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Williams, because I'm not mad.



Ennis has a body of work that if it were just his run on Hellblazer, would make him one of my top comics writers full stop. But his 2000AD work was too rough and raw to beat Hope in my affections.


Moore. Always, always Moore. For Halo, for Skizz, for Time Twisters, for the Platinum Horde, for "the manager smiled and stole my gold watch", for "Mind the oranges, Marlon!", for 'Red Planet Blues' and then for walking away quite rightly, and giving us stuff to debate still, decades later.


Well, obviously Robbie Morrison. However, Fleisher does get unfairly knocked about in these parts- which is understandable, as his work for Tharg was on the whole a bit crap (and seemed to go on forever). In contrast, his other comics- notably Jonah Hex and from my point of view Conan- were much better. He was, without doubt, one of Western antihero Jonah's leading writers, and Jonah Hex is an amazing comic which I have grown to love hugely this last few years.

But Morrison, because Dante.


Other Reviews / Re: SMASH! Special May 2020
« on: 02 June, 2020, 09:46:10 PM »
I'd agree with everything Tordles said about Mytek there. Despite my abiding love of The Spider, it was Mytek that bagged my first reread when I picked the Smash! special up a second time. It's just... on a different level. It felt, to me, important. Like it was saying something. And in a strip that is ostensibly about a giant robot gorilla, that was astonishing.

If Mytek doesnt get continued, but entertaining fluff like Johnny Future or Thunderbolt (or arguably Skip Tracer to a lesser extent in the "entertaining" stakes, or god help us The Alienist) then Tharg has lost his galactic marbles.


Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 02 June, 2020, 09:01:31 AM »
I wish there was a collected Vector 13. I really enjoyed that series.

Not an opinion you will find often expressed around here, but one I wholeheartedly support. V13 was a particular highlight of that period, and one for which I have been known to rummage through the boxes and drag out the relevant progs. There arent many strips I will do that for, preferring instead to wait for the inevitable trade or floppy (why do I keep the full run, boxed in the spare room, where it baits my wife? Um...)
However, since there seems to be practically zero chance of a V13 trade, it's up to the likes of you and me to cough from time to time and draw attention to it.


Steve Moore- because, along with writing many other things that I grew up loving unreservedly, he also wrote the criminally underrated Tales of Telguuth, which is one of my favourite prog things ever.


Alec Worley, absolutely.

Tom Tully, because Hogan wrote Zaucer of Zilk and Timehouse apparently.


Alan Hebden, for El Mestizo, Major Eazy, The Tower King, The Fifth Horseman, Meltdown Man, Holocaust, Mind Wars and the inescapable truth that he did his best work away from the prog, sadly.


Ian Edgington.

Mr Smith. Always Mr Smith.

McKenzie. Though typesd with gritted teeth.

Dan Abnett. I genuinely dont think there's another writer like him. Hes responsible for three of my all time favourite Thrills- SiniDex, Brink and Lawless- as well as literally scores of other comics I absolutely love. If it came down to a Mills vs Abnett final, I think I might be forced to create a new fake profile in order to assuage my conscience and vote for both.


Yeah, McConville- even though hes so far off my radar I had to check who he was.

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