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Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 07 May, 2019, 02:26:51 pm »
I found the voices in Senua's head incredibly unsettling, almost difficult to play at times! Glad I got through it though, very unique game.

Far Cry 2 is best Far Cry.

Yeah its a minefield isn't it, there's the 16-bit generation of which I'd say the TG-16 is an early member of, and then whether the hardware itself warrants the term 16-bit. Which is messy with the TG-16, and even the SNES and Mega Drive too as all of them contain 8-bit and even 32-bit aspects as well as the requisite 16-bit ones. Then later we get the Jag adding up components to make wonky claims of 64-bit hah!

One gripe I do have as an occasional pixel artist and classic games fan, I don't like it when people use '8-bit' as a blanket term for anything remotely pixelly! But I won't be attacking any Youtubers over it :)

Would love to see technical vid on the MS hardware itself, I've been down that rabbit hole myself making pixel art that would run on real hardware (although I often threw the sprite limit out the window).

Nice one, good review! Got a new appreciation of R-Type now after having played through the third. This one definitely beats the Game Boy version for the crown of best 8-bit port I think!

Man, I love the Master System, such great hardware, more powerful than a NES in its palette abilities. Got under-utilised and I don't think we ever truly saw the best of it, mainly down to Nintendo's ultimately illegal licencing requirements.

Also, my friend bought a MS copy of R-type a few weeks ago and I've been looking forward to going round to his house and playing it, now even more!

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 24 April, 2019, 08:44:37 pm »
Absolutely agree on Crackdown 3, had a great time with that game! I do think they over-promised early on with the cloud destruction tech demos, and it meant when it came out people maybe just couldn't get past that it wasn't the revolutionary thing it was once touted as. Instead it's just a very good Crackdown game and that was good enough for me.

Also your mention of Chaos Engine has me wanting to dig out my Armiga emulator and give that a run now!

It's top isn't it. Yeah you could be right there, such a shame as they're cheating themselves out of enjoying a great game nonetheless. I do remember when the cloud destruction feature was first shown off and feeling that it'd be absolutely awesome if it was in the campaign, I love destruction like in Bad Company etc and there's not enough of it in games. But ever since they said it was multiplayer-only (must be years ago now) that aspect of the game has been off my radar really and I was just looking forward to a next-gen Crackdown game. They also pretty much separated the two modes into individual games, campaign and multiplayer having their own downloads and achievement lists, I bet they were trying to get the campaign clear of the multiplayer stink-bomb.

I second that, dig out the Amiga emulator! Speaking of Bitmap Brothers I fired up Gods on SNES for a little bit the other day, yikes that game is hard. Stuff just flies at you at 100 mph, it's often not clear how to avoid it :D

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 23 April, 2019, 11:04:45 pm »
I played through Darksiders 3 and Crackdown 3 recently, two fantastic and confoundingly underrated games.

Darksiders 3 adopts some concepts popularised with the Souls games, bonfires and levelling and general toughness, whilst very much keeping its own identity to become my favourite in the series. The level design is great, the puzzles to solve and powers needed to explore are fun and well integrated into the character, combat is methodical and satisfying, and it all looks and sounds fantastic. I still think about the 20-second melancholy leitmotif that could make Fury picking her nose seem epic. Its problems are a basic story (it was already a daft soap opera) and the very occasional rough edge technically, both down to budget I bet, but it's water off a duck's back when the game is so good. They put the money where it was needed.

Crackdown 3 is Crackdown 1 turned up to 11, but CD1 for my money was a very good game. More powers, more scale, more guns, more destruction, more intensity, as a fan I couldn't really ask for more. Hunting orbs is still fun and as addictive as crack, and the progression as you leap higher, hit harder, dash further and ultimately own the city is extremely satisfying. The crazy physics are back as well as you drive up the sides of buildings and punch enemies 300 feet out to sea, and they had me and my co-op partner laughing like drains all the way through. I also think it looks jaw-dropping!! It has that chunky, stylised look that I guess some people don't like, but it in no way looks rough up close and it helps them achieve the crazy scale and draw distance you see, all dripping in dazzling lights and building-sized holograms. Even the atmospheric effects like the fog hanging around coastal areas have a neon glow to them. Maybe Rebellion could partner with Sumo to help them make MC1 if they ever do! For me this was all down-sampled to non-HDR 1080p too. I can only imagine what it looks like on a top of the range 4k HDR OLED.

I played through a couple of SNES games too, R-Type III and Operation Logic Bomb: The Ultimate Search & Destroy (as my friend said, a hell of a name :D).

R-Type III was great! I'm not much of a shmup guy but I resolved to make myself play through some of the big guns, and I'm glad I started. Tough as old boots like! It's only 6 levels but it kicked my arse for a couple of hours a night for at least week before I finally fired my force orb thing rearwards into the Bydo mastermind's gob, sending him back through his portal whence he came. There's more depth than I realised to the combat, with you being able to detach the force orb and have it move freely but still shoot on your behalf, along with different weapon types and ship types and more. I never really mastered it, I won't be attempting the advanced mode you unlock when you beat it, but it was unadulterated oldschool fun and I was suprised how much I got into the soundtrack. I found it quite strange - theres some chilled, funky licks as you race to save the last of humanity from space-faring genetic horrors, but I love that when the music pulls in its own direction and add a new dimension (no pun intended).

