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Very kind of you to say Alex - thank you! I’ve loved the Dredd Epics Ranked blog by the way, I can’t believe it’s wrapped up already!

A long time since I’ve posted anything here! I’ve just been enjoying reading and writing, but given I’ve just passed the two-year and 100 reviews milestone I thought I’d quickly pop back in for an update.

I’ve reached the end of 1996 in this sort-of chronological march through the Hachette collections. For those of you stuck in yet another lockdown, there’s a lot of 2000 AD reading there for you!

Hope you’re all doing OK and best wishes from Australia.



It's July 1987. Dredd takes on the superhero genre in an Extra Thrillshot: The Cape and Cowl Crimes.


Last post for the year, thanks to everyone who's enjoyed the reviews!


It’s May 1987. It’s time to get iniquitous with the infernal, and unseemly with the unearthly! Nemesis the Warlock: Volume Three is now up on the Thrillshots blog.



For my money, Return of the Taxidermist ties with Swimming in Blood as best Dreddworld story the Megazine ever ran. Hell, it's knocking on the door of Song of the Surfer and The Dead Man, the near-untouchable giants of the broader Dreddworld genre. Some of the most exquisite art of Ian Gibson's career, and an absolute tour de force of inspired, hilarious lunacy from John Wagner - yet one that still retains an emotional core. Just about as good as it gets.

It's definitely some of the best character work I've seen so far.

I have it all in spreadsheet form here

Grab a copy and you can easily add a column for Collected In Trade - the hard part will be all the cross-referencing.

Love a spreadsheet - thanks for sharing sintec!

Feikki, for cross-referencing help, Douglas Wolk has two great lists of uncollected stories on his site under the posts Housekeeping #1 and Housekeeping #2. http://dreddreviews.blogspot.com/


It's January 1987. Life, death and all that stuff - it's The Art of Taxidermy.


Hi Feikki - happy to help if I can! What kind of summary do you need? Which stories are in which collections?


It's August 1986. After clearing up some unfinished revenge, it's back to bounty-hunting with some new partners in Strontium Dog: Volume Five.


This was my first experience with Bad Company, and I was really impressed (hope that came across in the post). I'll be interested to see what's collected in Volume 2!

Thanks for reading Greg - I appreciate the feedback! I think Sheeva is introduced well, but isn’t used well in the second half of “The Bewilderness” in her own right. Is she back after this story? I’m interested to see if she’s used differently after this!

And thanks for the background info on the art - great to know! I feel bad for leaping to “getting this done quickly” rather than “artistic choice”!


It's December 1986. War – what is it good for? Let’s find out as we enlist in Bad Company: Volume One.



It's August 1986. Time to take a look at Dredd's up-and-down history with sensitively and respectfully exploring other cultures with Beyond Mega-City One.



It's August 1986. Does Judge Dredd work when he's the centre of attention? It's a series of stories where Dredd himself is in the crosshairs with Target: Judge Dredd.



It’s July 1986. He’s the next big thing on the trashzine scene - The Art of Kenny Who? is up on the Thrillshots blog.


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