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Creative Common / Calling any animation/ film experts - advice sought
« on: 09 January, 2013, 07:25:47 PM »
This is a daft enquiry and I know it isn't strictly ideal for this forum but being such undeniably creative and beautiful people I thought I would chance my arm.

Basically what I want to do is take some existing film footage and animate something over it, namely another face. The face doesn't have to be animated itself as long as it can move in line with the original head, and if it looks a bit rough and ready then that could actually add to the overall effect. This is for a joke you see, rather than anything professional.

I also need to be able to edit the soundtrack so that certain words can be inserted over the original dialogue at certain times.

If any of you have any ideas of how this could be achieved, what kind of software would be required etc then I would be most appreciative. If anyone has any notion of what diection to point me in (and kick me in the arse as I go on my way there) I'd also be very thankful.

Megazine / Meg 322 - Snapshot
« on: 24 March, 2012, 12:37:18 PM »
No thread for this yet?


General / Subscriber incentives
« on: 16 January, 2005, 11:25:05 PM »
I'm a subscriber but I also want the rather lush Poster that is currently being given away for new-commers to the fold. Is there anyway of getting hold of it if you already do what the marketing men want you to do?????????????

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