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Help! / Re: Judge Dredd fact checking
« on: Today at 04:28:21 pm »
who was the chife judge after the apokolapse war

so it would tenickly be posible for a civilon to end up with a demichion hopper

ok so outher judges have worked in the meg what about lawenforcment from outher worlds?


Only governments have been shown having access to that kind of tech, but billionaires like Bezos and Musk are doing what only governments could do until a few years ago, so why not.

I can't think of alien cops working in MC1. Trapper Hag showed up saying he was a bonded agent collecting convicted criminals; Dredd's line was that nobody operates in MC1 without the CJ's authorisation. Same with Johnny Alpha.

Also the Law Lords, who have made appearances in two stories (one at Lawcon, the other a few years back).

General / Re: Digest vs TPB. Why so small?
« on: Today at 04:22:35 pm »
The main problem here is that Tharg, being a wise and ancient Betelgeusian, does not realise that human eyesight starts to fail - so we can't see the words as clearly as he can!

General / Re: Top 2000AD moments of the last 25 years
« on: 19 November, 2018, 10:33:06 pm »
I do wonder how much nostalgia clouds a comparison of the first 15 years of 2000AD and the last 25 years.

And I am only drawing the line there because the question on this thread was about the last 25 years - I would actually end the early part sooner. But anyway..

...I tend to think I prefer the earlier stories and artists but as Tordel's say this exercise is good to show there is also a lot of great stuff in the more recent era.

When I think about it, there is another factor at play...I have simply read and re-read the early Progs so much more than the recent ones and so they are more ingrained in my mind.

It is why, for instance I felt no need to buy the Apocalypse War in the Mega Collection, but snapped up Tour of Duty - I have read those original Progs with AW in them so often, but had never re-read ToD. And it is only on a re-read that I am happy to place it as the equal of things like The Apocalypse War, Judge Child, the Day the Law Died etc.

It is a bit like when I only had a handful of albums, I could name every song, now I have hundreds, I can't

I agree with absolutely everything you've said there (except for buying collections of things I already have in their comic form - space is too much of a premium for me).

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« on: 19 November, 2018, 08:52:41 pm »
I thought it was funny in the latest episode covering 426 where Conrad and Fox puzzled over why the US letter had the address stated as Fargo, USA without mentioning the state. The state seems superfluous to us and is never used in the UK, although US music acts touring Europe will sometimes state 'London, England', 'Glasgow, Scotland', 'Paris, France', etc on their tour posters. It looks odd to us, as it implies we could be confused and think they mean another London/Glasgow/Paris if they do not state the country.

That's Chief Judge Fargo to you, citizen!

Re: London, England - I blame Ontario!

Off Topic / Re: RIPs
« on: 19 November, 2018, 08:50:13 pm »
TV21 comic strip artist Mike Noble has died, aged 88

Damn. I grew up reading his stuff. Loved it.

RiP Mike.

Not an obituary, but this is a nice article about 2000AD alumni Lee Sullivan's friendship with Mike Noble.

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 19 November, 2018, 01:10:03 pm »
We've had one MP murdered, Jo Cox and you have to wonder at the safety implications for others if a new Referendum overturns the first result.
No we haven't - remember, the Brexit vote went through "without a single bullet being fired".

General / Re: Top 2000AD moments of the last 25 years
« on: 19 November, 2018, 12:54:22 pm »
Just thought of a new one - the bit where Sensitive Klegg realises the grave syntactic he made during a full-on Klegg-rage!

General / Re: Top 2000AD moments of the last 25 years
« on: 19 November, 2018, 12:50:06 pm »
It's ALL spoilers, innit? I suspect that's why most posts have tried to be fairly general: this is fast becoming the "ruin every cool surprise Tharg ever pulled off" thread. Shall I tell 'em about Malone and Crispy while we're here?
I was thinking the Malone reveal was pretty good as well, even though I hadn't actually like Sinister Dexter for some time before that (I think it's best when there are no Moses' around).

General / Re: Top 2000AD moments of the last 25 years
« on: 19 November, 2018, 12:47:03 pm »
The panel from Tour of Duty when Niles, Buell, Garcia etc set out on their way to arrest Seinfeld.

Books & Comics / Re: Alan Moore thinks you're a prick!
« on: 19 November, 2018, 12:42:53 pm »

Many happy returns to Mr Gebbie, whose brisk walks into town to pick up a veggie ready meal from M&S will now include a stop at the Post Office to collect his state pension*

Long life, good health and all the best to Moore, his family and however many wives and girlfriends they deem necessary.

* Lovely to think of Moore being told he's inserted his card the wrong way and needing three goes to get his PIN number right, like the old dears in my local. No wonder he and Kev O'Neill are calling it a day with the latest League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which is excellent, by the way

Speaking of which - has their been any update on Leah's health?  Hope she's doing well *fingers crossed*

Seems like quite a while since the most recent installment of LoEG...

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« on: 16 November, 2018, 05:59:13 pm »
A wally is also a gherkin according to my South London bred parents (they're from Shooters Hill in Eltham, which subsequently turns out to be where Bill Savage originally comes from...)
Where else would the most famous Londoner who always wields a shooter come from?

General / Re: Top 2000AD moments of the last 25 years
« on: 16 November, 2018, 04:58:54 pm »
Another Christmas prog Dredd by Wagner and McNeil (grud help my memory for story names) with every single aspect of Dredd present and correct - politics, ruthless perp-crushing, a visit to the niece and the hint of compassion that keeps Dredd interesting.
Was that the one with Dredd and the other clones pretending to be at a family get together at christmas, but just being uncomfortable and wanting to get back out on the streets?

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 16 November, 2018, 11:28:57 am »
I think I enjoy early stront more than the recent ones, nemesis is one of my least favourites. Its distinctive and memorable certainly, but some bits feel a bit of a slog.
As a matter of interest, which bits of Nemesis did you find a slog?

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 16 November, 2018, 11:23:22 am »
Given that you can still get all of Zenith in hardback, I'm not sure it really needs to be in the UC. But, yeah, the lack of John Smith is a major omission. As I've said before, at the very least a Leatherjack/Firekind combo would have been a great inclusion.

Maybe it's being saved for the continuation?

General / Re: Top 2000AD moments of the last 25 years
« on: 16 November, 2018, 09:39:27 am »
My third and last prediction before I start work today!

This one could be a bit divisive, but the last panel published to date of Stickleback where we find out that Stickleback is Sherlock Holmes.  It was quite some while ago so I put the reveal behind a spoiler in case people come across it for the first time in the 2000AD Ultimate Collection.

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