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Link Prime:
Anyone have any news or scoop on King Henry's upcoming "secret project"?

Seems an age since we had him grace the Prog (was it 'End of Days' last year?), and he's always struck me as an artist who can meed a deadline.

Surely we're due to find out sooner than later.

Colin YNWA:
I think this may have been posted here before, but no harm poating again. Henry put this on his Facebook feed a couple of months back now from his new project

He rather cryptically said it was for Rebellion, when asked if it was for 2000ad. So could be Megazine or something else entirly but we do know its sci-fi. Haven't seen mention of it since though?

Was End of Days before or after Henry's work on Proteus Vex?

I, Cosh:

--- Quote from: sheridan on 03 September, 2021, 01:04:04 PM ---Was End of Days before or after Henry's work on Proteus Vex?

--- End quote ---
After. The second book of Proteus Vex was Jake Lynch.

Link Prime:
Cheers Colin, hadn't seen that piece.

The 'halo' visual effect around the blanked-out character's head seems like something that I should recognize, but it's not coming to me.

Flint remains my absolute favorite artist for the last two decades - looking forward to whatever this may be.


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