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It's August 1986. Does Judge Dredd work when he's the centre of attention? It's a series of stories where Dredd himself is in the crosshairs with Target: Judge Dredd.



It’s July 1986. He’s the next big thing on the trashzine scene - The Art of Kenny Who? is up on the Thrillshots blog.



It's June 1986. Bags of hush, lads, as we march Banzai Battalion into the Thrillshots blog.



It's May 1986. We're finally into Dredd spin-off territory with the first volume of Anderson stories - The Possessed.



It's April 1983. We take a look at the end of Sam Slade! Then, the end of Slade again... then, again... It's Robo-Hunter: Volume Three.


Thanks for spotting that error Tordel - you're right, and it's such a Grant story! Thanks as well for the kind words about the blog.

Yep, the story selection ordering of this collection is a bit odd. It’s a real grab-bag!


It's March 1986... or is it? Political turmoil, democratic dramas and a problematic referendum. Are we sure it's not Democracy Now?.



It's December 1985. “Wet your blades!” Sláine's coming home as Sláine: Volume Three gets a going-over in the Thrillshots blog.



It's July 1985. Tragedy strikes close to home as we rejoin Johnny and Wulf for Strontium Dog: Volume Four.



It's June 1985. We take a deeper look at Marlon Shakespeare as Chopper goes onto the Thrillshots blog.



It's November 1984. To pretend to be a regular citizen in Mega-City One, you have to be a little crazy. Walk on the wild side as Undercover Brothers goes up on the Thrillshots blog.



The thing is, he clearly hadn't run out of ideas for Sláine as there were all those loose threads that would be continued in Sláine the King and resolved in The Horned God - some of which were begun on the very first page of the first episode in Prog 330.  I think a more accurate explanation for the Cythron diversion could be that Uncle Pat has a tendency to put whatever the latest theories he's been reading about into his current stories.  If Finn had been around a few years earlier then perhaps we'd have had different Sláine stories in between Dragonheist and The Gates of Anwwn (or whatever it's called).  And if Diceman hadn't existed then the Cauldron of Blood may have been introduced in an entirely different way.

Mills certainly displays a certain 'restlessness' with many of his series (ABC Warriors is an even better example of this). If he wants to make a change, he doesn't gradually build to it, but just makes it happen.


It's October 1984. Things get personal for Nemesis and Torquemada as we take a look at Nemesis the Warlock: Volume Two.


General / Re: Mega City Book Club - a new podcast about 2000AD books
« on: 19 August, 2019, 10:40:09 pm »
Congrats on 100 episodes Eamonn! So many great conversations about so many great books!

Cheers, Vernoona. Always room on the waiting list if you’d like to do an episode in 2020?

Thanks Eamonn! I’ll have to see if I could narrow down a book to discuss...

General / Re: Mega City Book Club - a new podcast about 2000AD books
« on: 19 August, 2019, 11:10:25 am »
Congrats on 100 episodes Eamonn! So many great conversations about so many great books!

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