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Megazine / Re: Meg 424 - Thirty Megnificent Years
« on: Today at 11:08:23 AM »
I haven't said this for a very long time, but I really love this month's Megazine.  It feels again like it did when it started - something you'd look forward to for a whole month.

Dredd is great - I wish Colin had done the whole thing, and I don't know why they switched artists, but it's a Wagner Dredd, a rare treat these days.

Lawless - I really didn't like the idea of an all-singing strip; I always struggle to find a tune that fits and end up being taken out of the story.  But then... Wow.  What can I say?  The highest praise I could possibly give a comics writer - Alan Moore, look and learn.  (That League of Extraordinary Gentlemen where half the comic is a song without a tune - nahh.)

Really love the Mike Carroll story - makes a whole lot more sense than Armageddon: The Bad Man if we're building Dredd's world, and Kenneth Niemand's alternative universe Dreddworld is lovely (sorry, Tordelback, but I just can't see how this is supposed to be a comedy strip).

Deliverance starts off strong, and I haven't read the other two strips yet, but keep up the good work, Meg-Tharg, I'm buying the Meg after not doing so for a long time.
Another article on what the meg could have been:


I find the concept of "Bad Company" quite interesting

Thanks for this; it's a fascinating article.  A Cursed Earth strip by Alan Moore - god almighty, what might have been.
By the way, broodblik, the first episode of the aborted Wagner / Ezquerra Bad Company was printed in an old Megazine.  Can't remember which number, I'm afraid. 

General / Re: Sad Day for Megazine
« on: Today at 10:42:11 AM »
When Broodblik introduced this month's Megazine here, i thought it looked amazing - it didn't disappoint.  I'll be buying it again for the time being.

I'm more than happy with the encyclopedia - I just couldn't get on board with paying extra for strips I already have.

Now, someday I'd like to see the Meg come with a sort of Dreddworld Atlas, with descriptions of the major events of each region and reprinted illustrations to go with them. 

General / Re: Lawless: Bedrock Melody - The musical
« on: Today at 10:37:07 AM »
The only problem I have with this still-can't-quite-believe-it's-real slice of genius

Me too - I was reading and listening to it in bed last night then, for a few minutes, was absolutely sure I was dreaming.  I often dream about the prog somehow using real audio.  (Also, the pictures often move in my 2000ad dreams - I'll be waiting for that.  Cyanide and Happiness does it already.)

Maybe I haven't looked properly, but I haven't seen any mention of the accompanying audio files in the Megazine itself.  Now that's an easter egg and a half.

General / Re: Hivemind Request: International Judge Group Pic
« on: 17 September, 2020, 09:49:33 PM »
Heck of a first post, there. Welcome.


Prog / Re: Prog 2199 - Death Becomes Him!
« on: 17 September, 2020, 09:46:02 PM »
Graveyard Shift and Sunday Night Fever were my favourite '80s Dredds

The Graveyard Shift was a little bit further back than I remember (I've re-read it since, of course) but I remember reading Sunday Night Fever and it was perfect - Dredd and Mega City 1, distilled and bottled.  Those leapers with the bystanders egging them on were simultaneously funny and chilling.  Can't really imagine anyone other than Cam Kennedy on art duty either.

Prog / Re: Prog 2199 - Death Becomes Him!
« on: 17 September, 2020, 01:58:53 PM »
Another epic which I never understood why people rate it so high was The Pit.
I remember reading Dredd's first line - "My name is Dredd. You may have heard of me. I'm a stickler." - and being immediately blown away by how much characterisation Wagner packed in there. It's still one of the best openings to any series. If the back half of The Pit isn't quite as strong as the front (needs more Carlos!) there's still some great pay-offs, like the return of Greel.

Yep - though I do have a bit of nostalgia for the more Old-Testamenty aspects of Dredd lore, and the citizen-heavy stories, The Pit was incredible.

Judges had lots of personality for the first time (in the past, if it wasn't batshit crazy, it was varying degrees of Dredd and Anderson; with Hershey sometimes a bit Dredd and sometimes a bit Anderson) - Buell, for example, showed that a judge could be hard as nails but watch a few old cowboy movies when he got a spare hour.

I do kind of miss scenes, though, of Judge Solomon being a kind of semi-mythical figure rather than a desk-bound bureaucrat, and can't imagine someone like Dan Francisco divorcing a married couple against their will.

Back to End of Days - the ending did a good job of wrapping up, and the whole thing was pretty enjoyable as a summer mega-epic, but it wasn't very memorable sadly.

Film & TV / Re: Animaniacs are back!!
« on: 17 September, 2020, 10:06:10 AM »

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« on: 16 September, 2020, 12:00:03 PM »
Why can't anythread stay on topic here?


Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 16 September, 2020, 11:59:20 AM »
Funnily enough, I was just speculating the other day that we'd probably have a Gove-ernment for 2021. I can't see him being an improvement on Boris - the only upside is that he's even disliked by the 'Gotta love Boris-lol' brigade, so it will hopefully erode the Tory majority even further. Also, it may take some power away from Cummings.

Surely Cummings would be forced out if Johnson resigns?

Let's hope so. But I have a feeling there's more going on than we know concerning that guy.

The Brexiters don't really mind being governed by unelected bureaucrats, do they?  As long as they're not foreign ones.

Books & Comics / Re: Limitations of comics
« on: 15 September, 2020, 10:00:21 PM »
Of course, not every comic strip is Watchmen.  But even on a more common scale, there's something a text box in a comic can do that a voiceover in a movie can't - the reader isn't forced to experience both the narrative and the action simultaneously, if that makes sense.

That made me think of Goodfellas, in which Martin Scorsese chose to play some of the voice-over on top of frozen frames at key points in Henry Hill's life, in order to accentuate the importance of those moments.

Almost as if he was borrowing the frozen frame of a comic panel.

Weirdly enough, I'd watched Goodfellas the night before writing that post, and it was in my mind as I was writing.  In comics, of course, the action is frozen for as long as the reader wants it to be.

Film & TV / Re: Doom Patrolā€¦ Season Three
« on: 15 September, 2020, 09:34:10 PM »
Alright, you've twisted my arm. I'll go back to it.  I do remember being impressed by DC producing something so bizarre for TV, but just lost touch with it.

General / Re: If it HAD to be a different artist...
« on: 15 September, 2020, 08:59:15 PM »
And since I'm playing outside the 2000ad realm how about Eric Powell on Nemesis

Bill Sienkiewicz. God. Can you imagineā€¦?

I'm not too well up on non-prog artists, but I know Sienkiewicz - yeah, that would be fecking awesome. 

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« on: 15 September, 2020, 02:41:10 PM »
Nice one! I'll keep an eye out.  Pretty sure that was the first time I'd encountered Matt Berry - Richard Ayoawaoyawade was in Nathan Barley before that, I think.  Also an amazing show; though I didn't really get it till a few years later when the hipster scene hit Dublin properly.

General / Re: UNDT Round 4 Heat 8: The Stix Brothers vs Johnny Alpha
« on: 15 September, 2020, 01:01:40 PM »
(wish I knew how to actually stick the image into a post, I keep getting that wrong)

Need to use the Image tags (Mona Lisa icon left hand side just above the Smileys) - The trouble is you need the image hosted were you can get a shareable able linkie (I use Imgur which I find a little clumsy) but with Barney you can just get the image URL and highlight it and press the Mona Lisa icon so you get a linkie that looks like

 :o Now there's something that went over my head.

Off Topic / Re: Science is Drokking Fantastic Because...
« on: 15 September, 2020, 12:59:47 PM »
Nah.  They're just green men with jetpacks.

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