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Film Discussion / Re: Fantasy sequel Thread.
« on: 13 September, 2012, 02:56:35 pm »
So a bit like Johnny Alpha when he made one of his enemies belive he saw the grim reaper ;)

And sorry for misspelling a couple of words and so on. Wrote the stuff in a rush while being tired = my english takes a serious hit in it's spelling and grammar.

Film Discussion / Re: Fantasy sequel Thread.
« on: 13 September, 2012, 02:50:13 pm »

Death would be like someones inner image of Dredd turned into a giant hypnotic nightmare. A bit like Batman begins when people are zonked on the gas and see scarecrow.

I'd love Dredd to face that, in two ways. One as an enemy, and one way getting to face how he is percieved.

Hmmm, maybe.  Could work - but where does the danger come from?  I mean, the audience knows the whole time that Death is only a psi-projected mirage and doesn't actually exist, so how do you avoid the dreaded 'it was just a dream' conclusion?  Or maybe I've misunderstood your idea?

I was thinking a bit like having people going mental in a part of MC1, lead by these projections. For example people setting fire to everything can see Judge Fire leeding them, and see him in things burning.

And think of Mortis being seen, standing over dead people as if he was watching them. But again not for real, but real enough for the citizens to go crazy.

The chaos itself will be very real, set in motion by all these people hallicunating characters looking like dark jugdes. And behind the judge death is the psi judge, how he'd imagine he'd want to be Dredd since the real Dredd is not "good enough" any longer (as in bad ass).

But seriously. I'd have not problem at all with Death from another dimension like in the comics. Far from. It would probaply be movie of the year  ;) It's just that I don't know the origins of Death, and thought this could be one way of doing it by having Dredd vs someone who wants to kill his idol (But ending with Jesse James putting his fist through Robert Fords head)

Film Discussion / Re: Fantasy sequel Thread.
« on: 13 September, 2012, 11:19:59 am »
That way Death wouldn't open a door to other dimensions, but instead invest into people being psychics. How the psi judge manages to make the hallicunations mass spread could be done by getting some slo mo in his system or something, and give him a bad trip during his upped brain powarz.

Film Discussion / Re: Fantasy sequel Thread.
« on: 13 September, 2012, 11:15:51 am »
(It's kind of hard, though, to see how a supernatural element could be introduced to this realistic version of MC1.  Even the tech isn't all that hi, so too much wacky sci-fi like dimension jumps don't seem apt either.  Any suggestions?  A huge cloning mistake maybe?)

What do you think about by my outline about Death being hallicunated? That a psi judge would project him and the other dark judges into peoples heads.

So when they see the psi judge, they see Death (who himself projects Death the way he portrays Dredd in his own head.).

Death would be like someones inner image of Dredd turned into a giant hypnotic nightmare. A bit like Batman begins when people are zonked on the gas and see scarecrow.

I'd love Dredd to face that, in two ways. One as an enemy, and one way getting to face how he is percieved.

Film Discussion / Re: Fantasy sequel Thread.
« on: 12 September, 2012, 10:00:05 pm »
Since the first Dredd looks a bit like an Anderson story being a mix of the story of Giant getting promoted and Beeny in Cadet (wanting to bring change to the judges), this is what I imagine Garland could be up to next.

The second movie being Cursed earth story(the Booth episode will probably be interwoven with Origins)  and having Chopper comming along for the ride(as a pointman, scout of some sort maybe?) instead of Spike (the criminal who's good at riding a motorbike). An idea would be to let mutants say "Drokk" "Grudd" and so on, as if it was part of a cursed earth dialect.
Could be really cool. Especially if Chopper gets to die as beautiful as in Song for a surfer. Imagine him making a run for it, out the city and Dredd(even if he likes him, can't fight his inner urge to pass judgement), and then he flies on away on his board out into the wasteland. Or as a hero, think about Dark Knight Rises ending but with a hoover board, even Dredd would be moved by it.

