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General / Re: GROUP 1: UNDT Round 2- Villains
« on: 07 August, 2020, 11:54:55 AM »
Title - Emphatically Yessssss

Bugger I assumed that the Bonus Game would quietly fall by the wayside as I forgot that you lot are a damned sight more creative and witty than me.

If you could all be less good at it it would make my decision much easier...

Help! / Re: Comic binder help wanted.
« on: 07 August, 2020, 11:21:59 AM »
In no way acknowledging what you said in quite some detail but have you considered an actual binding service. Chief who used to come to these parts used to take comics to his local binders, they would prep them and turn out these absolutely lovely bound volumes.

Might push it over the prices mark you were thinking, but from a quick look I can't see any cord binders like you get for The Phoenix and Tooth anywhere. A few with plastic wallets, but they are quite ugly if you ask me.

I suspect the issue might be for collectors this isn't a thing, as putting them into cord binders will cause some spine stress and thus however careful you are cause damage and GOD FORBID reduce the value they don't really have in most cases anyway.

By the way this is a lovely idea.

General / GROUP 1: UNDT Round 2- Heroes
« on: 07 August, 2020, 06:35:17 AM »
Off to a flyer with the villains, the first group of heroes might be even harder to decide? Well it's up to you folks.

Don’t forget for the first and probably last time there’s a bonus game this round.

Also stopped being so lazy and trying to use embedded links ... this could turn ugly!

Pop the names of the two characters you'd like to progress into the head to heads in Round 3 in a reply to this thread and I'll count up early Monday 10th August.

Atalia Jaegir (Jaegir) - more info

Marlon Shakespeare Judge Dredd) - more info

Zenith (Zenith) -  more info

Bridget Kurtis (Brink) - more info

Rules and what not for what they count for

And there's more about the structure of the tournament to be read

General / GROUP 1: UNDT Round 2- Villains
« on: 07 August, 2020, 06:33:28 AM »
So here we go the second round kicks off with a bunch of villains that would scare the bejesus out of even the hardiest of heroes. Have to say this first group is a bit of a tough one … or could be… maybe two will walk it… oh what do I know.

Oh and bear with me as I try to tidy things up and get off my lazy arse to finally use embedded links.

Anyway don’t forget for the first and probably last time there’s a bonus game this round.

Pop the names of the two characters you'd like to progress into the head to heads in Round 3 in a reply to this thread and I'll count up early Monday 10th August..

Thrax (Bad Company) - more info

PJ Maybe (Judge Dredd) - more info

Mekquake (ABC Warriors) -  more info

Judge Death (Judge Dredd) - more info

Rules and what not for what they count for

And there's more about the structure of the tournament to be read

General / Re: Ultimate NOT Dredd Tourney (UNDT) - ROUND 2
« on: 06 August, 2020, 08:25:01 PM »
Last one I promise ... well until the morning!


As these groups have no title or theme I will award a bonus prize - that will be of no actual value - for the person who gives what I judge to be the best group name (NOT GroupyMcGroupFace or similar) for any particular grouping of characters here.

This will give you nothing, sweet nothing, except the warm feeling that having a name you have slaved over reflected in some distant spreadsheet and the admiration and respect of your peers. So with that in mind why not send hours thinking of something that links these four apparently* random characters that seem to be thrown together by fate alone. Or just come up with a cool name that encaptulates them. See what takes your fancy.

*Actually random

General / Re: Ultimate NOT Dredd Tourney (UNDT) - ROUND 2
« on: 06 August, 2020, 04:01:52 PM »
'Rules'... kinda...

1. In each group you can vote for the two characters you'd like to go through to Round 3, just type the names in a reply to the thread.

2. There is no weighting to your vote, each vote gets that character 1 point.

3. If you vote for only one character in a vote that's fine but they will still only get one vote. If you name more than two I will give the first two mentioned a vote each (unless you make it clear who you are voting for in which case I will allocate accordingly)

4. After 3 days I will count up the votes in each group and the 2 characters with the most votes will progress into the next round.

5. In the event of a tie I will have any casting votes needed (I will therefore not vote in the actual rounds)

6. What makes the best character - well that's up to you. It's not meant to be the best, or most stories a character appears in, it's how much you like the character. That could be best design, most interesting, heck you can decide it on who would win in a fight for all I care. All I ask is this is about the character not specifically their story.

So last Round even though I love the strip Lawless above all others I actually gave a casting vote to Devlin Waugh over Metta Lawson as I think he’s the better character, even if I prefer the story Metta appears (I do love you Metta I promise!)

7. As ever I'm making this up as I go along and might change things as I go on? Or add rules as they need to be added.

General / Re: Ultimate NOT Dredd Tourney (UNDT) - ROUND 2
« on: 06 August, 2020, 02:14:12 PM »
So the draw for Round 2 will go a little like this:

- Again in Divisions for dubiously defined ‘Heroes’ still separated from dubiously defined ‘Villains’
- There will be 8 groups of 4 (no fives this time) in each division meaning 16 groups in total and 64 characters overall (maths not withstanding)
- Each Group will consist of 2 group winners and 2 group runners up from Round One
- Two votes - one villain, one heroes per day so over 8 days, each vote lasting 3 days with any luck.

Draw is made by me (and done) and if it looks dodgy well… you’ll just have to trust me!

Full 'rules' to follow.

General / Re: Ultimate NOT Dredd Tourney (UNDT) - ROUND 2
« on: 06 August, 2020, 09:55:29 AM »

And also the fact that Kano struggled to even be a runner-up and only made it through by the Will of Colin. What's wrong with you people?

Yeah I was surprised Kano didn't romp that group. He's A list to me and while I know Jaegir is popular I don't think there's many characters as interesting as Kano.

