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Prog / Prog 2121 - One Man's Stand
« on: 02 March, 2019, 12:31:10 pm »

Cover by the six million dollar (and correctly attributed) Steve Austin, colours by Chris Blythe.

First Saturday prog to arrive in a potato starch wrapper? Well done to Tharg and the droids.


Took a trip to old London Town and came back with two signed books. First up the Turbo Jones trade, brand new, unread and signed on the inside cover by Barrie Tomlinson and Ian Kennedy at Forbidden Planet. Also includes the Kennedy art print numbered 24/100 and signed by Ian.

And Kingdom the Promised Land traded signed on the front cover by Dan Abnett and Richard Elson at Gosh comics.

Both 99p starts with free second class postage and all 100% for cancer research UK.
Every penny to a great cause so make a bid, or a share on social media.

Here are your links

Turbo Jones

And away we go!

Prog / Prog 2119 - Cops and Robos
« on: 16 February, 2019, 02:36:45 pm »

Cover is by Luke Preece and looks great, although there may be some chat about Dredd’s back armour.

Machine Law continues to drop bombshells on us.

And we find out more about why Jaegir is in the Bonegrinder.

Plus 6 letters for the Beast.

Four great charity auctions all generously donated to the cause by Stephen Buttonman himself.

First up the Cam Kennedy subscribers' exclusive print set.

Then the second volume of Ace Trucking co from the ultimate collection. Includes the letter from Tharg that Stephen received for getting another letter in the prog.

Dredd: Cold War trade paperback with another letter from Tharg!

And Barrie Tomlinson's history of Roy of the Rovers: Real Roy of the Rovers Stuff.
Tempted by this one myself.

All are 99p starts, all are free p&p from the generous Buttonman, and all are 100% for Cancer Research UK.
You know the score, make a bid, or make a share on social media. Every penny helps.

And a thousand thanks, Stephen.


The subscribers’ John Higgins print set donated to the cause by our very own Buttonman. Brand new and straight to you from the creator of the Beast “letters to Tharg” database.


And Ken Reid’s Creepy Creations hardback collection donated by Robo-Keef himself. As ever all proceeds go straight to cancer research UK with free postage. Dig deep into your Christmas pocket money, and that festive generosity, as the fundraising pushes on into the 8000s. Thanks to the kind donors.



Classifieds / Free progs to a good home
« on: 06 December, 2018, 08:51:41 am »
I've got three boxes of progs I want to get rid of.
About 350 issues from about Prog 150 onward.
You can see a list of them here:


Also a whole bunch of Megs and a fair few more recent progs.

They are in three magazine sized comic boxes, they are mostly in bags and boards, and are free to anyone who wants them.

The only catch is you need to be able to pick them up from either my home in Ely, near Cambridge, or my workplace near Wisbech in North Cambridgeshire.

Anybody want them?

Classifieds / Christmas charity raffle and some auctions
« on: 03 December, 2018, 08:12:57 am »

As posted elsewhere this is the advent calendar Christmas raffle. All proceeds go straight to cancer research UK through my Justgiving page.

First prize: the limited edition Judge Dredd sketchbook featuring reproduced art by all the droids you can see listed in the picture above. This is signed by 40 droids including John Wagner, Mick McMahon, Glenn Fabry, Ian Kennedy and Matt Smith,

Second prize, a slightly battered copy of the tenth anniversary hardback reprint of case files 1, with the book plate signed by Carlos and John.

Third prize: a copy of prog 202 signed by John and Carlos

Fourth prize: a copy of 2000AD's greatest hits signed by John.

Raffle tickets are £2 each, you can buy as many as you like but only one prize for entrant.
Don't add gift aid as you are receiving a virtual ticket for your donation
Do please tick the box that allows me to contact you if you are a lucky winner.
Any questions?


Prog / Prog 2109 - Shark-Infested Waters
« on: 24 November, 2018, 11:12:05 am »

A key prog which arrived a day early this week. Thank you, Mr Tharg.

Cracking cover by Cliff Robinson with Dylan Teague's colours being the star for me.

Dredd: The Small House wraps up in 8 pages with a new iconic Dredd panel by Williams, Flint, Blythe and Parkhouse. "This is my house!"

Brink. I don't know what she's doing but I'm fascinated to find out. A Le Carre triple cross in a space tincan? The Spy who came in from the Cold Equations.

Sinister Dexter returns with a voyage to the bottom of the sea and 10 pages.

Kingdom: Alpha and Omega continues with the Abnett droid writing 3/4 of the prog and the last page ad is for his Lawless strip in the Meg as well.

A cracking prog with a superb Dredd moment. Has that page gone already, Wiggz?