Operation Logic Bomb is good, its a top-down shooter a la Chaos Engine with some really cool gadgets and weapons to use and other neat touches. Theres a ricochet weapon that lets you shoot enemies round corners (it'd be a must in a Dredd top-down shooter, was it in DvsZ?), directional claymore mines and a hologram of yourself that attracts attention. It's also not that hard at all, I like a challenge of course but I also like a game that has been balanced to make sure you're often progressing without being toooo easy and its always a pleasant surprise to find in games of this vintage! Outside of the awesome intro and underwhelming Castlevania-style outro, the story is told in CCTV footage you find, which is also a cool touch for an old game! We're still doing this today in games like Dead Space, it works great. Theres no dialogue here really, the vids are like little plays as we see the inter-dimensional enemies invade the base and interfere with the technology and kill and harvest the humans and androids. In one scene you see some androids fight the boss you will soon fight yourself and you see its weakspot and which weapons he is weak to, clever. All in all well worth a punt but you will fire through it fast!

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 27 March, 2019, 10:42:57 pm »
Yeah I only played the first series of TWD, I liked the story but I kind of lost interest in telltale games in general shortly after, hearing along the way that the rest of the TWD was a step down didn't help.  Nice to hear it ends on a high though!

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 26 February, 2019, 06:30:23 pm »
Yes! Blast Corps is a classic, still well worth a playthrough today and it's on Rare Replay if anyone has an XBONE. Man, Rare rocked the N64 didn't they.

Interestingly I heard that in their attempts to get DMA to make what Nintendo wanted, Nintendo showed them Rare's Blast Corps as a kind of benchmark of what's possible on N64. So it strikes me as entirely possible that Blast Corps may be responsible for some of the vehicle system and destruction DNA in Body Harvest, considering the similarities.

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 25 February, 2019, 09:21:01 pm »

You certainly do Keef- the true sequel to RE2.

I only played through Code Veronica once on the Dreamcast back in the day, and I remember being absolutely blown away by the advancement of the graphics.

I hear that, a lot of DC games stunned me back then! That generation (with DC as the vanguard) was the tipping point where consoles had practically caught up with arcades, fantastic ports like Soul Calibur and House of the Dead 2 made me go cross-eyed. To the detriment of arcades, unfortunately!

CV is also just a really good Resi game, a tricky one too especially if you go for the highest rank - I think you get one save (the one where the disc change was, that save remains in this version) and all sorts of other limitations..

Well done on beating the 4th survivor Keef! I'm the same I left it at that, the game has already given me mild PTSD :D . I'm not much of a high score guy either, so without the carrot of an achievement or unlock I've not got much interest in whittling down my time.

Currently on the last level of Body Harvest on N64, a childhood favourite. I don't know if it's because I'm playing the NTSC version but it's been a lot harder than last time I played through (a couple of years ago on PAL). Still very impressive, super ambitious for 1998 and really original.

It had a rather troubled development though, DMA (now Rockstar North) were at loggerheads with Nintendo over the direction of the game, with Nintendo eventually cancelling the contract and DMA finding other partners, and then upon release it didn't set reviews on fire or sell great. A lot of aspects that Nintendo pushed stayed in though, things like RPG elements and a more serious tone, and they really make it in my opinion. It would've been a silly tongue in cheek arcade shooter otherwise and I think what we got is more interesting. The soundtrack for example is fantastic, it's pretty much a horror soundtrack which does most of the heavy lifting in setting the tone befitting such a grim premise, overpowering the colourful early 3d graphics' attempts to make you feel comfortable.

I'd love a sequel in this day of copious, formulaic open-world games, all the trouble behind the scenes might explain why it's not been revisited by Rockstar though. I have a friend who worked there and the first thing I asked him when he started his job was 'Where are the Body Harvest posters? Do you walk past a statue of Adam Drake in the lobby??' - absolutely not, he laughed (he liked to rib me about my fandom before he even got the job, although he has since played it himself and has more respect for it :D ).

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 21 February, 2019, 07:07:42 pm »
Also, Code Veronica X just went backwards compatible so it really is just a RE3 shaped hole now! Although I will say it'd be nice to have a way to play the original versions 1 - 3 on Xbox rather than just the remakes, I'd buy 'em.

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 21 February, 2019, 02:44:22 pm »
Right, that makes sense. I did wonder what would happen if you led his first incarnation over to the stairs, would there be two of them?? :D There is a glitch where that happens in the campaign, posted on youtube. Terrifying, imagine hearing 2 sets of stomping footsteps coming at you from different sides.

