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I am having problems downloading material from the 2000ad rebellion account AND apple app AND android app. The downloading issues first affected my ipad. At that time I could access my progs through an android device. Last week I've written an email to the rebellion-support, concerning the apple-app. Now I can’t download anything, apple and andoid app are breaking the download up. Even the access over the rebellion-account is difficult. Downloading is very slow and breaks up after a few minutes.

Does anybody else have these issues?

Welcome to the board / Hi everyone!
« on: 13 September, 2013, 12:30:44 pm »

good to be here!
About two weeks after I registered, it's maybe better to say „Hi“ and disappear again,
since I am writing my diploma thesis, and I actually don’t have time for anything else – hem hem...

So I will probably read more stuff than write anything new in the forum... I just wanted to state that I realy exist

Born and raised in Greece, were I read Dredd for the first time, I am now living in Germany.
So, sorry about the crappy English, since I am a Greek and German native speaker.

Oh, and I'm definitely Dredd addicted, thank you.


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