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Hi, could one of the nice moderator droids take a look at my status and consider giving me the circuit upgrade needed to post on a wider portion of the forum?

For those in Cal Hab and surrounding Brit-Cit Sectors, the program for this year's Dundee event has now been announced with the rather fetching strap line: 'Starblazers! Creators of British Science Fiction Comics'.

Its two days this year with an event celebrating Science Fiction Comics (see below) kicking off at 2pm on Saturday 26th Oct. This is followed by the big day on Sunday.

Announced guests include Ian Kennedy, Sydney Jordan, John Ridgway, Robbie Morrison, Simon Fraser, Simon Fur man, Andy Wildman, Kev Hopgood, Tanya Roberts and Montynero (sorry if I have missed any one)

The poster/flyer is up on facebook and features rather nice artwork by Ian Kennedy of Commando, Dan Dare et al fame (did not know if I could repost it here).

Further on the program and a link for getting Tickets (just £15) are available towards the bottom of this link:

The posting for the Sat 26th event states:

'Starblazers! Creators of British Science Fiction Comics:

Comics Day 2013 will celebrate Science Fiction comics and will feature creators who have worked in this genre, from well-established names to new talent. This comes at an important time from British science fiction, with the 50th Anniversary of Dr Who and last year’s 35th Anniversary for 2000AD, Britain’s premier science fiction comic. Many of this year’s guests have worked on Dr Who comics, and for 2000AD, and others have worked for beloved franchises like Transformers and Star Wars. Join us for Dundee Comics Day 2013 and meet the starblazers of British science fiction comics!'

The sessions on Sunday are in the format of Creator talk followed by questions with breaks for signings and the announcement of the Dundee Comics Prize (see separate posting on the board) winners.

Classifieds / Looking for back issues of the 50's and 60's Eagle
« on: 08 September, 2012, 02:53:10 AM »
I know this request may be seen as possibly off forum; but I am looking complete my collection of The Eagle, which was the original home of the great Dan Dare, whom Tharg did kindly provide a short lived home in his great organ of Galactic Knowledge. Hence if any of you possibly have any issues to sell I could post my wants list.

Before anyone sends me a Riggelan Hotshot saying look at ebay, I am doing that actively


Welcome to the board / Hello
« on: 08 September, 2012, 12:56:24 AM »
Having just seen the zarjaz film, I thought I would finally, after quite some time, say hi and then maybe I would be allowed to post to the film threads.

First exposure to the organ of the mighty Tharg was shock at seeing Flesh in a prog around no 7 and have been a subscriber from prog 178 after gradually collecting the rest for 2p each at a second stall that used to be in Exeter Market

Anyway thought the film stood up to Goaty's picture, and Karl Urban is the law (they could have downsized his helmet a bit). Liked what they did with the story considering the constraints they had and have been trying to promote the film at work all day as I want to see the one with the budget that allows the more expansive stories to be told.

Interesting comment from the staff at the Showcase Bristol today that the 3D ticket price of £11 may be off-putting people (and then again the showing was up against the football) - after work there we only 20 in a large screen (hope things are better tomorrow).

Nice to see recognition of John and Carlos first in the title and the various 2000 AD creators (back to Starlord) & forum acknowledged at the end of the titles - a nice nod from the film creators.

Also just got my copy of the Art of Judge Dredd - the cover lifted from Um America Graffiti by Mick McM is something worth paying the extra pounds for.

So finally get out there and enjoy the film. 

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