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« on: 04 August, 2018, 11:02:59 pm »
There's no way I can afford that plus shipping right now but thanks for highlighting the game because the artwork is right up my street. I've spent ages staring at the prints on sale in his online shop. I can't get enough of it. It's like Fighting Fantasy, White Zombie album art, old Spectrum game covers. Think I could stretch to a couple of posters taken from the game's quest books.

Film Discussion / Re: Dredd (2012)
« on: 17 March, 2018, 03:17:19 pm »
Sorry, second attempt at the link because I couldn't edit.


Film Discussion / Re: Dredd (2012)
« on: 17 March, 2018, 03:14:14 pm »
Saw this on The Quietus, thought I'd share it:

Who directed 2012's Dredd? Was it, as star Karl Urban recently suggested, really Alex Garland? What does it matter? And what do the differences with 1995's Judge Dredd tells us about the future of the comic adaptation?


Announcements / Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth card game
« on: 05 December, 2017, 09:45:08 pm »
Surprised no-one's picked up on this here yet, unless I missed it. Looking forward to there being a JD game that is neither miniature-based nor RPG so I can play it with family members. The upcoming Block War card game looks like it will be a lot of fun but it's only for two players, whereas this is for more. Also, the artwork isn't pilfered from past publications, it's specially commissioned. Based on a game I've never heard of called The Lost Expedition.

Here's a couple of links:



There's lots of Dredd in the pipeline for tabletop gamers at the moment.

Games / Re: The Board Game Thread
« on: 17 November, 2017, 09:37:26 pm »
I really enjoyed Dead of Winter as it turned out I was a traitor whose objective was to secretly prevent the community from surviving while pretending all the while that I was collaborating. I'm useless at lying and always burst out in fits of giggles but the great enjoyment came from everyone angrily blaming another player for dumping petrol and medicine in the food supply, then exiling him when he was totally innocent. His protests just reinforced their accusations and they just thought I was giggling at that.

It's quite a bleak scenario, though, for an evening's entertainment but it doesn't drag on.

Games / Re: 2000AD RPGs
« on: 10 October, 2017, 06:08:04 am »
Thanks for that tidbit, which contains when it will be released: this winter. Not long, then.

Games / Re: Nintendo SNES Mini
« on: 29 September, 2017, 12:59:20 pm »
I have it in my hands, it really is mini. I can't wait to plug it in tonight but first impressions are that it looks great, aesthetically.

P.S. I hate innuendo.

News / Re: Warlord Stront game!
« on: 11 September, 2017, 09:07:46 pm »
No news of how far along this is developed that I can find, but here is one of the developers talking about a recent meeting in April 2017 so there may be some time to wait yet.


Games / Re: 2000AD RPGs
« on: 08 September, 2017, 04:11:14 pm »
We did but my character, a disturbed WWI veteran with alcoholism as a character disadvantage, ended up in the pub getting wasted after failed dice rolls testing my will.

Games / Re: 2000AD RPGs
« on: 08 September, 2017, 07:59:49 am »
No apologies needed, it just heightened the enthusiasm. Will any of you be getting the new 2000 AD RPG material or would be a case of learning yet another system?

I like the fact the first book will be self-contained.

Games / Re: 2000AD RPGs
« on: 07 September, 2017, 09:55:42 pm »
I would never have imagined how much in-depth reference material was required for this. The only core books available where I live for the characters I'm interested in are based on Traveller. It might be worth waiting for the new 2000 AD RPGs to come out and see how they are received before committing the time to understand it well enough to play.

I would need to understand it in detail to convince the gaming group it was worth it. These are people who spent 10 mins in character bickering about whether it was better to visit the Land Registry or Civic Library first during Call of Cthulu.

Games / Re: 2000AD RPGs
« on: 07 September, 2017, 04:37:23 pm »
Thanks, guys, for all this information. That's loads to be getting started with. A bit daunting, even, but don't take that as a complaint.

And thanks, Theblazeuk. Without having looked at it yet I was wondering whether all the open source material meant it wasn't strictly necessary to have any specific Dredd/SD source book since all the material/background for a scenario can be gleaned from the comics.

After reading your conversion tips I'm thinking the GURPS system that the GamesMaster already knows could be used to accommodate a Dredd scenario of my own making. Otherwise the players would have to learn another set of rules.

Seems like there's tons of ways to do it without having to fork out too much.

Games / Re: 2000AD RPGs
« on: 07 September, 2017, 11:58:40 am »
Thanks for such a comprehensive answer. So does that mean if I bought Mongoose's Judge Dredd the Roleplaying Game (the one with Dredd towering over the skyline at dusk), which is based on the D20 system, I would also need an additional set of core rules like the ones you suggested (D20 SRD)?

Likewise for Traveller?

This is a whole new world you're opening up for me here, so cheers.

Games / Re: 2000AD RPGs
« on: 06 September, 2017, 07:25:37 pm »
I was invited to a role playing game night by a friend this week, something I've no experience of whatsoever and had no idea what to expect other than a creeping embarrassment and sense of shame. Yet, once I'd overcome that I absolutely loved it and wish I'd been into it before, when I had bags of time. I can't wait to try more.

It'd be great to introduce these people to Dreddworld or Strontium Dog but the core rules aren't so cheap, so I'd probably just choose one. Could any of you experienced RPGers kindly help me out on something? The game system we used was GURPs for a Call of Cthulu scenario and it seemed straightforward enough after a bit of practice. The rules I've seen for Dredd are both D20 and Traveller, with SD being the latter. Of the two systems which is closest the the GURPs system and accessible for total know-nothings like myself?

I know a new system is coming out but I'm looking at what's on eBay now to get into it ASAP.

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