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Books & Comics / How do you like your Batman characters?
« on: 03 June, 2020, 03:58:44 PM »
I may well have asked this before, and I don't read a whole lot of DC comics, but supporting characters within the Bat-verse change their appearance, abilities and character so much that sometimes you'd be hard-pressed to know they're the same person.  I'm thinking about the screen and comic versions here; and I don't have any hard answers myself.

Alfred - Gotham has finally convinced me that a hard, working-class one can work well (the shaven-headed, youthful hulk on an animated Batman series a few years ago notwithstanding).  But I think I'll go with the slightly-built, dry-humoured toff of the Dark Knight Returns (pity about all that's happened with this franchise since).

Two-Face - my introduction was the babbling oddball of Grant Morrison's Arkham Asylum.  Great character but it's hard to imagine him as a hardcase crime-boss when he's outside the place.  For me, I think the Joker's creation of the Dark Knight movie wins this.

Killer Croc - I know he's meant to be a crocodile man, but I found Brian Azarello's huge black guy, normal-looking apart from a weird skin condition, a lot more interesting.

Jim Gordon - I'm going with the one from Year One.  Just as tough and smart as he needs to be.  Gary Oldman's one comes second, I think.

Joker... no, I'm not getting into that one.   

Off Topic / Howyez
« on: 04 May, 2020, 10:05:53 PM »
Hello again.  Hadn't checked in in a long time, but when I did, I saw that Funt Solo had sent me a PM to see if I was ok.  I was almost moved to tears and remembered what a great place this forum is.

I replied to Funt by PM, but just to explain, I was kind of shellshocked for a few weeks by all the sudden changes brought on by Covid 19 and really wasn't in much of a mood to talk about it here, or to chat about anything else for that matter.  Since then, I've got used to the whole thing (mainly after realising that my elderly parents are being very careful and that my employer has found a way for us to work online) but got out of the habit of posting here.

So I really think I should come back - after all I've been on the forum nearly 20 fecking years now. Hope you're all coping ok.  I haven't read the prog in a few weeks.  Really ought to catch up.

General / Have I missed a thread about this?
« on: 12 February, 2020, 03:31:34 PM »

General / Crossword results
« on: 06 January, 2020, 09:23:11 PM »
Just did the draw (writing the initials on 20c coins, shaking them all up, and drawing three).

The two runners-up, who'll get a decorative Dredd-face plate:


The overall winner, who'll get a Dredd plate AND, thanks to EddieHitler, a copy of Michael Carroll's Judges Vol 2, signed by the author:


PM me your addresses (and real names of course), and Eddie and I will get on the case.  Thanks for taking part; I think I had more fun with it than anyone who entered!  Might do another some time.

The answers:

ACROSS 1. Orlok, 3. Satanus, 5. Rotten, 7. Judge Child, 10. Mean Machine Angel, 13. Father Earth, 15. Chopper, 17. Fargo, 18.  Sadu, 19. Armitage, 21. Giant, 22. Silver, 23. DeMarco, 24. Snork.

DOWN 2. Kenny Who (I hope you noticed the '?' in the clue), 4. Sardini, 6. Tweak  7. Judge Mortis , 8. Judge Dredd, 9. Link Angel OR Fink Angel*, 11. Nero Narcos, 12. Sabbat, 14. Hershey, 16. Otto Sump, 20. Grice.

*It was originally Link - the word 'connection' being part of the clue - but there's no way Fink could be considered a wrong answer either.

General / Another link to the Christmas Creeptic Crossword
« on: 17 December, 2019, 04:45:20 PM »
Sorry, I know the link within the advent calendar might be a bit hard to find, and I didn't want to clutter up that thread with even more of my own posts.  So here it is again - see the Advent Calendar thread for competition details, compliments of EddieHitler and me!

Off Topic / Other Santies
« on: 14 December, 2019, 11:30:36 AM »
Yesterday was my first day off in a month or so (this being by far my busiest time) and for some reason I spent it listening to documentaries about Christmas traditions from other countries.

Really fascinating stuff - Father Christmas / Santa Claus (though always 'Santy' to Irish kids) is so baked into our culture that we forget there are very different, and equally popular, gift-bringers and child-punishers only a few countries away.  Most of us know about the Krampus and the possibly-racist Black Peter,  but I hadn't realised just how important La Befana the witch was to Italian kids, each of whom get a piece of rock-candy coal with their other presents because nobody's perfect.