The third with Judge Cal and Death will probably blend with Cal's "Sentence the whole city to death" and Death's "Life is a crime". Cal becoming chief judge by blackmail, which gets covered up (due to the scandalicious nature of the shit Cal has). Dredd get's in the know about the cover up and then leaves for the long walk since the "big lie" has gotten to corrupted to high up, and that he knows what he knows could destroy the fait in the system.
Him leaving makes people going nuts. Cal actually tries his best, but is heavily burdened by the fact that the dirty ways of Dredd worked better than his own "shining path" to justice in the eyes of people. Cal could for example be a powerfull psychic like Anderson (being one being the way he got hold of the stuff to blackmail the judges, by reading their minds) and then naturally turns more and more mad than before and in some magic way becomes Death (badly burnt + psychic powarz or something) and naturally(because, who wouldn't?) sentences the whole city to death.
Then Dredd returns and together with Anderson they open up a can of gaze into the fizt of dredd.

I haven't seen the first one yet, but reading the screenplay and watching the trailer makes me think it made the most out the characters as possible instead of going to deep with other stuff (which Matrix 2-3 suffered great from). And that fit for Anderson in the first could also be applied to Chopper as a doomed hero/rebel and a mad Cal who turns worse the more power he gets (could be cool if Dredd being a clone of Fargo making Dredd unsurpassable in Cal's eyes, as if it the Dredd-blood line meant to much for him).

What I'd hope they do with the cursed earth would be a total war story. Them being peaceful, but heavily struck down since protests makes people think instead of the mindnumbing rioting. The movie starts of with a demonstration for democracy which in a split second turns into blood bath "Play dead citizen!", and then tv shows the judges having done the right thing. Things went so bad even Dredd is having remorse, and Total war starts to plan to make the most out of their name "The only art that's legal is propaganda...". So they turn to former President Booth. Dredd is having thoughts about a great walk (reasons being some mix of letter from a democrat/to judge dredd mixed with America) but instead turns to assassinating Booth for the greater good.
The trip through the cursed earth to reach Booth goes by land for some reason, and going there maps out Dredds upbringing: which could be him being cloned as a way to continue Fargo's legacy by being a living symbol ending with killing Fargo thinking him having sex with a woman being attempted rape (the whole Monk thing could confuse Dredd to a point not knowing what sex is plus him being blinded by the big lie). Then a cover up follows, and Dredd turns hardass to being able to cope with what he done.
Well well, all well after Booth killed Dredd returns to MC1. He looks up a Total War member and tells her or she that they're better of without a creep like Booth. But Dredd get's the answer, a question in fact, if he really thinks that they dare using good methods due to that they're scarred of the judges. (I'd love a story where this was explored on a personal level. Good guys using bad guy tactics. Like in America). They turned to someone as scary as Booth to match the judges. Dredd get's the last word, something well said, and then it's the end of that.

Third movie could use a psychic making people hallucinate the dark judges. Say that a psi judge is being obsessed with Dredd, but feels betrayed due to Dredd having some doubt about what he does, and then turns radical. The psi judge gets zonked on some mind altering drug and becomes powerful enough to spread a mass hallucination.
Judge fire would be seen leading people to burn stuff.
Fear makes people run off ledges or what not.
Mortis is seen watching over the dead as a scary looking angel.
Death is the psi judges inner reflection of Dredd, what his obsession and anger with him has made Dredd look like, and the psi judge is seen as him.
Could be a fairly simple but effective horror movie. The dark judges being a bit like Batman begins scarecrow hallucinations but in 3D. And Dredd ending it with a fist of Dredd. He then warns about how easy it is to take down a system contra how dangerous it is to make a new one.

I think Garland will make the story personal. Dredd and Anderson. Dredd and Chopper. Dredd and Cal. I'd love if the it got a symbol angle. Dredd more or less fighting his disappointment about Fargo not being perfect by killing Booth( and making Total war better) and how easily following someone can turn into killing ones idols with the psi judge being fanatic about Dredd.

As I mentioned, I hope Garland doesn't goes to big and far with things. 95 Dredd was a mix of stories turned into a mess. Hopefully it'll be more in the details, small ones, so that it doesn't get in the way of the characters.

