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Help! / Trying to find a story prog number.
« on: 28 July, 2017, 12:19:53 am »
There seems to be a lot of people who really know their dredd so here goes. There was a dredd story,a one prog story, that had dredd getting stabbed by a 12 year old kid because he disregarded him among other perps. In the end of the story dredd stops a woman from throwing herself off a tower and she is reunited with her baby. Can anybody tell me the title and which prog it appeared in. At the 40th anniversary,John Wagner said that he really enjoyed the smaller stories and this one was one of my favourites as it does show dredd with a heart. Also whatever happened to yassa povey ? Did I miss a story somewhere. Thanks. Paull

Help! / American reprints for sale
« on: 26 July, 2017, 08:04:35 am »
Can anyone recommend an online comic sale where I can get some of the reprinted dredd stuff. Namely the law of dredd, lawman of he future, quality comics presents,the DC dredd and the quality classics dredd.tried eBay but they're very  spread out and postage from the US is crazy money.thanks. Paull

Help! / Follow up to cursed earth koburn story?
« on: 13 March, 2017, 12:02:50 am »
I was just reading the mega collection ,cursed earth koburn and wanted to know if the gila Bruja story in the going after Billy zane issue was ever given a sequel. Paull

Help! / Poster prongs and where they came from
« on: 12 January, 2017, 10:17:29 pm »
I was just wondering if the judge dredd poster progs were given out as a free gift and if so what was dredd poster prog #5 given out with. Was also curious to the nemesis poster prog and its origin.

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