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Creative Common / New Alphabet...
« on: 18 June, 2018, 06:18:43 am »
Since my story "Lest ye be Judged" is being expanded to the sequels of "The Violence of Lambs" & beyond, I decided that along with the 'Pastoral Pidgin' language they needed to have an alphabet.  It's not a new one, this one I developed for a barbarian race I generated long ago to go with it's few-thousand word language.  However, since that project is long past I might as well recycle it and get some more use out of it.


Website and Forum / Shopping Pages
« on: 28 February, 2018, 12:28:26 am »
I've not been able to register an account, or even send a "contact us" message via the shopping portal.  Is it currently inoperable?  All I can guess otherwise is that yahoo email accounts aren't accepted.  Unfortunately, I can't contact them to find out.

Any insights?


Off Topic / Mega-City One vs. Rocinha & Hak Nam
« on: 20 February, 2018, 02:23:03 pm »
As I'm writing my little novella which is set in 2029, one of the things that really makes doing so enjoyable to me is checking facts and figures in my fictional setting, and then cross checking them with actual events, items or places to determine how reasonable or feasible they are.

Maybe you'll find it interesting, or maybe not.  In any case...

In the case of my story, I'm forced to consider a couple of places that for personal reasons I have a fondness for, being Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Hak Nam (more commonly referred to as Kowloon Walled City), that once existed in Hong Kong.  Those two places that I'm rather familiar with I then compared with Mega-City One from the series, and in my story "MR1" or "Mega-Region 1" (a condensed and densified currently existing "Northeast Megaregion").

The Numbers:
Though I'm having a tough time pinning down Mega-City One's area as it fluctuates, for this exercise I've decided to shrink it down to the smallest size I've found, and then apply the highest population.  Roughly that means an area surrounding N.Y.C. and Washington, D.C., and then connecting them up.

Mega-City One:
25,000km2 area; 800,000,000 pop.; 32,000/km2 pop. density av..

22,304km2 area; 417,000,000 pop.; 18,697/km2 pop. density av.. ("Pastoral Zones" = 51,211/km2 p.d.a.)

Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:
1.44km2 area; 69,356 pop. (2010); 48,164/km2 pop. density av.

Hak Nam, Kowloon, British Hong Kong:
0.027km2 area; 50,000 pop. (1990); 1,851,852/km2 pop. density av.. (peak 1,920,000/km2)

For those unfamiliar with Rocinha and Hak Nam, I've included some photos from the web below.


Hak Nam from roughly 1975 (when I'm most familiar w/it) Sing Tao to the left:

Hak Nam as it eventually grew to before demolition:

Hak Nam Cross-section:

Perform some web searches, there are a lot of photos and they were/are really fascinating places that to put it bluntly, just seem to work.


Help! / So Who Likes Mathematics?
« on: 17 February, 2018, 04:37:48 pm »
So I'm in the midst of writing a alternate-history Judge Dredd Prequel, 2029 (which is unfortunately turning out into a novella), and I like getting all of my ducks in a row.  As an example for the Western I wrote I literally have hundreds of pages of research that I performed to write it.  So, in this new story, I've invented a pair of pistols for the lead character.  I think I have all of my math right yet it would be great to be sure (as even little things matter like the weight of magazines... Can't have some gal carrying 500lbs. ;)).

Frankly I'm relatively self-educated so that sometimes translates into doing something wrong (like say spelling) and then sticking to it never realizing my mistakes until they're pointed out to me.  So if anyone enjoys their math, please have at it, I'd appreciate the checking of mine!  Thanks!

