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General / Re: Favourite Art Droid - Tourney's Round 1
« on: Today at 06:09:52 PM »
Yep, I voted Baikie but he did have some stiff competition. Luck of the draw, innit.

Pleasantly surprised to see Simon Harrison get through - I thought everyone hated him except me.

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« on: Today at 06:06:38 PM »
Unable to acquire pumpkins this year (thanks, Obama), I had the opportunity to return to my roots


I carved a turnip last year too, which took me back - I honestly don't remember there being any pumpkins around back when I was a little lad.  It definitely took me back to the days of trick-or-treating wearing a bin bag, and the feeling of sticking your tongue through the mouth-hole of your plastic mask.

If that wasn't spoooooky enough, my dog emerged from the woods and deposited a severed deer leg at our feet.

Feck. That's Antichrist shit right there.

Off Topic / Re: Day of Chaos 2: a.Covid-19 thread.
« on: Today at 06:00:41 PM »
Fair enough. I hadn't realised the half-arsedness of it; I suppose living on my own in a small boat community in the sticks has cut me off a bit. And, although I know it's daft, I'm avoiding the news a bit because it causes me so much anxiety. 

Off Topic / Re: It's a bit warm/ wet/ cold outside
« on: Today at 12:40:51 PM »

It's a bit draughty here, too - but plenty of blackberries, raspberries and such to snaffle. I have a couple of raspberry bushes growing outside my cabin and it's great to grab a couple to chomp on now and then.



You owe it to yourself.

- Kimiko continues her 'ugly duckling' thing and looks ridiculously good

You're still living in Japan, I'm guessing  ;)  But I agree whole-heartedly.  I was never sure whether the comics version of her was a child or an adult (hopefully the latter for Frenchie's sake).  Can't remember if she had a real name in the comics either; everyone on the show does now.

I'm not sure if the Noir reveal can be the same as in the comic, unless Homelander is going to spend the next season or two apparently doing all those awful, Crossed-type things he seems to do in the comic.   Which he may well do, I suppose, judging by his very unpleasant rooftop solo scene in which he proves he is indeed a first-class wanker.

It's a great show and I can't wait for more.  Well done to all involved.

I've been back in Australia for ages, Mr Jayzus.  I'm watching the show with my teenage son who is massively pro-Kimiko.  We're betting on the Noir reveal being the same as in the comics, but really have no idea.

Didn't realise you were an Ozzer!  Yeah, Kimiko is a great character, and it's probably not a bad idea to give the only female member of the team a name other than 'the Female'.  Although it's a good move to bring Starlight into The Boys too, even if it's only on a part-time basis. 

Off Topic / Re: Day of Chaos 2: a.Covid-19 thread.
« on: Today at 12:22:30 PM »
We're two weeks into a six-week lockdown here in Ireland.  Seems to be having some results at least.

Off Topic / Re: It's a bit warm/ wet/ cold outside
« on: Today at 12:21:51 PM »
It's a bit hurricaney here in Ireland; you notice it all the more when you live on a boat.  Also, where were the blackberries this year? I waited and waited but haven't seen more than one or two struggling to grow in the spots where I usually pick loads. 

Prog / Re: Prog 2205: Hanging By Thread!
« on: 30 October, 2020, 05:01:38 PM »

Can we have the next instalment of Hookjaw in the Regened prog? Aw can we, Joko Pogo Bogo or whatever your name is, can we please?

The mad thing is, the original Hookjaw was no less gruesome and aimed at the same age-group the Regened prog is.

Off Topic / Re: The Black Dog Thread
« on: 29 October, 2020, 02:47:15 PM »
Fuck fuck fuckitty fuck fuck. Fuck. Fucking teaching!


Why not just let all the students who don't want to learn anything fuck off - we could film them in the wilderness, trying to fend for themselves but being miserably inept because even though they're too cool for school all that means actually is that they're just pathetically inept and get eaten by passing bears as they desperately try to carve miniatures for D&D out of bark with their teeth.

I was them. Now I teach them. It's a curse!

And breathe.

It truly is soul-destroying, teaching people who don't want to learn.  I'm guessing it's kids or teenagers in your case; in mine it's been visa students who have to attend a minimum number of hours to comply with immigration guidelines.  It's all been online for me over the last 5 months, which makes it way easier to shut out the gobshites and focus on the people who actually care.

Prog / Re: Prog 2205: Hanging By Thread!
« on: 29 October, 2020, 01:26:09 PM »
Dredd - it's fine; I was glad it was lots of small spiders rather than a giant one, I just don't really get into the 'Dredd-versus-giant-scary-monster' strips these days.  I'm getting old, I know, but I'll take grim-and-gritty reality with a few sci-fi elements over all-out fantasy in my Dredd any day.  I'm not quite on board with Rob's characterisation of Dredd yet - all the 'drokkin's' and 'ain'ts' and being unnecessarily rude to other judges just brings back memories of Ennis's early Dredds a bit too much.

Hookjaw - the reveal is fairly horrible, and I'm glad it isn't a shark spliced with that fecking polar bear.  All the working class, everyday folks mixed with the horror and violence brings Cradlegrave to mind, or, indeed, Action.

Fiends is good stuff, as is Stickleback, where the art is just incredible.  I just couldn't get into Skip Tracer in the first series, and I'm afraid I, well, skip Skip every time now.

Mega City 1 comedy doesn't get much better than that, does it?  I miss Al.

Books & Comics / Re: Not book or comics- what else do we read?
« on: 28 October, 2020, 11:18:21 PM »
I haven't missed an issue of Viz for about 25 years. Though that's kind of a comic, I suppose, isn't it?

General / Re: Favourite Art Droid CURRENT - POOL 8 Qualifying
« on: 28 October, 2020, 02:02:39 PM »
Broxton and Coleby for me.

General / Re: Favourite Art Droid CLASSIC - POOL 8 Qualifying
« on: 28 October, 2020, 02:00:59 PM »
Steve Sampson almost purely for his work on a Tyranny Rex one-off in a (I think) Sci-Fi special about an assassination contract on a bunch of mafioso/fashion designers.

There's a 99.9% chance I own that comic, but cannot for the life of me recollect Sampson drawing Tyranny Rex.

I remember that one - had some very risque scenes of Tyranny, er, giving a man a hand with something.  Mind you, that special also had a page 3-style topless Anderson pin-up (with some conveniently placed ghosts).

But back to the matter at hand - Well, I love a lot of the artists on that list. Siku was amazing in fully-painted mode and John McCrea's flowing, madcap pen-and-ink style is a thing of beauty.  Incidentally, when did he upset Tharg?

But it's going to be Frazer Irving and Jose Ortiz for me.

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 28 October, 2020, 01:49:33 PM »
A far less witty take on the same subject, but it made me laugh out loud (and Gary Sambrook really is a daft fecker for drawing attention to it).


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