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Particularly Judge Death page was quite extensive on Wikipedia considering.

Not sure if it was damaged by a fan who is attempting to set up his own sites starting with http://www.judgedeath.co.uk/

Since it seems to be removed by an anonymous person last active 4 days ago & it was a decent resource for newer fans, looks like they started with one and have been slowly trimming down the other dredd related pages pages to suit themselves, if their end goal is to make money off previously free information they can sod off

But if it has been removed by someone officially which would be fair enough, especially if there was something new Official coming then that would be great.

But to be honest it looks like the information has been taken & deleted by one person to bring attention to their own site.

But also the same seems to be happening on the fandom wikia too, wll those months maybe years of content put in by hard working fans gone.

Shame this film never happened. :(

I tried searching but couldn’t see it. He shared it on Twitter for DayofDredd, I am probably so late to the party on this but it’s the first time I am seeing it.

Twitter link


I know there was a period in the 90’s that isn’t fondly remembered by some as a good time for 2000ad.

although that’s when I got into it myself 13yrs old in 1995 after the movie - for about 2 years I think, I cannot even remember the last story I read, I just stopped buying 2000ad & the Megazine one day in about 1997 although I feel like I remember thinking some of it was underwhelming. I actually stopped because I was about to start my final year of school with my GCSE’s & also I got into other hobbies.

What was the turnaround point for you? I’d love to know more about that era, like why did you stay with it all the way through, did you not mind it, but felt it could’ve been better?

Was it one specific prog where it felt like a fresh start?

What was the first big story then after that turnaround point that you knew Dredd & 2000ad was back on course to being the best again.

Is there a general consensus on what was considered the turning point or is it different for everyone?

Games / Retro Dredd game from 1995 coming to steam this year
« on: 13 May, 2018, 03:08:59 PM »
Suprised there is no thread for this yet, anyone else see it in this weeks thrill mail?

Used to own that on the Megadrive all those years ago, should be good for a laugh, I never did complete it.


Also I would totally buy it if they released it on the Switch, just saying.

On a bit of a Cyberpunk kick at the moment (this year we had gits live action, bladerunner 2049, Blame! Was On netflix, battle angel alita live action movie is coming soon, Deus Ex Mankind divided was recent as well as ruiner game and still awaiting Cyberpunk 2077 from cdpr in the near future! Etc)

I know all of Judge Dredd is Cyberpunk/Dystopian

But what are the stories that most resemble something out of Bladerunner or that futuristic Neo Noire type setting or stuff related to the above to read?

Technically it could be all of it, but if you had to pick a few to read.

General / Need Help with Rogue Trooper sale
« on: 06 September, 2017, 07:55:56 PM »
Still a relative noob, I bought all four of the Rogue Trooper case files but haven't read them yet

Other than that are there any other rogue trooper graphic novels onsale not covered by the case files?


Help! / A Lot of Noob Questions regarding 2000ad
« on: 01 June, 2016, 04:55:07 PM »
Okay to bring you up to speed I was a fan around 95-97, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic for that era
Thanks for your time, I have posted to the Introduction section but that was in 2012, I have been busy with work etc, but decided to come back to 2000ad for an attempted 3rd time after watching Dredd recently again  :D

Some Questions related to That period and others

1) I believe the first prog I ever read had Stallone on the cover issue 950 I think, I know I can buy Dredd case files now covering that era, is there anyway I can read other 2000ad stories from between 1995-97? I think some I remember were Rogue Trooper, Vector 13, Dexter & Sinister?  ABC Warriors Umm maybe Slaine and a few others (any collected editions of these from the 1995-1997 era? I'm only looking to re-read those two years for now , with the intention hopefully of catching up before and after thst period eventually.

2) I bought the last weeks prog on a whim and most stories I noticed are already ongoing, I was about to try and buy the Physical back issues to catch up, but noticed one or two at least are now only digital, is it worth me subbing for 3months to get some back issues? Or should I just buy the back issues separately digitally? When you sub for the 3 month digitally, if you dont renew do you still get to keep the issues you got during the time you subbed for say if I wanted to re-read them or do you lose acess when your digital sub runs out?

3) I cannot afford the full £80 right now for a Annual subs but can probably do a 3 month for now, does the Subscription price for annual ever go onsale at new year or black friday for example or does it always stay at £80

4) any reccomends for post 1997 Dredd Storylines I should read asap? The Dark Judges used to be a favourite of mine  ifvthat helps

Thank you to whoever responds or even takes the time to read.

General / What Songs are inspired by Dredd/2000ad?
« on: 14 September, 2012, 10:17:53 PM »
hey noob here

Can you tell me some songs inspired by dredd or 2000ad in general, not including soundtracks of either movie

So Far i know of

Anthrax - I am the Law (which i have known about since the late 90's being a metal fan since then)
Manic St Preachers - Judge Yrself

and just via wikipedia.org  (not the one on here i dont have access) i found only by going thru the wiki page
of Judge Death, that thrash band Dark Angel borught out a song called Darkness Descends which is about the dark judges!

So are there any others ive missed out? Thanks for your time

Welcome to the board / Hello New Member Old Reader Coming back home!
« on: 10 September, 2012, 08:27:16 PM »
Hello my name is Marc, new to the boards!

I First got into 2000ad after the stallone movie in 1995 (i know im sorry  :-[ ) i was 13yrs old, and the first prog i bought was 950 i kept buying until late 1996 or 1997, i borrowed a Few Graphic Novels from a friend like Oz, America, bought a Few like Young Death, Emerald Isle, the 94 or 95 yearbook  :-\

but then in 1997 i just decided i was too old at 15   ::) to read comics anymore due to my increasing fascination with heavy metal, girls, computers etc, so binned ALL of the comics, but kept the few graphic novels i bought, somewhere probally in the attic,

 fast forward to 2009 im 27 yrs old i hear that they are supposed to be making a new movie so i get excited buy a few graphic novels again, and a handfull of the casefiles! but i still haven't read them to this day! i bought dredd v death just recent too and when i knew the film was getting closer to coming out i got really excited for all things dredd and 2000ad again

 i saw the film on friday afternoon, rushed out to buy the prog with urban on the front and the latest megazine!

i can't rember most of the stories very well at all l, just vague broken pieces of the stories, and vaguley rember some of the main charachters (who could forget Death, the dark judges, mean and the angel gang,, and rico, chopper and then after that it starts to blur)

so here i am pretty much to start all over again as a 2000ad reader and collector (best start with some of my casefiles eh?) Thanks for your time

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