Catalan kids can't fail to believe in the arrival of the Three Magi with their presents, because they watch it happen in a big parade.  The kings' pages put ladders against balconies and climb into people's homes with presents.

The German Christkind (a winged woman for some reason) seems a bit dull to me (introduced by Reformation types because Santa was technically a saint), but by far my favourite gift-bringers are Iceland's Yule Lads, 13 mad trolls who each have weird idiosyncrasies (one steals candles to eat the tallow, for example) and have to be rewarded for their gift-bringing or they'll fecking kill you and eat you.

I always loved the Santa Claus myth and its evolution from Odin, St Nicholas, Father Christmas etc, but now I feel deprived because a witch or thirteen mountain trolls never visited me when I was wee.

General / I am the law in Murphyville
« on: 13 December, 2019, 06:04:19 PM »
Something just occurred to me while responding to Funt Solo's excellent Thrill Coma post.

Years ago when Mike Carroll used to frequent this board, I asked him to do an Emerald Isle Dredd story and make it better than Garth's.

He did so soon after. Probably nothing to do with me, but he did give the name Walsh to the Irish Chief Judge.  That was, and is, my name too.  I'm probably just feeding my own ego. But you never know; he did put my then-neighbour Johnnystress and his brother into Dredd as villains.

Anyway, that's my Christmas present to my own fragile sense of self-worth. Thanks, me!

Film & TV / Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
« on: 09 September, 2019, 05:50:30 PM »
Saw it last night.  I'd put it in the same category as Django Unchained - fairly entertaining, nothing special though, and with an obligatory bloodbath at the end; though admittedly not the one history had led me to expect.

The most fun to be had for me was seeing how new actors played old actors ; even though most of them were before my time. Steve McQueen was fairly spot on, appearance wise at least, as was good old Charlie Manson. Would have liked to see a bit more of both.

That said, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio have of course long since transcended their old pretty boy statuses and have become Hollywood legends. Top performances from both.

Film & TV / Braveheart 2: Robert the Bruce
« on: 10 August, 2019, 09:20:55 AM »
Can't get YouTube working so I can't work out whether this is a real thing or not.

They filmed a lot of the original near my town, and as a long-haired youth I always regretted not applying to be an extra, even though I was a scrawny wee bastard and would have been about as much use in battle as a daddy longlegs with a plastic butter knife.  (But I did make up for it by being in Vikings later on in life.)

General / Mechanismo
« on: 30 June, 2019, 01:36:03 PM »
I'm a little bit confused about it.  I really loved the Harvey storyline and I'm enjoying the new robots on the beat but I don't really know what their status is. Are they judges proper or just auxiliaries?  Has Dredd changed his mind about them completely?  Can they still outrank human judges?

General / Wondering about the Dredd TV series
« on: 30 June, 2019, 01:32:51 PM »
Anyone heard anything about it yet? It seems to be in limbo a tad, or maybe it's just me.

Music / Unexpectedly awesome Keith Flint tribute
« on: 28 May, 2019, 09:25:13 PM »

Well this is rather marvellous. 

Film & TV / HBO Watchmen
« on: 08 May, 2019, 11:59:15 PM »
I'm not at all sure if we need yet another undoing of the comic's ambiguous ending, but the trailer is out and it seems to be a sequel.

Books & Comics / John Constantine sightings
« on: 22 April, 2019, 12:11:34 PM »
While it's a criminal waste that a decent Hellblazer adaptation has yet to be made (and that he's been reduced to a bland DCU part-player), I'm interested that a number of his creators claim to have spotted him in real life.

Now, the reasons for this aren't entirely inexplicable to me- Constantine doesn't have a particularly unusual appearance, and if you spend weeks focussing on a character you'll unconsciously pick out a lookalike straightaway.

I'm familiar with the Alan Moore story, but does anyone know of the others?

Books & Comics / Doomsday Clock
« on: 14 April, 2019, 01:08:49 PM »
What I hate most about Doomsday Clock is that I like it.  I'll probably never consider it a real sequel to Watchmen - that terrifyingly uncertain ending should never have been followed up - but it has me riveted,  and all Alan Moore's characters are characterised perfectly.

I didn't want to like it, but I do.

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