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Classifieds / VALUATION: Crisis #1 Signed & Annuals
« on: 10 January, 2018, 11:23:27 am »

I found this forum whilst looking  at trying to get an approximate valuation of a few comics and books.

So I have a Crisis #1 signed by Pat Mills, Carlos Ezquerra, John Smith and Jim Baikie, it is in good condition with a little yellowing on the bottom, but that is all, stored in the bag of a long defunct Bristol comic and game shop I got when it was purchased back in '88, the comic was purchased by myself, I purchased two at the time, one to read and this one.

I also have two annuals, 2000AD 1990 and ABC Warriors Book One, I guess from a similar year.

Any idea on their worth or anyone who would like to buy them?

As much as I still love the characters I don't have the space or time these days  :(

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