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General / Re: Block Mania is back!
« on: 27 November, 2020, 12:17:54 PM »
I also ordered it. Something to look forward to once my board game group can meet up again.

Prog / Re: Prog 2208 - The Powers of London!
« on: 26 November, 2020, 11:23:55 AM »
It has arrived! Hooray!

Film & TV / Re: The Trailer Thread
« on: 25 November, 2020, 03:32:48 PM »
I'm genuinely curious to see how the Snyder cut will perform, as I don't see it having any sort of appeal to a general audience. Maybe I'm wrong?

Obviously I'm not curious to actually watch the film. It looks awful.

Books & Comics / Re: SPACEWARP - New Venture from Pat Mills
« on: 25 November, 2020, 02:55:35 PM »
Quite enjoying all the recommendations for good comics on this thread. Hilda's a big hit here, also. It's one of those mythical stories that somehow magically seems as if it's always existed.

Yeah, I've got a few ideas for the Christmas stocking!

Books & Comics / Re: SPACEWARP - New Venture from Pat Mills
« on: 25 November, 2020, 02:19:46 PM »
Yes, she and I both enjoyed The Secret of Black Rock (which I think I bought at Gosh!). Beautiful artwork with some very clear storytelling.

Hilda is also a big hit with us, but she found one of the later books a bit too scary. I'm glad to see the second series of that will be out on Netflix shortly.

Books & Comics / Re: SPACEWARP - New Venture from Pat Mills
« on: 25 November, 2020, 01:43:48 PM »
My 6 year old is exactly the same. She loves Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbes, Beano, Dogman, Narwhal & Jellyfish, DC Superhero Girls, My Little Pony, Spidey and Bunny vs Monkey. There are plenty of comics out there selling well for younger readers.

I've also picked up a heap of random stuff from Gosh! when I'm down in that there London. They have the best kids comics selection of any shop I've been to.

Will have to try her on The Lumberjanes, for some reason I thought that was for an older readership.

Books & Comics / Re: Alan Dean Foster
« on: 25 November, 2020, 10:06:39 AM »
Then writers must amend their contracts to stipulate that the company can not sell their catalog without a writers permission.

A major publisher would never accept this. They could effectively be held to ransom by their authors if they wanted to sell/merge.

I'm not a lawyer, but this is not how I understand contract law works in any other field. You can't simply shed the responsibilities of a contract. It would be a free-for-all if this was the case.

Books & Comics / Re: Alan Dean Foster
« on: 25 November, 2020, 09:56:36 AM »
The SFWA have put that point far more clearly and eloquently in their post:
Quote from: SFWA
The larger problem has the potential to affect every writer. Disney’s argument is that they have purchased the rights but not the obligations of the contract. In other words, they believe they have the right to publish work, but are not obligated to pay the writer no matter what the contract says. If we let this stand, it could set precedent to fundamentally alter the way copyright and contracts operate in the United States. All a publisher would have to do to break a contract would be to sell it to a sibling company.

Books & Comics / Re: Alan Dean Foster
« on: 25 November, 2020, 09:53:31 AM »
Yes, I've seen a few SF writers commenting on this.

If Disney's argument is correct, then any publisher could break an agreement with an author simply by selling the rights to another party. This seems transparently wrong, but Disney have had great success in bending copyright law to their will, so maybe they think they can do this too?

Prog / Re: Prog 2209 - Bad Blood!
« on: 25 November, 2020, 08:20:15 AM »
Wait.... have people actually got this prog? Is this on digital only?

Books & Comics / Re: SPACEWARP - New Venture from Pat Mills
« on: 24 November, 2020, 03:54:26 PM »
Apart from anything else, kids are reading comics. They’re just not reading the same kind of comics or in the same format as previous generations. I hope Spacewarp works out, but is it really for kids?

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« on: 24 November, 2020, 09:06:47 AM »
I can't help thinking it's time the Trailers section of this board was retired.

And the Wiki section. Five years....

General / Re: That Twitter thread… You know the one
« on: 24 November, 2020, 08:36:49 AM »
Simon Bowland suggested he be more respectful of other creators. Mills told him to “fuck off”.

The Simon Bowland thing was awful. Bowland's point was a reasonable one and politely put. It certainly didn't merit that response (or Dan McDaid piling on). The whole thing was just depressing. I give Pat Mills a lot of slack, but my respect for the man took a real hammering yesterday.

General / Re: That Twitter thread… You know the one
« on: 23 November, 2020, 07:45:27 PM »
It looks like he’s doubling down. This is just unpleasant to watch.

Prog / Re: Prog 2208 - The Powers of London!
« on: 23 November, 2020, 02:37:11 PM »
For those like me who never received this prog, Tharg's minions are now suggesting you contact them:

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