Couldn't make it to the Arthur Ranson signing at Orbital? Or to Brumcon?
Or maybe you would just like to contribute something to Cancer research UK at this sad time for 2000AD fandom.

Here's an opportunity to help.

First up: The new edition of Mazeworld and an original sketch both signed by Arthur Ranson at Orbital comics in that London last night.


The Brumcon poster showing John and Carlos reflected in Dredd's visor, signed by John and by the artists Damian Edwardson.

A Carlos print of Dredd and Alpha signed by John Wagner

Progs 1977 and 2078 signed by John

Progs 1380 and 1664 signed by John

Two Megazines and a Lawless art print signed by Phil Winslade

Three progs signed by Ian Edginton

Two progs signed by Staz Johnson

And a Rogue Trooper by newest art droid Paul Williams

All 99p starts with free p&p and 100% of the price goes to Cancer Research UK.

No jokes this time, cancer is terrible. I believe one day it will be either completely preventable or treatable. The 2000AD community is helping to bring that day a little bit closer.

I have a couple of other items with multiple signatures which I will be raffling for the same cause sometime in the run up to Christmas.

Cheers, all.

Megazine / Meg 398 - Meet the Strange Brigade
« on: 17 July, 2018, 01:00:01 pm »

Great Tiernen Trevallion cover for a new thrill.

Judge Dredd Razorjack story ends with fabby art from John Higgins.

The Returners reveals how you make a modern Invunche, sort of.

Devlin Waugh gets in amonsgt them.

Karl Stock writes an interesting article about getting a Future Shock published in the prog. Should be of interest to many.

Then a two page special on the new Mongoose miniatures Strontium Dog game.

Chopper blows stuff up with a Kaleidoscope.

Finally the new title story from Gordon Rennie, Tiernen Trevallion, and Annie Parkhouse. Looks beautiful and starts very promisingly. It is another secret agency that battles occult threats for Her Maj's government which hopefully will tie in somehow with Ol' Harry Absalom and his crew.

Classifieds / Four Dark Judges enamel badges. New. Charity auction
« on: 01 July, 2018, 10:20:24 am »
So I was in that London to meet Robo-Keef himself and record a podcast episode about upcoming Treasury of British comics releases.
Keith very kindly donated this set of the Dark Judges enamel in badges to the cause and here they are for your bidding delectation.

99p start, free p&p, next day dispatch, padded envelope, optional extra picture of Pete Wells in the local Greggs. Have at ‘em!


General / Top ten Dredds and top ten non-Dredd thrills
« on: 11 June, 2018, 01:18:16 pm »

As discussed on the podcast, and as suggested by AlexF, we are compiling two top ten lists.

Your top ten Dredd stories of all time.
And your top ten non-Dredd thrills.

Try and put them in order as well and send them to me at MCBCpodcast@gmail.com

We chatted about some of the rules on the Facebook page and the podcast thread here, and decided that for long running recurring characters you should vote for individual volumes or story arcs e.g. The Horned God, Halo Jones book 3, Zenith 4 etc

And if a story appeared in the Judge Dredd title then it's a Dredd story. But anything that appeared under its own title goes into the non-Dredd list.

So Midnight Surfer and Oz are Dredd stories, but Song of the Surfer is not. If that makes sense.

If anyone's vote needs clarification I will contact them.

Cheers all

Latest issues of the Ultimate collection, still in the shrink wrap

Issue 19 is Nikolai Dante vol 3

Issue 20 Strontium Dog vol 2

99p start, free postage, 100% for cancer research UK



Just listed a huge pile of Marvel trades, Deadpool, Spider-Man, Avengers, Thor, X-Men and several others

All at 99p with free postage and 100% for the Parkinson's Disease society.

Follow this link and check out my other items.


Classifieds / Planet Replicas Lawgiver Mk II model
« on: 29 May, 2018, 11:54:45 am »
Assuming that eBay don't take this down for going against their listing policy here is one of the Planet Replicas Lawgiver Mk II model (it's a model not a replica, eBay!)
Now sold out on Planet Replicas , and originally £75 each

I'm starting the listing at £50 with free special delivery postage.

This was donated by a collector and 50% of the auction will benefit the Parhinson's Disease society and the other 50% going to the current owner.

Also some other items from his collection. All for the PD society

Spanish edition of Alan Moore's Future Shocks, signed by Ian Gibson

Dredd Case Files 27 signed by Henry Flint and Ian Gibson

Case files 25 signed by Henry Flint

Democracy Now! signed by John Wagner

Titan Judge Dredd book 20

1991 Fleetway edition of Hewligan's Haircut

The Art of the Trigan Empire. A 2008 auction catalogue with beautiful colour art by Don Lawrence, Ron Embleton and more.

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