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: Spacebase DL-9
: ThryllSeekyr 18 June, 2014, 09:10:43 PM

I was just playing  this (http://www.spacebasedf9.com/) early yesterday morning and after three or four unsuccessful games. I got further enough into the game to see most of everything in it. I started by making three 4 by 4 rooms. The AIRLOCK, LIFE-SUPPORT, REFINERY and kept adding rooms this way. I think I had another four or five LIFE SUPPORT rooms. Unlike you, I never though to put most of them in the same room or having a very small AIRLOCK. I knew from my previous attempts that any thing bigger than 4 by 4 would unset the outcome of my game. First two times, everybody or most of everybody aphixiated  and then on the next go. The same thing happened again and then the last person left standing starved to death.


So, I knew I had to economise, and do smaller rooms, but not got way too small. So, that I could afford to buy at least, two AIR-LOCK-DOORS, Another REGULAR-DOOR, SPACESUIT-LOCKER for the AIR-LOCK. (At first, I thought I needed to buy at least as many as I had crew members, So, I got about 3 or 4 and vaporised the surplus amount later on.) A FOOD-REPLCIATOR, FIRE-EXTINGUISHER and ALARM which all went into the LIFE-SUPPORT room with the AIR-RECYCLER  I brought as well. Then REFINERY with the MACHINE for that as well. It was on the two attempts before my last one that my Miners kept getting stuck out side while Mining the chunks of rock. They would mine about one block, and just stop then and there, idling. Until they aphixiated. I thought this might have been a product of the game's unfinished condition or just temporary bug. Which I think it was, because it never happened the last time I played it. Anyway, I just kept adding rooms the same way, making a large rectangler building in space. I had a number of LIFE-SUPPORT rooms built in the centre. I think I had built everything bar the BOTANICAL-ROOM, REACTOR-ROOM and the PUB.


I decided to relocate the REFINERY into another room I made next to the AIRLOCK, so that the Miners didn't have carry the rocks very far. Once that got back inside. I did huge 16 by 16 room that fit perfectly onto the rest of structure. As they were three rooms abreast. (Now I understand that might not be working out mathematically. As the sixteen tiles fit them squarely. So, I might have gave some of those rooms a extra row. Otherwise, I need to make that new room 12 by 16 or 12 by 12. Anyway, it was 16 by 16 and the poor builder aphixiated before he could finish doing it. I also added a extension to the AIR-LOCK. Which was going to be another AIR-LOCK. (I figured they would work better this way. Providing another buffer against the cold vacuum outside.) When I started getting visits from people with intent on killing workers and raiding my facility. I let them in by mistake and they killed two or three of them before I realised what was happening. Because I never read the request properly. I just skimmed written parts. Thinking the intruders were like the friendlier occupants who I let in before them. Then I reacted making the rest of them Security and we cleaned them up. This happened a couple of times. (I had chose LOW-THREAT when searching for a place to deploy my starting crew.) yet, I was ready for them by then. Anyway, the second last time I had unfriendly visitor, he got stuck in the outer AIRLOCK which was still missing a wall. (The wall facing outward...) and soon aphixiated , but not before some more intruders joined him. I think the AIR-LOCK -DOOR  was sealed shut and nobody could open it. So, Nobody could enter/exit. Including the unwanted invaders.  Yet, I had my people patrolling the station room by room. While one, was on Mining, another was on Building  and the last one was a on MEDICAL. So, I replaced Vaporised that door and they the ones still breathing entered and battle was had and won.


Though, by that stage, worker were not doing what they were supposed to do. There were bodies every where and nobody was carrying them to the recycler. The AIR-RECYCLERS were starting malfunction and the assigned techs were not fixing them fast enough. I'm not sure I recall how the rest of my people died, but it might have been starvation as I had ran the breathable air was so low from that they refused to enter any of the rooms to get to food replicator By that stage, I couldn't be bothered cannibalising any of the stuff or rooms I  thought they might not have needed until I managed to get the LIFE-SUPPORT rooms working again. It was hopeless in the end when they refused to mine, fix, recycle and rebuild.


They just died.


I made a video of each attempt, including the last one and may pit them up later. So you can all see how I did it. I do hope that DOUBLE-FINE are going to add lots more content to this game  Which is interesting take on it's niche and I really like the character renders. Especially, when they are working around inside without they're space suits on. This a bit of variation in different type of aliens there...apart from humans who featured as well. I wouldn't mind some sort database on them in future updates.


Do, they have different strengths and weakness?


Special abilities unique to their kind?


The game reminds me of the old  DUNGEON-KEEPER (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dungeon_Keeper) (Except it's set in deep space and your crew is more finite than the almost infinite amount of Imps. I had at my disposal in that older game.)  and  FTL (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FTL:_Faster_Than_Light) (Except your stuck in the same place, so far as I played this game.)  There is also reminds a lot of  STAR-TOPIA (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Startopia) and  Evil-Genius (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evil_Genius_(video_game)) as well.


Well, this went further than I thought it would.

: Re: Spacebase DL-9
: FlynnTheRambler 18 June, 2014, 11:15:13 PM
I have really enjoyed this game. Though I will be honest, the glitches can really make a awesome base go down the tubes fast. Last base I had ended up going down the drain because the engineers felt they didnt have to fix anything. Once the O2 went, it was bye bye base. How many hours do you have in it so far far? Have any really bad bugs?
: Re: Spacebase DL-9
: ThryllSeekyr 19 June, 2014, 05:20:15 AM
Steam tells me I played it for 4 hours yesterday.

Things that ruined my game were....

Spending too many credits on large rooms and unzoned items to furnish them with. Before I could send any Miners outside to do more.

Miners would start mining and then go idle and would just aphixiate if I didn't reassign them to another task. This would always work though and they would just die.

Workers who had the most pips in a specific task would not always do what they were supposed to straight away and specifically during emergencies. Then, I would assign that task to everybody and this would sometime work, but not always.

I think, in the end I just got careless and failed to pick up on some vital signs that things were about to go wrong before they actually got too wrong before they would start to go on a downward spiral.

I wish game developers would make games like this look so cartoonish. Although, I said earlier the various renders for the little characters look sort of cool when they are not wearing their space suits. It would be cool if the weren't so cartoonish in childish way. I would like them to look more real or perhaps show something in second person perspective.

Oh, I made a mistake with the name...it's really mean to be Spacebase DF-9. The DF stands for Double-Fine the name of the game developers.

I remember starting one of their console games. You know the one about the axe-wielding roadie using Jack Black's voice.
: Re: Spacebase DL-9
: ThryllSeekyr 19 July, 2014, 09:24:23 AM
Here's a game  video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLjWuaToMns&list=UUelkSh-JYeT1ng51wzT4nuA&index=18)

Yeah, I didn't get far into this play of the game, because I forgot a few things I learnt when I first played it. Since then, I had tried something different that allowed my crew of people to last much longer.

While, I won't say what it was that I tried...I will say it has a lot to do with the fact that you can build new rooms any where in the place provided and not necessarily ones that needed to be attached to where I had originally started putting rooms.

I guess I gave it away with saying that, but only if you understand implications of what I meant.

 A game that looks more simple than it really is.