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General / Re:
« on: 14 March, 2002, 04:21:56 PM »
what show is this? why have I not heard of it? I have sky, and get trek,buffy angel and all the other first run shows, but not this. what is it. I want it now. ( NO, not neighbours ) this one with all the famous starts, barbara bain, rob vaugh....mind you, i thought they were all dead.

General / New issue anyone ?
« on: 12 March, 2002, 01:27:26 PM »
has anyone got their latest prog from the subscription servcie yet? I usually get mine on monday morning and theres no sign of it, I got the latest JD meg last week, but no sign of the weeks 2Kad

Classifieds / 2000 ad progs & JD megazines wanted
« on: 04 March, 2002, 05:25:12 PM »
I'm looking to purchase the following issues of 2000ad,
if you have them ,are willing to sell, and the progs are in good condition then email me at


the issues I am after are as follows:-

1208 to 1228 inclusive.  
1230 to 1232 inclusive.
1236 to 1240 inclusive.
1246 to 1249 inclusive.

I'm also after lots of issues of the JD megazine, just send me what you have to sell at the email address above.Don't forget to include the asking prices.

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