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General / Re: The Commissions Thread
« Last post by hippynumber1 on Today at 07:59:12 pm »
Or Flickr, which has a terabyte of free storage.
Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by The Legendary Shark on Today at 06:04:35 pm »
Libertarian prisons are more akin to workhouses and incarceration a form of indentured servitude. The convict is put in a place where there is the opportunity to work off a debt. If he refuses to compensate you as lawfully ordered, a loan could be taken out in the convict's name and paid to you. The convict is then indentured until he's earned enough to pay off the loan and cover his keep. The amount of time he spends locked up is entirely in his own hands, he can work hard or be a slacker, and you do not suffer at all.

As for emergencies, there is nothing to stop permanent organisations being formed. There will still be fire services, hospitals, ambulances and suchlike, these things will not evaporate. They will be funded differently, that's all. It doesn't mean that every emergency will be met by do-gooders in pyjamas and a tin hat who rock up without any training on their days off.

The Native American Nations existed in a libertarian fashion for centuries, rubbing along in a largely cooperative anarchic way before statists turned up with legislation, infected blankets and Gatling guns. Anarchism is nothing new and, I believe, the default setting of humanity.

It doesn't take a rich benefactor to educate children. In the olden days, children of all ages shared classrooms. The teacher would concentrate on the younger students, teaching them how to learn through the trivium and, later, the quadrivium (the seven liberal arts), and setting the curriculum for the older students, who would help each other learn. It was an effective method and quite cheap and there's nothing to stop communities from reviving this method or constructing their own. This idea that nothing can be done without first securing a rich investor is a modern malaise and part of the learned helplessness with which we are all infected.

I would say that the United States is a lot further away from libertarianism than even the UK is. They have a tyranny rising over there which seems breathtaking in its scope and depth and threatens to ensnare us all.
Prog / Re: Prog 2044 - The Magic is back
« Last post by Greg M. on Today at 06:04:03 pm »
That's very well expressed, and sums up my own feelings. If that final episode of Day Of Chaos had ended with Dredd going down with his city, it would have capped off the strip perfectly.

I'm pretty much with you guys on this one. I've said before that the logical follow-on to Day of Chaos seems, to me, to be a massive overhaul and effective dismantling of the judges in their current form - an end of an era that could indeed be symbolised by Joe's passing. However, that's totally incompatible with the future of Dredd as a house character, wherein the illusion of change, Marvel-style, may be all that awaits.
Books & Comics / Re: New Comic Book Day Megathread
« Last post by Smith on Today at 06:00:17 pm »
Oh yes,Mage is off to an interesting start. :)
Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by Frank on Today at 05:42:25 pm »


Every page. It's like the inside of Jacob Rees-Mogg's head.

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by Leigh S on Today at 05:36:31 pm »
But when the mugger is caught and refuses to pay me back or comply with whatever alternative to incarceration in place (he can't be incarcerated, because he can;t afford to pay for it and no one else should be made to fund that) - what then?

I think people can very well organise for a Grenfell style event, or for Comic Relief or for a surprise party - I agree that people are generally good.  but what you propose is people deal witha Grenfell every day - they dont step in for the short period that the State dithers, they have to dedicate themselves to this daily.

I Liberteranism is possible, it would surely have happened, either through rich benefactors stepping in to replace state education or welfare, or via charity.  You could then argue that people dont because tax, but give people back their tax and they might fund the local hospital, but would they fund drug addiction services or planned parenting?  I would say, look to America for your answer - they are further down a Libertarian route - does it appeal? I know my view on that
Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by Dark Jimbo on Today at 05:32:36 pm »
I love the 1970s bowler, brolly and Gentlemen's Club aesthetic.

Jimbo's a huge Pat Mills fan, but isn't reading the current series of Greysuit.
I love the 1970s bowler, brolly and Gentlemen's Club aesthetic.

Jimbo's a huge Pat Mills fan, but isn't reading the current series of Greysuit.

Ha, I'm getting the gist of it from perusals of the review threads! My politics have always been wildly at odds with the Guv'nor.
Gawd what a challenge! Do we get extra points for using the most obscure character to have his/her/it's face illustrated in Twoothy?!

If so, it's time to start trawling through all those old readers' drawings in the first one hundred progs' Nerve Centres... :D
Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by The Legendary Shark on Today at 05:08:37 pm »
Once violence has been caused (your mugging) or threatened (threat of mugging) defensive and proportionate violence is automatically justified - it is the initiation of violence that is outlawed. The defensive violence does not have to happen immediately but can happen later through arrest, for example.

A society full of people doing their own thing is very similar to the one we have today and is actually what Libertarians want - nobody being forced to do anything against their will or conscience. Left to their own devices, people tend to cooperate and help one another. Take that terrible block fire in London a few weeks ago; private citizens mobilised immediately to bring help, aid and succour to the victims whilst the state dithered, wrung its hands, covered its arse and generally faffed about. So when people ask, "who's going to do this thing without government permission or enforcement?" the answer is simple; people are. People do it now, people will still do it then.

Societies, like most complex systems in nature, are largely self-organising. People love to organise things and will continue to do so, and even thrive, in a free society.

Enforcement, in my view, is a relatively new  and wholly heinous trend. When I was growing up it was the role of the police to uphold the law but slowly that role has mutated into the enforcement of legislation. People do not generally need to have law and order enforced upon them. The vast majority of people understand how to behave, and in my personal experience I have walked alone through villages, towns and cities all over without being mugged or attacked.

Yes, of course there are some people who act badly and there always will be. Libertarianism understands and acknowledges this while statism tries to legislate it away. Libertarianism takes the view that the vast majority of people are decent and cooperative while statism tries to convince you that the world is primarily staffed by horrible, evil bastards from whom you must be segregated and protected, providing justification for their violence of enforcement.

Just the word itself gives me the shivers - enforcement. Really? Isn't this supposed to be a free country? Aren't we supposed to value our liberties? Didn't our ancestors spill their blood and guts all over Europe to protect these things? Are they, after all, nothing but illusions and empty promises given the lie by our casual acceptance of Orwellian labels like law enforcement? *shudder*

There will always be people who abuse the system, this is inevitable. At the moment, the biggest abusers work within the system because we have given them leave to do so by ignoring their appropriated superhuman rights and powers. The way to stop people abusing the system in such a fashion is to strip away these superhuman rights and powers and make everyone equal under natural human law. There will still be abusers, as I said, and there always will be - but they abuse then at their own risk and without the protection of a superior position.

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by Frank on Today at 05:07:37 pm »
I love the 1970s bowler, brolly and Gentlemen's Club aesthetic.

Jimbo's a huge Pat Mills fan, but isn't reading the current series of Greysuit.

Nobody tell him

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