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General / Re: Hope for the Future
« Last post by norton canes on Today at 09:36:06 am »
For reasons I can't remember I hadn't actually got round to reading the first six episodes of Hope. So I caught up with them last night.

Bloody brilliant innit! Looking forward to the new instalments.   
Off Topic / Re: Craft Beer
« Last post by Mikey on Today at 09:14:42 am »
My non alcoholic beer of choice is Erdinger - it looks and tastes like the full on version and is nice and refreshing.

Unfortunately those were from a batch that used an Islay whisky cask and tasted like an unholy combination of Iodine and ashtrays. Buyer beware.

I've had an Ennis and Gun whisky cask beer and didn't think it had added much as far as flavour goes, though can't recall what sort of whisky they used.  However, I can see how Speyside characteristics could add some smooth, caramel notes to beer - Islay not so much! Maybe an IPA, but the flavour is too distinct and I'm not surprised the beer was crap.

This weekend I'll be tucking into a mini keg of Ghost Ship, which is OK in bottles but tastes great from the keg.
Announcements / Re: Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection discussion thread
« Last post by Tomwe on Today at 09:14:26 am »
I loved Insurrection having never read it before. I think I've said it so many time but Colin MacNeil has done so much amazing work for 2000ad. Hope Strange & Darke keep him busy or is it Defoe forever?
couldn't agree with you more Robert. Just finished the book last night and was blown away. I love both his styles too so the shift at the end didn't bother me.
I liked Dafoe, but prefer him on Dredd.
I remember that Scream! TV ad but I didn't think it was a creepy old house but a contemporary house. Didn't Dracula creep up on the boy from behind the sofa?
General / Re: How popular is 2000ad?
« Last post by IndigoPrime on Today at 08:52:18 am »
If nothing else, it's a survivor of another time. How many other comics are still going from that era? I can think of three: The Beano, Viz and those little Commando pocket books.
Film & TV / Re: Wonder Woman 2017
« Last post by Tiplodocus on Today at 08:38:27 am »
Cassie Jaye is multiple award winning documentary maker,

Yes, but none of those actually means that anything her films say is right (factually or morally). Disgraced banker Fred Goodwin got a knighthood along with many other awards.  Does that make you think he was right or good for the world?

Your argument for the film seems to be no more than "Some other people who I think are cleverer than me gave this person an award so it must be right" and you have no answer to the facts that Tordels presents.

I think it's you that needs to go off and learn something. 

If I was you, I'd start with learning what "contrarian bollocks" means because people will keep saying it about your arguments.
General / Re: How popular is 2000ad?
« Last post by Smith on Today at 08:36:25 am »

 I have been dying to ask this question, but was slightly worried it might cause offence. First off I love 2000ad, currently subscribed to it and I've bought about sixty graphic novels this year and read about thirty via kindle, so I know where my loyalties lie lol. However when I watch the 2000ad youtube channel (love watching the abc count down's) I've noticed the videos hardly get any views. I mean 2D has been going for forty years, what gives?
Its a cult thing...
Film & TV / Re: Wonder Woman 2017
« Last post by Frank on Today at 08:29:16 am »
Cassie Jaye is multiple award winning documentary maker,
She talks about what she learnt from making the Red Pill here,

Did she learn why casualties in films depicting historical battles are overwhelmingly male? That one's a real head scratcher.

Suggestions / Re: First episode of Dredd TV series
« Last post by Smith on Today at 07:53:00 am »
Help! / Re: Trying to find a story prog number.
« Last post by Mute77 on Today at 07:04:21 am »
That rings a bell..if its the one im thinking of its from prog 1275 called "born under a bad sign". Robbie Morrison wrote it with art from Pete Doherty. I loved that episode too. Im sure someone with technical know how would be able to provide a pic..
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