Ah yeah the blob on the balcony (sounds like an alien love story). Think they're called G adults in the lore. They're basically teratomas aren't they, disgusting. I must've got lucky on my runs though as he was never blocking the ladder completely, I always managed to get down it. I think you can go both ways round him too, so maybe one is more reliable?

The end is so intense! That first corner mainly, it's like piccadilly circus. Grenade's a must there, although I'd run out when I did it and got lucky that only zombies grabbed me (not the one hit kill plants, or the blob, or Mr X who's probably catching up by now) as I barged through the melee. Phew. Then it's strategic shotgun headshots to the exit!

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 19 February, 2019, 06:23:17 pm »
Yeah definitely don't try to fight everything, it's encouraging you to duck and weave past the enemies as much as possible. Which is something I love about Resi, how when you first play you're hording ammo like a nutter and trying your best to exterminate every last thing to alleviate the tension. Then as you learn the maps and gameplay and start trying to get the unlocks, you grow in confidence and end up YOLOing past everything you can. It's the endgame I'd say, in a game designed to be played multiple times, and the ramp to it is great. Then a mode like the 4th survivor is like a gauntlet for those skills.

I actually got hit twice by Mr. X on the successful run, both times were when he first appears, one after the other making me use a precious health item. I got stuck on something trying to run round him, I bet you can though. I'd definitely save a flashbang for the second time he appears in front of you (on the stairs) because between him and all the zombies there it's pretty tasty and you can stun them all in one go.

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 09 February, 2019, 05:21:25 pm »
Speaking of Baldur's Gate, that's coming to consoles soon I hear! I assume its a port of that enhanced edition on PC. A bunch of others too, including Planescape: Torment. Always wanted to give that a go, I got it for my ex-girlfriend many years ago and she loved it.

I'm halfway through Quake II on N64, really enjoying it! I played Quake back in the day but I never got round to the second one. I love all the modern trappings of current games, but sometimes I just want to pick up keys and vent guns without much thought. I don't even have to think about reloading weapons! I wish there were more modern games using the old id FPS formula, maybe there are some indie efforts I'm missing. John Romero's Sigil will provide more Doom when that comes out but it'd be nice to see some new IP in the genre.

The control setup I've got is interesting, I'm using my right hand on the middle prong to control the stick to aim and trigger to shoot, and my left hand on the left prong to use the dpad to move forward, back and strafe and my left index finger on the left shoulder button to jump. Quake-guy pushes switches etc just by coming into contact so the only odd thing I have to do is changing weapons (pressing the A and B buttons, by swinging over my right thumb), but my bisected queen facehugger hands make that pretty easy.

So ultimately it feels almost modern, moving with the left and aiming and shooting with the right. I've never, ever held an N64 pad like this and now I'm wondering whether more FPS games support it!

Also shout-out to San Francisco Rush on the N64, a deeply flawed, utterly broken game that I have to force friends to play with me because I inexplicably love it.


Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 04 February, 2019, 09:08:54 pm »
Finished a second playthrough of RE2, this time with Claire. I'd forgotten how the scenarios worked back in the day so I played both characters' 'A' scenarios when it makes more sense to do Leon A Claire B and vice-versa, as then it actually plays as a 'this is what they were up to during your last playthrough' sort of deal. Playing both the A scenarios back to back a lot of it is identical (just with the characters swapped) but it also diverges in a few really cool ways so you do get chunks that are different.

I did this too, whoops! Didn't impact my enjoyment though, it was always a joy. A pant-shitting joy.

I've played all the scenarios now and the returning '4th Survivor' mode which was perhaps even more adrenaline inducing than the campaigns in places. You're Hunk on a timer trying to hot-foot it from the sewers to the streets (although the route goes round the houses a bit in places to make it longer). You have to make do with what's in your inventory at the start and the game really throws everything at you, the last section is intense, particularly if you've squandered your grenades earlier. I paced around my house a bit after beating it XD

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 30 January, 2019, 04:00:38 pm »
I know exactly what you mean about filling the RE3 hole, and I bet it'll happen mate! I definitely think it'll have sold well as it did great critically and the marketing is everywhere, not to mention RE2 is most people's favourite one. But with 2 and 3 sharing a location amongst other things, they've already created a lot of assets they could reuse, I bet they're biased towards doing it! So exciting, RE3 could be even scarier than this remake..

Games / Re: Nintendo Switch
« on: 30 January, 2019, 03:42:05 pm »
But happy that WARGROOVE (Advance Wars but with dragons) is out on 1st Feb. Advance Wars ruined my life! In a good way.

Oooh thanks for the heads up I'll keep an eye on that. Massive Advance Wars fan myself, even played some of the ones on Gameboy and NES (Gameboy Wars and Famicon Wars respectively). I've been battering the DS versions again before bed recently, I just finished a Hard Campaign on Dual Strike and now I'm polishing off the challenge maps on Days of Ruin! Days of Ruin is definitely the weakest of the modern era but still, close enough :D

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