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New League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Movie In The Works.

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It was just faithful to the imagery though. It got a lot of the tone wrong.

You're both insanely wrong, it was a great film!


--- Quote from: Tiplodocus on 09 July, 2022, 06:16:42 PM ---It was just faithful to the imagery though. It got a lot of the tone wrong.

--- End quote ---

I liked it when I saw it first, but it seemed to fall apart when I rewatched it.  Maybe I'd been brainwashed by online criticism; but some things weren't washing any more - Laurie and Dan remorselessly murdering criminals instead of beating them up; Dan's lack of middle-aged spread and the general flashiness of action scenes; the complete avoidance of the apocalyptic moral conundrum when the big scheme is uncovered; Ozymandias' chisel-jawed statuesque appearance being replaced by a sneaky-looking weasel (no offence to him, but a Greek god he wasn't).

I much preferred the TV series; it managed to nail an Alan Moore atmosphere far better) by doing a completely new story.  (Irons was a far better Ozymandias too, though I still wasn't quite on board with the arrogance and narcissism - I would have seen him as a guy who had striven hard to keep his ego in check.)

The TV series did the very Moore thing of taking an existing universe/set up and spinning it on it's head and looking at it from a new angle. Rather than trying to recreat the original it took it as a starting point to head off in a new direction and tell it's own story.

I really enjoyed the show. In early episodes I thought, "you don't need the comic to understand this". But by the end I thought, "if you don't know the comic, you won't have a clue what's going on".


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