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General / Re: Android app issues
« on: 17 June, 2015, 11:00:17 PM »
I had those issues pretty much every week up until the latest version, have you updated it recently?

The most recent version has been pretty solid for me.

Games / Re: star wars battlefront "leaked footage"
« on: 17 June, 2015, 03:20:38 PM »
I'm really on the fence about this one.

On one hand it looks incredible but on the other it is an EA / Dice game so it will be buggy as hell on release and probably pushed out the door whether it's ready or not. Then there will be the cluster-fuck of DLC that will fragment the player base.

I'll probably wait until the price drops and it's been patched up a bit before buying.

Games / Re: Fallout 4
« on: 15 June, 2015, 03:24:32 PM »
Some gameplay footage here from the start of the game showing the character creation and some combat from further in.



Looks better than it did in the trailer :)

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 12 June, 2015, 05:25:45 PM »
If you like scary games try Amnesia - the Dark Descent, It is on the flash sales currently and is up there with Outlast and Alien isolation for scaryness.

Finally went to see Mad Max last night and was sat in front of a mentally handicapped teenage girl who talked, clapped and shouted all through the film.

Naturally it spoiled my enjoyment of the movie and now I feel bad because of feeling bad about it, if that makes any sense at all  :(.

General / Re: Paper or digital?
« on: 04 June, 2015, 04:49:53 PM »
I converted to digital earlier this year, around the time the Android version of the 2000AD app was released and I much prefer it to paper now.

What do you read it on?

A Nexus 7. It's not ideal but manageable, you wouldn't really want to go much smaller than a 7 inch screen.

If you want to see how it reads on your own device there is some free content on the app you can grab.

General / Re: Paper or digital?
« on: 04 June, 2015, 01:53:13 PM »
I converted to digital earlier this year, around the time the Android version of the 2000AD app was released and I much prefer it to paper now.

I don't have the room for the paper progs and I have lost interest in collecting these days so it's all about the content for me. I also travel a fair bit so it's good to have access to my prog when I am away from home.

The only downside for me has been the Android app itself, I have come very close to cancelling my sub in frustration on more than one occasion due to my prog failing to appear or the app losing my login details. At one point it was happening every other week. The support guys have always sorted it out promptly and the latest version of the app seems to have improved things.

Games / Re: Fallout 4
« on: 03 June, 2015, 05:44:42 PM »
I'm really excited for this, I loved Fallout 3.

It looks like they are trying to push the existing engine to it's limits rather than using a new one, it looks a little last gen in places but the character animation looks vastly improved. Still, early days yet.

So, do we get to play as a dog this time around :)

Tips, there is a lot of good info on fighting these parking scrotes here too.


Might be worth a look.

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« on: 01 June, 2015, 02:27:52 PM »
Avast is another good free antivirus.

Off Topic / Re: Life's so drokking fantastic because (the rebirth)
« on: 30 May, 2015, 09:13:01 AM »
Quit my job yesterday and explained to my unethical boss exactly why I was going. He didn't even flinch so either he has one hell of a poker face or he truly is a soulless corporate robot. Either way that's his problem and he isn't mine any longer.

I have a terrific new job lined up and I get to work with a great bunch of people and I now have five or six glorious weeks of gardening leave on full pay (and they let me hang on to the car for the duration too :D). The weight of the world has been lifted and I feel like a kid again on the first day of the summer holidays!

Off Topic / Re: Science is Drokking Fantastic Because...
« on: 23 May, 2015, 01:24:35 PM »
co-codamol.....just kicking in and I feel a bit happy!

It's the good stuff.

I hurt my back a few years ago and needed to keep working so I stupidly necked a couple of my wife's out of date prescription Co-codamol before jumping in my car and heading off. I had no idea how strong this stuff was and I had to pull over when it kicked in because it felt like I was driving a hovercraft.

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 23 May, 2015, 10:33:43 AM »
No mention of The Witcher 3? What madness is this!? Yeah, if you're a fan of action RPG's, story-driven games or huge open worlds, then you might want to pick this up, regardless of whether or not you've played the previous two. As a big fan of the last two, which are a couple of my favourite games period, I've been amazed by how this one has far surpassed them in every respect. Still only in the first major area of the game (which feels really vast but, compared to the three main areas the game takes place in, is actually tiny, which is ridiculous) but if the rest are as incredibly detailed as this with amazing quests of their own then I can safely say that this is easily one of the greatest games ever made without a doubt.

I am interested in this but held off due to having too much to play at the moment, I will probably pick it up later though.

I did play the first one and enjoyed it but never really liked the combat system, have they changed it in the subsequent games or is it still the same?

Off Topic / Re: IT'S PUN TIME!!
« on: 29 April, 2015, 05:37:24 PM »
Did you know that the pun is the lowest form of humour often and that all I will say about that for now!

Unless you want to know more.

Film & TV / Re: Suicide Squad has (most of) its cast
« on: 26 April, 2015, 10:43:36 AM »
I don't think this is the actual look of the Joker in the film, it's probably just some marketing thing. The only thing in the photo that is consistent with the leaked set pictures is the green hair.

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