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: Chat room stuff for Wake
: Matt 08 July, 2002, 11:48:19 PM
Wake, I know as a Mac user that I'm in the minority here, but i can't get either chatroom to function properly. The simple chatroom doesn't show my messages until I've typed and entered a second message. When I press return on the second message my first message pops up. The IRC chatroom doesn't work whatsoever when I try to log on with a Mac. It just crashes my machine!  I noticed from a previous thread that the chatroom function has caused problems in the past. I wondered then if you've ever considered Macromedia's Multi User Server app to run the chatroom? Basically the server hosts the application, which when running allows users to chat to each other via a shockwave movie embedded in a page of html. I've just worked on a project for a client that needed a chatroom feature running within a self running shockwave projector. The Multi User server Xtra worked brilliantly. Best of all it's free & totally cross platform. Just an idea.