overall, I liked the special and especially liked the fact that it is one big story. The bigger story gives it much more depth and space to grow. The end is an indication that we might even get more from the “characters” that was introduced.

Positive points
-   The art in general was quite good, special mentioned must go to Googe’s fine art on the Inaba story
-   One big story, can focus on the main theme
-   Armitage and Devlin together in one story, this might be a first as well

Negative points
-   Well, if you do not like the theme this might be one big let-down
-   If you are not a big Dredd-verse fan you will also be let-down

Cover by Neil Roberts:

Has anyone who ordered this through the webshop had their copy yet or even had notification of dispatch?


The Mind of Wolfie Smith:
i usually get notification of despatch a couple of days after i've received the product ...

Cover without logo:


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