Film Discussion / Re: Dredd (2012)
« on: 12 September, 2012, 03:31:16 pm »
Correct me if I'm wrong, but when I watch a 3D movie I sometimes close one eye at the time to "rest" my eyesight. And when I do that, I see 2D.

Can't he watch it that way? 2D, but with a pare of cool 3D glasses on?

Film Discussion / Re: Dredd (2012)
« on: 12 September, 2012, 05:47:58 am »
It took a couple of phone calls and emails but now it's official: DREDD will be shown in my town 14 of October! A bit late to the party, but still MEGA!  :lol:

Film Discussion / Re: Links to film reviews and reaction posts
« on: 11 September, 2012, 05:15:14 pm »
Gotta hand it to the kid, great review. A lot of other good ones on youtube too. Great that many seem to embrace the concept. A violent but beautiful film. Like a 70's thriller mixed with a 80's action.

Can't seriously wait. Feels like the movie will grant me a smile that'll break my cheeks.

Film Discussion / Re: Message/Letter to Dredd 3D team from the fans!
« on: 11 September, 2012, 12:51:42 pm »
A big thanks to everyone involved in making this movie!

And also to Goaty, for posting this  :)

Film Discussion / Re: Dredd-2 (2014)
« on: 10 September, 2012, 01:08:13 pm »
Is it okay to post in this, or should the fantasy thread be used?

I'm thinking of posting something longer. I don't want to post it in the wrong thread :)

Film Discussion / Re: Links to film reviews and reaction posts
« on: 10 September, 2012, 08:15:08 am »
Grudd, I'm just getting more and more up'edy about the film. Haven't been this stirred up since Sin City or Inglourious basterds.

Hopefully it'll get a release where I live, about as north as north can be in Sweden, thanks to the 3D stuff. If it doesn't, then it'll probaply be about 70 miles to the nearest theatre who'll show it.

Film & TV / Re: RoboCop - Murphy's Law
« on: 09 September, 2012, 09:13:44 am »
This (was at least, they'v removed the "details" now) makes things look a bit brighter. http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/09/06/robocop-script-gets-a-second-opinion said the transformer part being mostly colour and minor details. The film will expand upon Murphy loosing his humanity step by step. So who knows, may be good. But it's probably best to remain a bit of a sceptic, at least when hearing what  Future of the left's take on it is with their song "Robocop4 Fuck of Robocop :lol:


Future of the left - Robocop 4 Fuck off robocop

more jaws?
or jaws rebooted?
please - let's take a second to think about a future
of love
and bliss
brought to you by
wish lists
of eight year old boys who only crave explosions
being eight
they have an excuse -
they are eight!
and giant robots cannot distract them from their fate

middle aged men on a movie date
committed to mortal shame

in fact- they left improved
if Michael Bay wants a bigger house, let's help him
where you from?
where you been?
he said -
I went to Cannes once and and really did not have much
being French
they talk too much
and all those pages of subtitles kept getting stuck

1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3
1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3

pirates of the caribbean 47
johnny depp stars as the robot pirate
who (loses) his wife in a game of poker
and tries to win her back with hilarious consequences
at least Harry Potter has a proper story
in the sense that the characters crave an ending
if (only) to release poor Billy Corgan
from his role as the titular character's nemesis
robocop 4 is in pre-production
like robocop 3 wasn't bad enough
and George Lucas won't be kicking his heels
til he makes some money from Howard the Duck
robocop 4 is in pre-production
like robocop 3 wasn't bad enough
i hope the projectionist likes his action
motion tracked and medicated

Film Discussion / Re: Dredd (2012)
« on: 09 September, 2012, 08:59:42 am »

Film Discussion / Re: Dredd (2012)
« on: 09 September, 2012, 08:58:53 am »
So basicly Dredd3D is Robocop2 minus the giant cyborg and some other stuff  ;)

Film Discussion / Re: DREDD prequel comic
« on: 04 September, 2012, 08:42:05 pm »
A direct link to the comic http://www.scribd.com/doc/104439907/DREDD-MA-MA

Usually tie-in comics have't been great, but this was good. No "forced" focus on Dredd to explain him to new readers, but interestingly having him the background and Ma-Ma in the lead.

-An animal?
-Of the human variety.

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