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Suggestions / Re: worst thrills!
« on: 30 March, 2011, 03:23:22 pm »
Seems to me like it was a good thing I stopped reading 2000AD for a while in the Mid 80's,early 90's.  There seem to have been some right stinkers.  I'm starting to dread (no pun intended) the next few Case Files after 17.

As for stuff I have read I think some of the worse thrills were the parody/"quick lets cash in on this" strips, Space Girls and BLAIR 1. Single joke concepts spread too thin to make anything more than at best a couple of two parters.  Not to sure about the Balls Brothers either although it did seem a little (just a little mind) better when I re-read it in the floppy.

Welcome to the board / Re: Hello from the new guy
« on: 30 March, 2011, 01:44:56 pm »
Yeah, I haven't heard of Cabs' return. Please elaborate.

Have you by any chance taken your user name from the character in Kiki's Delivery Service? Tombo means Dragonfly in case you didn't know.

Which manga are you into? I've pretty much stopped buying it now after realising that Naruto, One Piece and Bleach will NEVER EVER END and will keep reusing the same basic plot until the end of time.

I love Death Note, Battle Angel Alita, Eden - It's a Perfect World!, Dragonball and Nausicaa.

Sort of, Tombo was my nickname at school over twenty eight years ago when people kept mispronouncing my surname.  I'd pretty much forgot about it until I saw Kiki and decided to make it my own again  :)  Nausicaa is pretty much the best manga ever written but I also like a really broad (some would say weird) mix including Death Note, XXX-holic, Fruits Basket (!?), Battle Royale, Black Lagoon, Yotsuba & !, and Fullmetal Alchemist.  I also love Neon Genesis Evangelion but despair at it ever getting finished.

Got to agree some other titles just seem to repeat the same story lines ad infinitum, I think I've got the first volume of One Piece somewhere but thats all, I refuse to touch Naruto with a ten foot day stick.

Books & Comics / Re: Whats everyone reading?
« on: 29 March, 2011, 08:11:12 pm »
Lets see,

Words - Into the Out Of, by Alan Dean Foster.  Ancient African spirit/demon/things from another dimension try to destroy the world and its up to an elderly Massai wiseman, an American secret agent (FBI actually), and a tele-saleswoman(!?) to try and stop them.  First read it about twenty years ago and was pleased to discover I could get it print on demand through Waterstones.  The bit where the air hostess gets dragged into the toilet (the bowl, not the room) on a 747 still creeps me out.

After that I think I might give the first Ciaphas Cain trilogy another go, I got distracted twenty or so pages into the first book.

Graphic Novels - Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Vol.2, Eiji Otsuka and Housua Yamazaki.  Buddhist students track down the recently deceased and help grant their last wishes, for a profit if possible.  Covers everything from student suicides over lost love to WWII veterans wishing to apologise to comrades they killed.  Not afraid to mention Japan's bad behaviour in China in the 1930's and 40's either, which is rare.  The art is pretty gruesome as well, even in black and white - mop handle through zombie heads anyone?

On a trip to York today I saw the Origins trade paperback in the window of Oxfam, £6.99 don't mind if I do.  That made the coach trip home a lot easier.  Now I'm just waiting for Case Books 16 and 17 to show up.

On the Kindle - Rivers of London, Ben Aaronovich.  Newbie copper gets dragged into the murky world of magic in the Met.  Very funny (including a couple of gentle digs at Harry Potter and the Twishite, sorry Twilight books), and featuring some very sexy river goddesses.  Looking forward to the sequel in a month or so.

Welcome to the board / Re: Hello from the new guy
« on: 28 March, 2011, 09:08:27 pm »
Thanks for the welcome  :)

xxxxx? is that some imported Australian beer I've never heard of before?

Welcome to the board / Hello from the new guy
« on: 28 March, 2011, 08:50:34 pm »
Just thought I'd say hello, you all seem like a nice bunch.

What's to say about me.  Let's see, I started reading 2000AD back in '77, aged 6!!! (Prog 9 was my first I think, but I got all the back issues from a mate within a month), stopped reading during the late '80s after the chaos of moving house five times in two years (amongst other reasons) before picking back up with Prog 968 (two progs before The Pit started, good timing on my part I reckon).  Started reading the Megazine during Doomsday and haven't looked back.

I'm a big reader of manga (about 500 volumes, various titles) as well as assorted other sci-fi and fantasy books, and I reckon Studio Ghibli make the best anime in the world.

What else, I'm creeping towards 40 years old, I've worked in retail for the last 12 years (RIP Woolies, I miss you), and I've had my photo taken with Steve (Interesting) Davis when I was about twelve.

Oh and sorry about the puddle, I got a bit excited when I saw Cab. Inc. is coming back.

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