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: Sci Fi Weekender - Sheffield (29-30 March) & Great Yarmouth (31 Oct - 1 Nov)
: Dandontdare 21 January, 2019, 06:37:58 PM
Anyone been to one of these or planning to go this year? Any good? I believe they're usually at a holiday camp in Wales, but they have relocated and split into two as the camp is being refurbished.

I've been offered a free ticket to the Sheffield one (just £11 booking fee) and couldn't say npo at that price. Seems quite expensive at full price. Rather odd to do Fri-Sat rather than Sat-Sun (need to book a day off work).
: Re: Sci Fi Weekender - Sheffield (29-30 March) & Great Yarmouth (31 Oct - 1 Nov)
: Colin YNWA 21 January, 2019, 09:07:37 PM
Not heard of this but now really my thing and though its on my door step and literally next door from were I work I'll give it a miss. Mind if anyone is there Friday I can give them my own Sci-Fi experience and take them to our office and show them where they filmed Doctor Who!
: Re: Sci Fi Weekender - Sheffield (29-30 March) & Great Yarmouth (31 Oct - 1 Nov)
: Dandontdare 02 April, 2019, 10:09:20 AM
Well that was a rum do. It was a very stage-based event with only a few stalls round the edges, mainly selling prints, toys and steampunk accessories. The compere (Jim Credible) was good, and kept things moving, assisted by John Robertson. I got the impression that most of the crowd were regulars, as there were lots of references to previous events and in-jokes - if you know what a flamboyant potato is, or what happens if you awake to find yourself in a Dark Room (answer - YA DIE! YA DIE!), you'll know what I mean.

I missed Brian Blessed's expletive laden interview, but Sam Jones was around all weekend - still looking pretty good considering Flash was 40, yes 40, years ago! Also enjoyed Professor Elemental, although comedy rap doesn't work very well if you can't make out the words. I didn't know most of the SF authors, but also in attendance were Christopher Judge (I never watched Stargate, but he was an amusing interviewee) and that fat blue bloke off Dr Who. They had a game section with loads of new and retro games, but not really my thing.

I think my favourite part was the Pop-up Puppet Cinema, who did hilarious puppet versions of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Flash.

Overall, I enjoyed it but I may have been less impressed if I'd paid the thick end of a hundred quid for my ticket.