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Film & TV / Re: Doctor Who (13th Doctor)
« on: 28 January, 2020, 12:57:38 pm »
There is the old quote that you have to make Doctor Who complicated enough for the kids but simple enough for the adults.

General / Re: Things that went over your head...
« on: 28 January, 2020, 08:26:37 am »
Owned this phone for several years and used the alarm clock function almost every day - I have only this minute noticed that the little clock icon is actually a clock telling the real time, with a  moving second hand and everything.

I use a piece of paper with the time written on it.

Is it eight o' clock?

Mine too. Amazed. However the fancy big digital clock app I downloaded doesn't do the same. It's sat permanently at 12:00. So I guess those developers also missed it.

Off Topic / Re: It's a bit warm/ wet/ cold outside
« on: 28 January, 2020, 08:21:02 am »
I'm too stupid to respond to this.

But to cherry pick further, the whole article bangs on about vitamin b12 as naturally occurring but if I recall, in reality about 80% of livestock feed is supplemented with b12 because modern farming methods leave animals deficient. So I'm happy to take the supplements myself and cit out the slaughter of the innocent middle-animals.

Film & TV / Re: Doctor Who (13th Doctor)
« on: 27 January, 2020, 08:54:41 pm »
Yes, really enjoyed that.

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 27 January, 2020, 12:41:01 am »
As mentioned up thread, you'll have seen a lot about the way it was filmed in the publicity material. But that technical gimmickry doesn't stop this being very affecting. It doesn't take long for you to stop looking for "the joins".

Like Dunkirk, it is essentially "Tension: the movie" and like Dunkirk, it uses narrative time (or the two main characters perception of it) to tell the simple tale in a different way.

Quite a few big names pop up in small parts but the George Mackay and Dean Charles-Chapman are fantastic whether reacting to grim and gritty trench warfare or trippy trance like hellscapes. It reminded me of Apocolypse Now in that respect.

Very good stuff.

Events / Re: Thought Bubble 2020
« on: 26 January, 2020, 01:05:23 pm »
Yeah, I really enjoyed it (my first TB) and plan to be back for more this year. Panels I attended were great fun too.

Train journey from Calhab was a bit of a faff but meant I could also drink in the aforementioned Greggs with Beer.

Games / Re: Nintendo Switch
« on: 26 January, 2020, 11:50:01 am »
SUBSURFACE CIRCULAR  a puzzle game where you are a robotic detective in a train carriage. As recommended by HDE.

And FITNESS BOXING which is good rhythm based fun and may be good for me.

Off Topic / Re: 500 Days of Slimmer - and Some Other Crap Too...
« on: 26 January, 2020, 11:47:08 am »
In other news, now that I can play the Switch on the telly again, I've restarted the Fitness Boxing.

Needless to say my form is terrible but I do work up a sweat over a 25 minute daily exercise period. It's a nice addition for days when it is too cold and dark and wet to venture outside.

The other slightly stupid thing I do is clear a path through  the living room and pace up and down when way ning a film or tv show. I only do it when I'm on my own and when it is something I am watching for a second (or more) time but it's a great and easy way to kill two birds with one stone.

Another lb down this week. Looking back at my big weight loss of 2017, it took one month to lose the first stone, two months to lose the second stone and three months to lose the third.

Off Topic / Re: 500 Days of Slimmer - and Some Other Crap Too...
« on: 26 January, 2020, 11:41:13 am »
Just check your heart rate for times when you knew you were doing er... certain activities.

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 26 January, 2020, 09:19:56 am »
MAGIC MIKE which is pretty good if you ignore the beatification of the lead character. It shifts tone pretty effortlessly in the middle and has some cracking performances throughout.

And lots of handsome, ripped men in thongs dry-humping the stage.  If you like that sort of thing. Which I didn't know I did. But you lot had probably guessed.

Off Topic / Re: It's a bit warm/ wet/ cold outside
« on: 25 January, 2020, 05:54:46 pm »
Me too.

Film & TV / Re: Judge Dredd: Mega-City One - TV show announced!
« on: 25 January, 2020, 01:52:46 pm »
And for action scenes where you want someone sprinting from A to B this must be quite limited.

Film & TV / Re: Patrick Stewart back as Picard in new series
« on: 25 January, 2020, 12:14:59 am »
What's wrong with us? Surely we should be hating on it?

Film & TV / Re: Patrick Stewart back as Picard in new series
« on: 25 January, 2020, 12:14:11 am »
Yeah, I enjoyed that. And so did Mrs Tips. Lots to unpack for Trek fans, lots of nice themes and a nice mystery for non-Trek fans.

Having to ignore the Picard stunt doubles is my biggest problem which says something.

Film & TV / Re: Judge Dredd: Mega-City One - TV show announced!
« on: 24 January, 2020, 04:18:44 pm »
They've got to make it so "true fans" have something to moan about.

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