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--- Quote from: Barrington Boots on 12 January, 2021, 11:55:32 AM ---
--- Quote from: Tiplodocus on 28 December, 2019, 09:57:08 AM ---Spotify has got me listening to music again. But what's the best way to get more "new" stuff out of it? My musical taste stopped evolving about twenty years ago. And only "new" artists I've come to over the last decade are Public Service Broadcasting and Paolo Nutini.

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Good call on PSB!

In my experience the best way to get new unknown stuff of Spotify is to compile a playlist for a workout, a friend or some other reason where you might want to specifically dictate the tracks and then Spotify will 'helpfully' start adding tracks to it of it's own violition that it thinks you might like, leading to utter confusion and frustration.

If you're able to access it wherever you're listening, I'd actually suggest Youtube as a great tool for new music. The stuff it's algorithms suggest on the right hand side can lead you down all sorts of rabbit holes of new bands, obscure stuff and things you might otherwise have never heard of.

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Yes, I love the similar music suggestions on Spotify, and I love creating Playlists for everything from walking, running etc. Great way to discover new and old songs I've missed out on.

Is this the right place for posting this?  I did discover it... sortof.  YouTube recommended it to me.  I figured there might be enough cross over of interest that someone on the forum will appreciate it.  It captured me and I'm really not it's target audience.  Or am I?

Barrington Boots:
EVERYONE should be the target audience for this.

Looking at this however I realise I have wasted my time during lockdown.


--- Quote from: Barrington Boots on 01 March, 2021, 10:09:22 AM ---EVERYONE should be the target audience for this.

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You're probably right.

I also never realised Transformers could be sexy!

Barrington Boots:
Listened to this old favourite on my A-Z album playthrough last night. Stuka Squadron were a band made up of WWII German vampires - basically, imagine Iron Maiden doing Fiends of the Eastern Front.


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