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Couldn't make it to the Arthur Ranson signing at Orbital? Or to Brumcon?
Or maybe you would just like to contribute something to Cancer research UK at this sad time for 2000AD fandom.

Here's an opportunity to help.

First up: The new edition of Mazeworld and an original sketch both signed by Arthur Ranson at Orbital comics in that London last night.


The Brumcon poster showing John and Carlos reflected in Dredd's visor, signed by John and by the artists Damian Edwardson.

A Carlos print of Dredd and Alpha signed by John Wagner

Progs 1977 and 2078 signed by John

Progs 1380 and 1664 signed by John

Two Megazines and a Lawless art print signed by Phil Winslade

Three progs signed by Ian Edginton

Two progs signed by Staz Johnson

And a Rogue Trooper by newest art droid Paul Williams

All 99p starts with free p&p and 100% of the price goes to Cancer Research UK.

No jokes this time, cancer is terrible. I believe one day it will be either completely preventable or treatable. The 2000AD community is helping to bring that day a little bit closer.

I have a couple of other items with multiple signatures which I will be raffling for the same cause sometime in the run up to Christmas.

Cheers, all.

Megazine / Meg 398 - Meet the Strange Brigade
« on: 17 July, 2018, 01:00:01 pm »

Great Tiernen Trevallion cover for a new thrill.

Judge Dredd Razorjack story ends with fabby art from John Higgins.

The Returners reveals how you make a modern Invunche, sort of.

Devlin Waugh gets in amonsgt them.

Karl Stock writes an interesting article about getting a Future Shock published in the prog. Should be of interest to many.

Then a two page special on the new Mongoose miniatures Strontium Dog game.

Chopper blows stuff up with a Kaleidoscope.

Finally the new title story from Gordon Rennie, Tiernen Trevallion, and Annie Parkhouse. Looks beautiful and starts very promisingly. It is another secret agency that battles occult threats for Her Maj's government which hopefully will tie in somehow with Ol' Harry Absalom and his crew.

Classifieds / Four Dark Judges enamel badges. New. Charity auction
« on: 01 July, 2018, 10:20:24 am »
So I was in that London to meet Robo-Keef himself and record a podcast episode about upcoming Treasury of British comics releases.
Keith very kindly donated this set of the Dark Judges enamel in badges to the cause and here they are for your bidding delectation.

99p start, free p&p, next day dispatch, padded envelope, optional extra picture of Pete Wells in the local Greggs. Have at ‘em!


General / Top ten Dredds and top ten non-Dredd thrills
« on: 11 June, 2018, 01:18:16 pm »

As discussed on the podcast, and as suggested by AlexF, we are compiling two top ten lists.

Your top ten Dredd stories of all time.
And your top ten non-Dredd thrills.

Try and put them in order as well and send them to me at MCBCpodcast@gmail.com

We chatted about some of the rules on the Facebook page and the podcast thread here, and decided that for long running recurring characters you should vote for individual volumes or story arcs e.g. The Horned God, Halo Jones book 3, Zenith 4 etc

And if a story appeared in the Judge Dredd title then it's a Dredd story. But anything that appeared under its own title goes into the non-Dredd list.

So Midnight Surfer and Oz are Dredd stories, but Song of the Surfer is not. If that makes sense.

If anyone's vote needs clarification I will contact them.

Cheers all

Latest issues of the Ultimate collection, still in the shrink wrap

Issue 19 is Nikolai Dante vol 3

Issue 20 Strontium Dog vol 2

99p start, free postage, 100% for cancer research UK



Just listed a huge pile of Marvel trades, Deadpool, Spider-Man, Avengers, Thor, X-Men and several others

All at 99p with free postage and 100% for the Parkinson's Disease society.

Follow this link and check out my other items.


Classifieds / Planet Replicas Lawgiver Mk II model
« on: 29 May, 2018, 11:54:45 am »
Assuming that eBay don't take this down for going against their listing policy here is one of the Planet Replicas Lawgiver Mk II model (it's a model not a replica, eBay!)
Now sold out on Planet Replicas , and originally £75 each

I'm starting the listing at £50 with free special delivery postage.