General / Re: Ultimate NOT Dredd Tourney (UNDT) - ROUND 2
« on: 06 August, 2020, 08:59:29 AM »
Having done that list it occurs to me I also need to mention some of those that have passed already. I guess the headline here is clear

Rogue Trooper meet his Quartz Zone Massacre - that surprises me and doesn't, as for me he was never much of an actual character, but I always felt he was held in such high regard.

Beyond him surprises (in my mind) seem to be we all hate Max Bubba (well actually he got quite a few votes but when has truth been important these days). Dmitri Romanova; Judges Hershey and Giant (though their group was strong); Durham Red and Middenface (again strong group). And I must admit I thought both Defoe and Zombo would get through.

Who are the fallen you feel must surprised and disappointed by?

On a personal note I'm very sad to see:

Claw Carver
Shako (by my hand!)

General / Re: Ultimate NOT Dredd Tourney (UNDT) - ROUND 2
« on: 06 August, 2020, 08:50:07 AM »
Full list of characters who made it to Round 2:

Group winners - Villains

Brass and Bland
PJ Maybe
Judge Cal
Nelson Kreelman
Mean Machine
Lulu Romanov
Slough Feg
Judge Child
Old One Eye

Group winners - 'Heroes'

Halo Jones
Judge Anderson
Devlin Waugh
Johnny Alpha
Nikolai Dante
Jacob Sardini
Harry Absalom
Harry Exton
Jim DeGriz
Marlon Shakespeare
Sam Slade
Gene Hackman

Runner ups - Villains

Cap'n Evil Blood
Fink Angel
Judge Edgar
Stix Brothers
Tsar Vladimir the Conqueror
Howard Quartz
War Marshal Kazan
Al Bestardi
Jenny Simmons
Cinnabar Brenneka
Mose Tanenbaum
Malak Brood
Tiger Commander

Runner ups - 'Heroes'

Jack Dancer
Dirty Frank
Metta Lawson
Wulf Sternhammer
Purity Brown
John 'Giant' Clay
Bridget Kurtis
Ramone Dexter
Spike Harvey Rotten
Galen DeMarco
Ace Garp

General / Unpublished Cam Kennedy page from 'Warlord'
« on: 06 August, 2020, 08:19:55 AM »
With efforts to find done by folks at the 2000ad Megaverse here a wonderful thing I've never seen. Over a Cam Kenneby Art page there's a page of extra art from Warlord that's never been published (to my knowledge) and the story behind it...


...all we need now is the link to the thread where someone has presented this before! But I don't remember and its very nice to see.

General / Best wishes to Dan Abnett
« on: 06 August, 2020, 07:09:36 AM »
Dan Abnett our favourite writer without intials JW has left a public post on Facebook letting folks know he's had a ruptured appendix and is in hospital. He seems in good spirits, based on this post and comfortable BUT maybe he's like us to extend a little more love and respect given that since we last lauded him he's co-created another top thrill.

I do wonder if he's pretending so he appears more human rather than the unstoppable writing machine he seems to be BUT if you post anything you'd like me to pass on to Dan please drop a note here and I'll send him a quick e-mail.

General / Ultimate NOT Dredd Tourney (UNDT) - ROUND 2
« on: 06 August, 2020, 06:55:31 AM »
So the initial fighting is done and blooded and wounded 32 ‘heroes’ and 32 ‘ villains roar triumphantly… then pause, nerves slowly appearing behind their eyes. They quickly pull themselves to full height, steel themselves as they realise that they have to do it all again.

When will the torment and butchery end… well actually some time in September by my estimates… but sooner for many….

Round two is starting pretty much straight after Round 1, I'll put the first votes up tomorrow as I hope to get it completed before I go on my holidays for a week a week on Saturday (some of the counting will be while I'm away but I'm sure I'll have access to stuff to do that...) with wifi and availability not properly investigated! We have a break then folks, but for now the violence continues.

I'll be adding things to this thread throughout the day and will contain:

1) A full list of characters, winners and runners up who made it through to this round
2) A summary of the structure and format of the draw
3) A recap of the ‘rules’
4) Any other mindless blathering we choose…

Voting back tomorrow!

General / Re: UNDT Round 1 - Aliens and beasts (Heroes)
« on: 06 August, 2020, 06:49:46 AM »
VOTING CLOSED - We will still listen for your signs from space

And that was the voting of the round as

Gene Hackman

Followed the voices to face Them that was in Round 2

Now in the previous vote I made a decision based on design and so I fully understand the glorious


going through as runner up BUT no Skizz damnit. He was to good and gentle a soul for you animals...

General / Re: UNDT Round 1 - Beasts and Animals (Villains)
« on: 06 August, 2020, 06:41:23 AM »
VOTING CLOSED - Though we still appreciate more howling and roaring from you beasts.

Well this one was fascinating as two early leaders lead the pack by a mile, the other two left behind. The Herod indeed remained largely dormant waiting more to summon his power...but.... one contender showed their animal cunning and was ploting an ambush. Our clear winner felt no threat from such food and continued to tear ahead her kitten sized brain focused on only one goal Round 2 and

Old One Eye

was not to be denied.

However Tiger Commander showed his military training combined with his animal cunning and was locked in combat with the ubiquitous bear Shako and on the last vote it was a tie.And so it falls to me to annouce.

Tiger Commander

Is into the second round. Why. Well I adore the bear, his story is one of astonshing brutality BUT is he much of a character AND (yes Old One Eye is, don't argue with me!) he's a simple death machine AND on this one I allowed myself to consider another factor I haven't in these votes to date Tiger Commander is such a cool design. Now don't get me wrong the giant Polar Bear looks good, but Tiger Commander has been designed to look superb.

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