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Joe Pineapples: Tin Man - coming January 2023


Dash Decent:
Another one for the year after next ( - it's sooner than you think!)

Joe Pineapples: Tin Man - (Mills, Bisley, Langley) Hardback, 27th January 2023

Stranded for millions of years on an asteroid is hard work - especially when you only have a sewage droid for company! A.B.C. Warrior and ace robotic sniper, Joe Pineapples, looks back over his life as he seeks to unravel the mystery and the meaning behind an I.D. plate that he has carried around since his days as an X-terminator fighting in the Volgan War.

The title of the much delayed Joe Pineapples series but it still need to see the light of day a lot can happen between now and 2023


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