This was donated by a collector and 50% of the auction will benefit the Parhinson's Disease society and the other 50% going to the current owner.

Also some other items from his collection. All for the PD society

Spanish edition of Alan Moore's Future Shocks, signed by Ian Gibson

Dredd Case Files 27 signed by Henry Flint and Ian Gibson

Case files 25 signed by Henry Flint

Democracy Now! signed by John Wagner

Titan Judge Dredd book 20

1991 Fleetway edition of Hewligan's Haircut

The Art of the Trigan Empire. A 2008 auction catalogue with beautiful colour art by Don Lawrence, Ron Embleton and more.

Classifieds / Lawgiver signed items for charity auctions on eBay
« on: 28 May, 2018, 03:48:07 pm »
Plenty to enjoy at the splendid Lawgiver IV with awesome art droids, some fabby cosplay (the Synthetti Man was my favourite), and plenty of great conversation with all the lovely 2000AD fans. One of the highlights for me was the number of people who very kindly gave me items for my charity auctions. Big thanks to Tim, Dave, Steven, Ryan, Rachael, Sheridan, AlexF, Guy, and Rex Banner. I confess I was quite moved by the genorosity displayed. Thank you, all you lovely peeps.

Couldn't get to Lawgiver and want some signed items? Well here you go.

Progs 184 (No one apes the law!) & the recent 2079 both signed by Mick McMahon

Progs 83 & 89 signed by Mick McMahon

Prog 1536 and the Scream Misty special signed by Henry Flint. Donated by Tim

Prog 1871 the Dark Judges have returned! signed by Henry

Progs 1746 & 1825 Zombo! signed by Henry

Progs 2025 & 2069 signed by Clint Langley

Progs 1980 & 2062 signed by Clint Langley

The VCs Back in Action trade from the personal collection of Dan Abnett, signed by Dan and Henry Flint.
This was donated by Dave Heeley from the 1977-2000AD facebook group

The convention Zarjaz programme signed by
Steven Austin
Simon Bisley
Ryan Brown
Lee Carter
Mike Collins
Dan Cornwell
Peter Doherty
Glenn Fabry
Henry Flint
Tom Foster
Ian Gibson
Patrick Goddard
John Higgins
Clint Langley
Mick McMahon
David Millgate
David Roach
Dylan Teague
Paul Williams
and the convention organiser Su Hadrell.
It was also signed by someone called John Burdis which will probably reduce the value by a pound or two.

Prog 1986 and the Scream Misty special signed by Glenn Fabry. (Donated by Tim)

The Anderson the Deep End US size one shot signed by Alec Worley and Dylan Teague

The Charles Lippincott production art booklet from the 1995 Judge Dredd film. I believe this was an exclusive in the first 100 goody bags? (Kindly donated by Rex Banner)

Prog 1919, the 38th anniversary Tharg cover signed by John Higgins

Progs 442 Halo Jones & 466 Robo-Hunter, both signed by Ian Gibson

Brink vol 1 signed by Dan Abnett

Prog 499 signed by Mike Collins

A Dredd sketch by David Broughton. This was donated by David along with a copy of his Spectre Show comic.

Judge Dredd art print signed by Ryan Brown. Donated by Ryan (and by Rachael and Sheridan while I was in another queue)

Steven Austin Dark Judges art print signed and donated by Steven (again thanks to Rachael and Sheridan for getting these prints from the artists)

And finally a copy of the FCBD 2000AD Regened prog donated by Alex

As ever these are all 99p starts, with free second class P&P, and all 100% for cancer research UK. So make a bid or retweet me from @MCBCpodcast

As is traditional I am now off to lie down on the couch with a damp prog on my forehead after a hot bank holiday of eBaying.

And stay tuned for some more signed items coming from another well known collector, including a rare Planet Replicas Mk II Lawgiver still in the box. Hopefully I'll get those up tomorrow.

Megazine / 396 - The Razor's Edge
« on: 13 May, 2018, 11:48:35 am »

Lovely cover by John Higgins - one to get signed at Lawgiver 4

Dredd vs Razorjack. Feels like Dredd coming up against an Iain M Banks novel. Nice to see the taking a team through the portal story. Carroll, Higgins and Sally Hurst on the covers. Good stuff

The Returners. Enjoyed this as well. Reminds me of a bunch of other things including the terifying Invunche.

