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Strontium Dog: The Killing 2188

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The Bissler:
Bout 28: The Industrial District featuring Kansyr

Kansyr has proven himself to be on of the Killing’s most elusive characters - but can he continue his slippery journey to make it into the semi-final?

The Bissler:
Bout 29: The Docks featuring Johnny Alpha and the Torso from Newcastle

Doubles (grudge) match! After Sergei “The Glut” viciously dispatched Wulf back in Bout 7, Johnny Alpha has been on the hunt for vengeance. Now, with the Torso from Newcastle by his side, Johnny finally gets the chance to do battle with his hated nemesis - but the Glut has teamed up with Polyps Purvis! Which pair will triumph? Tune in to find out for the latest nail-biting instalment of Allan Stenhouse’s epic campaign!

The Bissler:
Bout 30: The City Featuring Middenface McNulty and Durham Red

Jings! After his close encounter with a small nuke, Middenface McNulty is back! Amongst those he is facing off against in the city are Vicious Malicious, the calculating robot Steelkreeg, and fellow S/D Agent, Durham Red! With a place in the final at stake, who will come out on top?

The Bissler:
Bout 31: The City Featuring Max Bubba

It’s the penultimate bout of The Killing and the notorious Max Bubba is among those battling for that last coveted place in the final! Can he make it thorough to set up a showdown against Johnny Alpha? Tune in to find out!


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