(2) ~ Lukdai Industries Co. Ltd.: Lukdai Enforcer-II
Ventilated Rail, Solenoid Ass’t. Feed, w/Radial Progressive Full Lgth. Muzzle Brake
Custom Fit Grips w/MCT-chipped personal safety interlocks, non-ambidextrous
No External Safeties, 3,000P/min.-max., 1/3-.3A/.25A/.5A/FA Vert.-Slide Selector
37oz.-E/63.3oz.-F ~ 1049g.-E/1795g.-F, (26.3oz./746g. Full Magazine Weight)

Single use SCB-200/3.2-150 Magazines w/2-LED counters (opposing).
Self Contained 200-cycle Battery, 150-projectile capacity, 5-column staggered chevron ~ 5x30-120d.i.
26.3oz./746g. Full Magazine Weight

3.2x22 tri-metal KE-Projectiles, DU+CsRb+NIB, 221-cu.mm./4.21g/65gr., AP-SSF-KP
5,500F/s ~ 1,676M/s ~ 3,000P/min. maximum, 4365.2ft.lb. ~ 5918.4nm(j)
Armor Piercing – Self Sharpening Fragmentation – Kinetic Plasma Generating

At the last census the land area verses population however had shifted as follows:
17L/0.2P%, 21L/5.8P%, 39L/31P%, and 23L/63P%.
To put that into perspective, the statistics stood as follows:
MR1-Population Total: 417,000,000.  MR1-Area: 22,304sq.km..
FedGov/Super-Corp Regions: 834,000 pop., 3,792sq.km., 220p/sq.km. density.
Productive Rings: 24,186,000 pop., 4,684sq.km., 5,143p/sq.km. density.
Transitional Rings: 129,270,000 pop., 8,699sq.km., 14,860p/sq.km. density.
Pastoral Rings: 262,710,000 pop., 5,130sq.km., 51,211p/sq.km. density.

Thanks again for any assistance!


General / Looking for Pre-Street Judge Info...
« on: 14 February, 2018, 02:06:41 pm »
Good Morning Everyone;

Though I do not have anything of consequence to contribute at this point being essentially ignorant to all things Dredd, I 've joined hoping that some of you might be able to simply point me in the right direction to get me started.  What I am looking for is 'where can I find information on the character Eustace Fargo, and how the world in the series between the years of 2019-2031' (if such information even exists).

Currently I'm in the midst of writing what is looking to pan out as a 50-60K word novella that focusses upon a couple of weeks in 2029 wherein Eustace Fargo (2031, Chief Judge Fargo), has been sent by the then U.S. Attorney General to serve a short tour with a contractor out in the field.  The U.S.A.G. & contractors goal being to both educate and 'temper' Special Prosecutor Fargo's views and understanding of the current situation, ultimately affecting his views on the Street Judge system he is proposing, and to lay the seed for his ultimate desire to see it changed.

My exposure/knowledge of the 2000AD World of Judge Dredd is extremely limited (essentially being Dredd ignorant).  At this time I've performed a number of google searches regarding the series, Fargo, checked over a number of forums, the various Wiki-pages and naturally have seen the two movies (of which it is my understanding that "Judge Dredd" was more true to the publication, though "Dredd" definitely inspired me)...  Naturally, the better I understand Fargo and the world prior or at the time the Street Judge system begins the more relevant the story becomes (though in the end I suppose it doesn't matter, it would be nice if it struck Dredd fans as "wow, that makes sense!").

As to myself, I'm simply a novice writer that initially began writing to improve upon my own literacy (having been illiterate at one time), and will post what has to date been short stories, a few novelettes, novellas and so on simply on appropriate public forums (having never published anything beyond that, and certainly not in a professional vein, even web based).  Having just finished a 211K-word novel in the truest sense of the word (1870's old West) I needed to step away from it before beginning subsequent re-reads and edits.  So... Having just seen the movie "Dredd" again, ideas started to flow, my research began which simply inspired more ideas, and at a week's worth of writing I'm already at 30K-words (10K-just last night).

This little project of mine is really flowing fast and fleshing out quickly.  I'm REALLY liking the path it has taken, the backstory makes sense and is supportive, yet I'd like to get it as close to fitting as I possibly can.

If any of you could point me to appropriate forum areas, topics or threads that might contain that information, or even just post a couple of key-words to help in my searches, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for any help you care to render!


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