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General / Re: The Niemand Tapes
« on: 17 October, 2020, 02:10:14 PM »
Especially after the Gordon slip the other week.


PJ referred to his collaborator on Chimpsky as Gordon on his livestream. But like I say, plenty of less bilious Gordons out there, maybe some of them write for computer games too.

PJ said no such thing, but never mind.

Kenneth N and I have the same video game writing agent, and have worked together on one and a bit games.  I imagine I'm one of the 1-2 2000AD writers he said he knew.  He also said another 2000AD writer came up with the name Noam Chimpsky. Can you guess who that might be?

There. Now you can stop pedanticising this to death.

Books & Comics / Re: SPACEWARP - New Venture from Pat Mills
« on: 12 October, 2020, 04:07:42 PM »
What I find a bit weird is that it’s a Mills-only show from a writing standpoint. Everything else coming out right now that’s broadly equivalent to 2000 AD has a range of creators. Here, it’s one creative force writing and a bunch of artists.

If there were other writers, he would have to split the (very generous...) 50% of the writer’s share of the profits with them.

If you think this isn’t about a payday for Pat, then you’ve not been paying attention.

Books & Comics / Re: SPACEWARP - New Venture from Pat Mills
« on: 12 October, 2020, 02:54:17 PM »
Other than Pat’s increasingly weird insistences to the contrary, there’s not a single thing about this that suggests it’s of the remotest interest to modern younger teens.

Its audience is solidly 40 and 50-something nostalgics.

Books & Comics / Re: SPACEWARP - New Venture from Pat Mills
« on: 12 October, 2020, 12:10:17 AM »
There’s a teen-friendly price point that’ll really bring in those young readers this is apparently aimed at.

Books & Comics / Re: Shift Comic - new UK anthology
« on: 04 October, 2020, 02:26:53 AM »

Merging with another title after your debut issue.  That's a new one.

"Great news inside, readers!"

It's not the debut. I've ben reading it for a year now.

Do keep up, Bond...

No, you’ve been reading Comic Scene for over a year. We’re talking about Shift, which is just launching and then having Comic Scnene merged onto it.

The first issue of Shift will be 108 pages with a ComicScene section in it.  It’s published by Comic Toolbox.

The current issue of ComicScene Magazine (featuring Dan Dare in 2000AD) will be the last

Something about.... keeping up..?

Books & Comics / Re: Shift Comic - new UK anthology
« on: 03 October, 2020, 12:36:37 PM »
Fantastic stuff- I wonder if "newsagents and comic shops" includes WHSmiths? Because around my way, newsagents have stopped selling anything remotely comics related over the past few months.

If your WHSmith's holds comicscene  it should hold this as the 2 are merging

Merging with another title after your debut issue.  That's a new one.

"Great news inside, readers!"

Prog / Re: 2000 AD in Stages
« on: 28 September, 2020, 03:57:08 PM »
Conclusion: they'd both already proved themselves capable of doing Dredd before being passed the Chalice de Stallo

Yeah, I don’t think that follows at all.

My first Dredds from that 90s period were all terrible, and I have every confidence Robbie’s probably were too.

Prog / Re: 2000 AD in Stages
« on: 27 September, 2020, 09:11:29 AM »
The original plan for what became LotF was better and more ambitious; an anthology of different stories set in a modified Dreddverse. There was obviously going to be a Dredd strip, but I was co-writing a junior Chopper strip, Robbie Morrison was doing a Cursed Earth Dirty Dozen thing, and there was going to be a Space War strip, maybe an Anderson one etc.

First episode scripts were written for a pilot issue, but I’m not sure I ever saw any art for this. Anyway, that plan died for reasons I don’t know/can’t remember, and it became a 100% Dredd thing instead.

Events / Re: Jock Team-up 2021?
« on: 21 September, 2020, 07:44:21 AM »
Expectations about this need to be managed. The BGCP events are basically comic marts with cosplay, face-painting etc.  They’re what passes for a comic con in places like East Kilbride, Dunoon etc.

Prog / Re: 2000 AD in Stages
« on: 11 September, 2020, 05:32:11 PM »
The Ruckley continuation idea was mooted before a few years ago I think, so if Tharg hasn't extended the signet ring and / or BR hasn't kissed it at this stage, I don't see it happening now.

I had a drink with Brian - who lived locally - when his IDW Rogue came out.  Tharg’s contact details, with Tharg’s blessing, were passed on and I suggested he get in touch if he wanted to do more comics work. AFAIK, he never did, so you’ve got to assume he’s not interested in continuing with Rogue or comics.

(He was principally an SF novelist, and that was his first comics work)

General / Re: Pat Mills moving onto new things it would seem
« on: 04 September, 2020, 09:11:18 AM »
You do wonder what might have happened had Wagner thrown his lot in with Rebellion for Rok.

AFAIK, Rok had been shopped around various publishers for years prior.  No takers.

General / Re: Is Dredd a superhero?
« on: 29 August, 2020, 10:48:01 AM »
—wears an over-elaborate costume
— has a gun that fires magic bullets
— is over 70, and still apparently unbeatable


Prog / Re: Prog 2196 - Regened: High Speed Thrills
« on: 26 August, 2020, 04:21:46 PM »

As others have noted, Pandora Perfect was on fleek, well-structured story, naughty gags, memorable characters and a solid payoff. Bravo to Roger Landridge in particular,  quite the comeback after 25 years out of Tharg's clutches.

What was his last work for the prog ? I am not familiar with his work

PS - Forgot to add how much I enjoyed PJ's work on Department K

He used to do work in White Dwarf back when it was an RPG magazine (IIRC). Barney has him.

Really think you’ve got your wires crossed about Roger and old White Dwarf work. He would have been a teenager in New Zealand at the time you’re talking about. 

(Mark Harrison and Carl Critchlow are WD alumni from that era, though.)

Prog / Re: 2000 AD in Stages
« on: 02 June, 2020, 01:54:43 PM »
Why do you say not the one? She’s the same Judge Steel, isn’t she?

They're sisters, aren't they?


Prog / Re: Prog 2183: Regened - Five knockout thrills!
« on: 28 May, 2020, 12:46:46 PM »
(Children don't want to read stories about children anyway.)

The briefest look at children’s TV suggests this is utter bollocks.

Children don't make TV shows, they just watch the children's TV shows that exist, because the alternative is not to watch at all.

Perhaps I came across as too dogmatic, because I just wrote one sentence instead of an essay, which doesn't leave any room for nuance. I don't mean that children hate stories about children. Just that they generally don't require stories to be about children, but are usually quite happy reading stories about adults. When 2000 AD started, it was aimed at the same age group as the Regened prog, but the stories then were not Cadet Dredd, or Teen MACH One or whatever. Yet somehow it lasted for 43 years, when other titles didn't.

Have you ever pitched an animated series for children’s TV?  Because one of us in this conversation has. The people you’ll be pitching to are armed with a whole mass of audience survey data and even child psychology consultancy info, and it all tells them one thing:  children want to experience stories featuring age-appropriate protagonists.

It doesn’t matter what you or I were reading or watching 40 years ago. It’s completely irrelevant. That’s where the market and cultural mood is today.

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