Chopper. Looks gorgeous but I haven't taken in all the story yet.

Cursed Earth Koburn. Love it and bring me more please.

Dredd v Dead. The absoulte highlight of this Meg for me. Story is great, Flint's art superb and the finale is a shock. Shame that we won't be getting any more from the Dredd 3D version in the future.

Articles about the recent Dredd novels, and the new IDW series which seems to be going back to the 2012 movie storyline again (?) but I'll give it a go.

The floppy is Block Judge from progs 1900-1909. Wagner and Ezquerra proceedural with a Greg Staples cover, so nothing wrong here at all.

A splendid day in that London visiting 3 comic shops, and spending some money in each. And then a meeting of the Southern drinking contingent as well as recording a podcast episode.

So here you go.

The FCBD 2000AD Regened prog signed by all the droids at Orbital comics.

Another copy of the FCBD Prog, unsigned this time.

The Batman Dredd digest edition signed by Simon Bisley and Cam Kennedy.
Kindly donated to the cause by Steve Green.

And then a whole bunch of free comic book issues and some other comics I picked up on the day.
Avengers #1
Avengers FCBD
Spider-Man FCBD
DC Nation #0
Action comics #1000
DC Dark Nights Metal #1
The Metabaron FCBD
James Bond FCBD
Bongo Simpsons FCBD
Dark Horse Overwatch FCBD
And Frank Miller's Xerxes #1 and 2. (It's OK, he's not racist now)

Plus the traditional copy of the Morris Minor Matters magazine..

All 99p starts, with free P&P, and ALL 100% for cancer research UK.

So make a bid or do some shares please, otherwise I might have to upload THAT picture of Pete Wells and noone wants that.   ;)

Books & Comics / Fay Dalton illustrates Bond, James Bond.
« on: 30 March, 2018, 09:14:33 am »

Possibly one of the reasons Fay Dalton is not working on the Megazine at the moment is that she is busy illustrating the Bond novels for the Folio society.


Megazine / Meg 394 - When Worlds Collide!
« on: 22 March, 2018, 11:23:24 am »


Great Alex Ronald cover.

Dredd: Krong Island. Still loving this and great reference to the cover of Prog #5. Apart from a slightly portly Dredd in one panel Jake Lynch's art is fantastic.

The Returners: A new thrill and intrigued enough to be looking forward to more. Nice to see a brief Gill Man reference.

Lawless. Astounding. Superlatives fail me as the town's situation gets even worse.

Charley's War feature. Looking forward to the definitive edition and interested in the details of the restoration process.

Robert Bliss and the Clown feature. Not read it yet.

Cursed Earth Koburn. Carlos and Koburn. 'Nuff said.

Dredd, The Dead World: What a stonking great issue of the Meg this is. Thrill buffers to maximum.

And there's Dreddlines and the floppy is Outlier vol 3.

A great Meg all round, one to pass on to any non believers.

Picked up the last copy of this off the shelf at FP, signed by Ian Edginton, Rufus Dayglo, Dave Kendall, Kek-W, and Frazer Irving at the Xmas signing.


Usual deal, all for cancer research UK and free p&p etc.


Not for charity this time, just clearing shelf space for the book club instead.

The following volumes of the Ultimate collection:
Nemesis the Warlock vol 1
Nemesis the Warlock vol 2, two copies with both spine versions!
ABC Warriors 1
Nikolai Dante volumes 1 and 2
Rogue Trooper 1
Return of the King, Carlos Ezquerra Dredd volume
Robo-Hunter volume 1
Strontium Dog vol 1

And the Mega Collection volumes:
Undercover Brothers
Into the Undercity
Devlin Waugh: Swimming in Blood

All 99p starts, £2.90 second class P&P.
Next day dispatch from a 100% eBayer and boarder.



Classifieds / Judge Death sketch by Dave Kendall
« on: 02 January, 2018, 01:25:58 pm »
Dave Kendall has very generously donated this signed Judge Death sketch to the charity auction for the signed Xmas Prog 2061.

See this thread for details:

and this picture to haunt your dreams

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